Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 1/7/04 (NEW X Division Champion + Jeff Jarrett)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, January 8, 2004 at 1:41 PM EST

Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 1/7/04
Location: Nashville, TN
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Results courtesy of: NWATNA.com

Jeff Jarrett and Kid Kash were shown in a office, talking to their lawyer in a conference call. Their talk centered around the NWA Board and Watts' position as Director Of Authority. They also discussed having a "big surprise".

They went live to the Asylum, where NWA World Tag Team Champions 3Live Kru debuted their new rap single, "Beware!"

Jeff Jarrett, Don Callis and Kid Kash came to the ring. Jarrett said he was part of Country Music Television history, since his attack of Toby Keith was included in a recent TV special. Jarrett said that since there was no number one contender, there would be no title defense tonight. Jarrett reiterated his mandate that every member of TNA needed to decide if they were with him, or against him. Jarrett said he would also win Mr. TNA later tonight. Jarrett said he wanted to know from Erik Watts if he was going to step down as Director Of Authority voluntarily, or if he was going to be forced out. Erik Watts and Goldylocks came to the ring. Don Callis said that they had done a background check, and that while Erik Watts is clean, members of the NWA board are dirty. Callis told Watts not to make a bad decision. Watts gave his decision, which was to not step down as Director Of Authority. Watts said that his New Year's resolution was that Jarrett would lose the NWA title this year. A masked man entered the ring, and stood behind Jarrett. The masked man tossed Jarrett from the ring, and started pounding him on the floor. Jarrett, Kash and Callis took off, as the masked man, Watts and Goldylocks stood triumphant in the ring.

A video package on Roddy Piper was shown. Piper talked about wrestling the Guerreros in Los Angeles, Buddy Rose in Portland, Ric Flair in North Carolina, and Buzz Sawyer, and how he did it all in the NWA. Piper said he owed everything to the NWA, and that was why he was fighting for them now.

Scott Hudson interviewed Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger. Swinger started talking about how annoyed they were about not having the tag titles. Glen Gilberti and David Young entered, saying they needed to win the belts for Jeff Jarrett tonight. Diamond said they were going to win them for themselves. Gilberti said they were losing focus. Diamond said he lost focus the minute he brought David Young into the group. Gilberti said they were making excuses, and that if they failed, Gilberti would take things into his own hands.

Abyss & Red Shirt Security (Kevin Northcutt & Legend) vs. AJ Styles & America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm)
Storm started out with Legend, hitting a headscissors and a kick to the head. AMW whipped Styles into Legend for a lariat, then hit a double bulldog on him. Legend poked Styles in the eye, and tagged in Northcutt. We saw that Kid Kash was trying to get Sara the ticket lady to join with Jeff Jarrett, finally forcing her to sign with Jarrett. In the ring, Chris Harris hit a top rope dive on the Red Shirts. Styles took Abyss to the floor with a bodyscisssors. Northcutt whipped Storm with a belt. Storm was tossed to the floor, and whipped by Northcutt. The Red Shirts and AMW fought on the floor, and the referee was oblivious to Styles, who had Abyss pinned in the ring. AMW started whipping the Red Shirts with their own belts. In the ring, Styles flipped out of an Abyss suplex attempt, and hit an enzugiri. Styles went for the Styles Clash, but Jeff Jarrett ran in and hit Styles with the NWA title belt. Abyss then hit the Black Hole Slam on Styles for the pin in eight minutes.

Winners: Abyss, Kevin Northcutt & Legend.

Trinity was then shown accepting her TNA Babe of the Year award. Sonny Siaki interrupted, saying he was the one who helped her get that award. Kid Kash interrupted, saying he had a "loyalty oath" to Jeff Jarrett that they wanted him to sign. Siaki said he wouldn't sign anything, and walked away. Trinity also walked off without signing, as Kash told her to "call me ... please?"

A clip of how Jeff Jarrett kept D'Lo Brown & AJ Styles from winning the Holiday Wishlist match was shown. As a result of that match, which was won by Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger, Swinger & Diamond were given their wish, a tag team title match.

NWA World Tag Team Champions 3 Live Kru (BG James & Ron Killings, with Konnan) vs. Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger. Late in the bout, Killings hit an ax kick on Swinger. David Young came down to help Diamond. Konnan and Glen Gilberti fought on the floor, as did James and Swinger. Young accidentally clotheslined Diamond. Killings kicked Young from the ring and hit a gourdbuster on Diamond for the pin in five minutes. Winners: 3 Live Kru. Post match, Young yelled at Diamond and threw his shoe at him. Diamond jumped on Young and pounded him. Swinger held back Diamond, as Gilberti did the same with Young.

Kid Kash forced Tiny the timekeeper to sign with Jarrett. Chris Vaughn and the TNA security came out and tried to get Kash to go to the back. Kash told Vaughn he needed to sign too, and shoved him.

Scott Hudson interviewed Raven. Raven wouldn't reveal his mystery partner for tonight, but said that Punk & Dinero would experience "payback" tonight.

Back in the ring, Kid Kash was now slapping Chris Vaughn in the ring for not signing with Jarrett. Kash ripped into Vaughn, saying he was a real athlete, while Vaughn was a child. Vaughn finally agreed to sign, but instead took the clipboard and hit Kash with it. Vaughn went at it with Kash, but Kash got the better of it, hitting a lariat. A referee came out to stop things, but Kash shoved the referee. The timekeeper rang the bell, and we have a match.

Chris Vaughn vs. Kid Kash
Kid Kash went for a sunset flip, but Vaughn sat on his chest and hit some punches. Kash floated over a suplex and hit a cradle suplex into a neckbreaker across the knee. Kash rubbed Vaughn's face in the mat. Don Harris came out and gave Kash a boot to the face, then a back suplex. The referee, since Kash had shoved him, pretended not to see anything, and Harris put Vaughn on top of Kash. The referee counted the pin.

Winner: Chris Vaughn.

Scott Hudson interviewed CM Punk & Julio Dinero. They said that they were tired of riding on Raven's coattails, so they took away the one thing he wanted, a shot at the NWA Title. They said they didn't care about Raven's partner, and that they may have their own surprise for Raven.

A video history package on Raven and the Gathering was shown.

CM Punk & Julio Dinero vs. Raven & Sandman
Punk & Dinero, who have a new entrance video, came out first. Raven entered the ring, then Sandman appeared in the crowd, wearing a Raven T-Shirt, and came to the ring to team with Raven. The referee later got knocked out as Raven whipped Punk into Dinero. Dinero ended up fighting with Sandman on the floor. A masked man in a black cloak came into the ring, and used an ether soaked towel on Raven. Punk then hit Raven with a DDT for the pin at the seven minute mark.

Winners: CM Punk & Julio Dinero.

Post-match, Sandman ran off Punk and Dinero with his cane. Punk and Dinero retreated to the rampway with the masked man, who revealed himself to be Father James Mitchell!

Scott Hudson interviewed X Division Champion Michael Shane, Shane Douglas and Traci. Michael Shane was overanxious for his match. Shane Douglas warned Michael Shane that the NWA was out to screw him, just like they held him down years ago. He said that was why the NWA had him wrestling three men tonight. Douglas told Michael Shane to let Low Ki and Christopher Daniels kill each other, so he just had to take care of Sabin.

Mike Tenay, Erik Watts and Goldylocks were in the ring to present the "Mr. TNA" award for 2003. Tenay explained that the voting started with Dusty Rhodes, Sting, Raven, AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett, but that it had come down to Styles and Jarrett. Both men were shown in the back watching monitors. Jarrett apparently was organizing notes for an acceptance speech. Tenay acted like he was disappointed when the envelope was opened, then shouted out that Styles was the winner. AJ Styles came to the ring and was presented with a trophy. Styles said that 2003 was a great year for him, and thanked the fans for voting for him. Styles said in 2004, he wanted more, namely the NWA World Title. Jeff Jarrett came out with Don Callis, Abyss and the Red Shirts. Jarrett claimed he had a better record than Styles in 2003, and bragged about his accomplishments. Jarrett said that AJ Styles was a joke. Tenay said that the fans had spoken, and that AJ Styles was Mr. TNA. Tenay suggested that since both men had something the other wanted, they should settle it one-on-one, with the title belt being put on the line against the Mr. TNA trophy. Jarrett suggested a tag match for next week with Jarrett & Abyss vs. Erik Watts & AJ Styles. Jarrett said if Styles' team wins, he gets a title shot. But, if Jarrett's team wins, Watts gives up his job as Director of Authority. Before Watts could respond, Goldylocks accepted the challenge on his behalf.

The ad for the Girls of TNA calendar was shown. It was then announced that Glen Gilberti had requested that next week Simon Diamond wrestle David Young, with himself as the referee.

A video package on Ultimate X II, with comments from all participants, was shown.

Ultimate X II: X Division Champion Michael Shane vs. Chris Sabin vs. Low Ki vs. Christopher Daniels
The X Division Title belt was hung on an "X" formed by two cables, suspended across four poles attached to the cornerposts. First person to grab the belt is the winner. A ladder got involved in this epic, as Low Ki and Daniels battled up and down it before Michael Shane toppled it-- sending Low Ki and Daniels over the top rope and to the floor. The referee took the ladder away from the center of the ring. NWA Security member Chris Vaughn came out and took the ladder away, while Shane complained to the referee. Shane went to climb the scaffolding, but Sabin sprung up, and kicked at Shane while hanging on the cable. Shane fell backwards, out of the ring and through the table that Daniels had set up on the floor during the early part of the match. Sabin then climbed across the cable, hand over hand, and grabbed the title belt. Sabin hung off the belt, which wouldn't drop, and had to bounce up and down on the belt before it would open and fall to the mat with Sabin at the fifteen minute mark.

Winner and new X Division Champion: Chris Sabin.

Sabin wins back the belt in the same style of match he lost it. Michael Shane was bleeding from the left shoulder as a result of falling through the table.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett was on the phone with his lawyer talking about how his plan was working perfectly, and that they had Watts right where they wanted him to close the program.

- Jeff Jarrett & Abyss vs. AJ Styles & Erik Watts. If Styles & Watts win, Styles gets a World Title match. If Jarrett & Abyss win, Watts must step down as Director of Authority.
- America's Most Wanted vs. The Red Shirt Security in a "Rawhide Whipping Match".
- Simon Diamond vs. David Young, with Glen Gilberti as the referee.