ASK WV (3/05/04): Sting, Repo Man, Goldberg/HHH, Tekno Team 2000 & more

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On Friday, March 5, 2004 at 3:10 PM EST

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The following questions were answered by Paul Nemer:

Does Sting hate Vince McMahon? I heard that's why he won't wrestle for WWE.

I don't think Sting hates Vince McMahon. There are a couple of reasons why he won't wrestle in the WWE. First of all, Sting doesn't want to be full-time on the road again, he's in his mid-40's (I am not saying he can't do it, because he probably can), but he chooses to spend more time with his family. He's accomplished everything he wanted to accomplish in WCW, he's not missing any wrestling achievements, he's done it all. Secondly, he doesn't like the WWE storylines and the direction the WWE is at.

Who was in the Tekno Team 2000 back in the WWF in the mid-90's?

The team consisted of Erik Watts and Chad Fortune, but they didn't last long at all. They were voted as the worst tag team that year (1995) and shortly after were sent to one of the WWF's developmental territories. They were brought back the following year for a very short period of time. That also didn't work out, so there were let go.

After hearing about Goldberg's "in your face" verbal assault on Triple H some years back and seeing that Goldberg and Triple H have headlined a couple of RAW programs and three pay-per views together....has Goldberg and Triple H since put their personal dislike on the burner? Are they cool enough to send each other X-mas cards?

No, not to the point where they're sending each other Christmas cards. I am sure they have somewhat put some of their differences a side, or else they wouldn't be able to do business together. But deep down inside, they probably still dislike each other to an extent, maybe not, who knows?. Besides, Triple H is disliked by many anyway. He's currently the Shawn Michaels of the mid-90's, minus the wrestling ability.

Who was the Repo Man?

The Repo Man character was played by Barry Darsow. You might remember him as Smash from Demolition. You might also remember his feud with Dustin Rhodes in WCW, when went under the name "Blacktop Bully."

Follow-up to the Viscera question from the previous ASK WV:

Tom Van Stone sent in the following additional information about Viscera:

He's now making appearances on the College Activities scene through his talent agency - NACA (National Association of College Activities) had him at their national showcase in Cincinnati last month.

He was there with Demolition Axe - my roomate got me signed glossy's of both of them.

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