ASK WV (3/04/04): Viscera, Dangerous Alliance, WM appearances, HBK, more

Reported by Paul Nemer of
On Thursday, March 4, 2004 at 1:49 AM EST


The following questions were answered by Paul Nemer.

I read on somewhere that HBK and Big Bam Bigelow hated each other, but it didn't say why, I was wondering why and how they got this rivalry for each other?

I haven't heard about a hatred between Shawn and Bigelow, but it could very well be true. Shawn Michaels was nothing but an arrogant, immature prick according to many wrestlers. He was disliked by many wrestlers and officials. I have even personally spoken to a few myself to confirm that. Therefore, as I said, it shouldn't come as a surprise if it's true.

What happened to Viscera? What is he doing now?

Viscera, also known as Mable, made a couple of appearances in NWA TNA in March and April of 2003. He wrestled in Memphis late last year and that was the last I heard.

Who was in the Dangerous Alliance stable?

The Dangerous Alliance consisted of:

Paul E. Dangerously (Manager)
Rick Rude
Steve Austin
Larry Zbyszko
Arn Anderson
Bobby Eaton

The Undertaker is 11-0 at WrestleManias, does that also mean he's been in the most WrestleManias?

No. Bret Hart holds the record for the most consecutive and non-consecutive WrestleMania appearances, which is 12. He's been out of the company for nearly 7 years and still holds that record. But at WrestleMania XX, The Undertaker will tie up his record for 12 appearances, although Bret will still hold the "consecutive WM appearances" record.

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