D-Von Dudley confronts WWE fan in Montreal - Picture & details inside

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, October 26, 2004 at 4:02 PM EST

Sunday afternoon at WWE's SmackDown house show in Montreal, D-Von Dudley nearly got physical with a WWE fan. Here is the full story.

A WWE fan was sitting near ringside at the house show and was basically mouthing off, just like many fans do. During the main event, when the Dudleys and others came out for the brawl after the Booker T/Bradshaw main event, the fan, along with many were just chanting things at random. D-Von did his spot in the ring and was kicked to the outside towards the security rail, where the fan was. The fan tapped D-Von on the elbow, just like many fans tap wrestlers on the back when they're near the crowd. Other fans also tapped D-Von (like a tap on the back.) D-Von turns around and tells the fan "Don't f*ckin' touch me." Which was proof that the fan didn't hit D-Von, he simply tapped him on the elbow. D-Von was standing on the outside of the ring and the fan says "Hey D-Von, move I can't see."

D-Von Dudley asked the fan to come closer to the rail and to say it to his face, but the fan just stood there. D-Von kept repeating it, then security came and asked what was going on, D-Von replies "I want the kid to hit me, so I can hit him back." If a fan hits a wrestler, the wrestler has the authority to hit him back, self defense. But the fan didn't hit D-Von and D-Von was apparently fed up with the fan's big mouth and just wanted a reason to hit him. D-Von snapped and shoved the Bell Centre security and grabbed the fan against the rail and made him go face to face with him. The fan, who's scheduled for back surgery this Friday, due to a car accident from earlier this year, simply told D-Von "Let me go man, my back really hurts, I am scheduled for surgery on Friday." D-Von still had his hands on the fan, then security tried to stop it again. At that point, security grabbed the fan and finally pulled him back. Bubba then came out of nowhere and told the fan "Your mom is a whore."

After the show, many fans were waiting in back of the arena to watch the wrestlers leave. The fan and his friends were at the light waiting to cross the street, while other people were still in front of the arena garage. Suddenly, D-Von stops at the red light and both the fan and D-Von spot each other. The fan yells "What D-Von? What do you want? What are you going to do, you hurt my back?" D-Von leaves his car at the light on the street and rushes out to get in the fan's face, then he started shoving the fan and asking him what he's going to do. The fan told D-Von that he had a bad back and to stop what he's doing. D-Von let go of him, but stayed face to face. A WWE security was also driving and saw this happening, he immediately got out of his vehicle and proceeded to stop the argument/altercation.

Security pushed the fan instead of holding D-Von back. The fan said "You're not allowed to do this." The WWE security said "I'm allowed to do whatever I want." They both went back to their cars and that was it.

It's kind of sad to see that something like that would get to D-Von Dudley. Some say the fan probably deserves it for his big mouth, maybe he does, maybe he doesn't, but the fan never pushed or shoved D-Von and D-Von let words get to him.

A picture was sent in to me yesterday, where D-Von and the fan were face to face. In the picture, you will notice the WWE security guard coming to break it up and you will also notice the vehicles stopped at the light unattended.

Click Here to see the picture.

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