TNA Turning Point PPV Results - 12/5/04 - from Orlando, Florida

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Sunday, December 5, 2004 at 11:20 PM EST

TNA Turning Point PPV Results - 12/5/04
Live From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report By: Adam Martin of

- The TNA promo hit. Followed by this, a video package aired showing the "young guys" in the wrestling business such as Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles complaining about the Kings of Wrestling (Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall) and the influence they have on wrestling. Various shots of Jarrett, Nash and Hall dressed as Elvis in a car saying they were "driving to Turning Point" to take care of business was shown.

- A video introduction for Turning Point was shown. Followed by this, we are shown the live crowd in Orlando, FL. A display of pyro goes off in the entrance way and above the ring to start off the show. Mike Tenay & Don West welcome us at ringside and preview the card for tonight that includes: Petey Williams defending the X Division Title against Chris Sabin, AMW vs. Triple X in Six Sides of Steel and The Kings of Wrestling (Jarrett, Nash & Hall) vs. "The Macho Man" Randy Savage, Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles.

- We then head outside of Soundstage 21 at Universal Studios. A limo is shown pulling up and a guy dressed up as Vince McMahon gets out. We never see his face, but just his back. Someone even smaller dressed up as Triple H gets out as well with his face covered in a towel. He spits out some water and has a sledgehammer in hand. The "fake" Vince McMahon said he can't believe he married into his family. They mock both characters and Abyss walks up, scaring them away with some balloons (playing off the Universal incident).

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
3 Live Kru (c's BG James & Ron "The Truth" Killings) vs. Team Canada (Bobby Roode & Eric Young)

The match starts with BG James and Eric Young. James backs Young up into the corner, but Young fights back with a stiff kick to the gut. James then knocks Young's head off three turnbuckles, Young mocks him with some punches, but James fights back with a big clothesline. Ron "The Truth" Killings gets the tag and connects with a leg drop to Young's crotch. Booby Roode gets the tag soon afterwards. Killings and Roode lock up, Roode knocks him down mocking his dances, but Killings takes him down with two big arm drags. Killings takes down Roode yet again with a spinning heel kick, goes for a pin and only gets a two count. James gets the tag and he takes out Roode with a big clothesline followed by a leg drop for a two count. Killings gets the tag, gives Roode a scoop slam, goes up to the top, but Roode trips him up using the top rope. Young gets the tag and takes out Killings with a backbreaker. Roode gets the tag soon afterwards and both do a double-team backbreaker for a two count. A big "USA" chant breaks out as Killings lands a few rights on Roode. Roode responds with a back suplex and then tags in Young.

Roode knocks James off the ring apron and Young's jump off the top backfires when Killings puts up his boots. James gets the tag and takes out both Roode and Young. James sends Roode to the outside and takes out Young with his classic punch combo. Killings gets the tag, Young goes up to the top, Killings trips him up and hits a springboard axe kick. Young falls to the outside as James and Roode battle in the ring. Roode gives James a big spinebuster for a two count. Killings comes in and helps James to his feet. James picks up Roode and Killings takes him down with a big kick to the head. Scott D'Amore tries to come in the ring, but the referee kicks him out. James gets Roode ready for the Pumphandle Slam when the returning Johnny Devine runs in and cracks a hockey stick over James' back. Roode goes for the cover and gets the 1, 2, 3 for the win.

Winners & NEW NWA World Tag Team Champions: Team Canada

- Backstage, Shane Douglas was with DOA Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes said this is the most electrifying night and will no doubt be a night to remember, bringing up the return of The Macho Man to wrestling. He also brings up that he heard a limo from up north arrived at Soundstage 21 and said he knows everyone wants to see the "tape."

- A promo airs showing Kid Kash, Michael Shane and Kazarian assaulting Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka at Victory Road last month. Sonjay Dutt said he would defend Snuka's legacy along with Hector Garza and Sonny Siaki tonight.

Kid Kash, Michael Shane & Kazarian vs. Sonjay Dutt, Hector Garza & Sonny Siaki
The match starts with Kid Kash and Sonjay Dutt. Dutt gets in Kash's face and Kash pushes him away. Both start to exchange some lefts and rights. Both roll around the ring countering various moves. Dutt takes out Kash with a big dropkick followed by head scissors takedown. Kash fights back with a springboard sunset flip, but Dutt counters that into a dropkick. Hector Garza gets the tag and both Dutt/Garza give Kash a double suplex. Michael Shane gets the tag and starts to give Garza some hard rights. Garza takes out Shane with a shoulder block, but Shane fights back with a stiff right. Garza attempts a huricanranna, but falls down off the ropes. Kazarian comes in and Garza takes out both Kazarian and Shane. Sonny Siaki gets the tag and he takes out Kazarian with a spinning neckbreaker. Dutt gets in a blind tag and gives Kazarian a big huricanranna off the top rope. Kash gets in a cheap shot on Dutt as Shane gets the tag. Shane works on Dutt's left arm. The referee gets distracted as Kash comes in, not making a tag, and works on Dutt's left arm as well.

The referee gets distracted once again as Shane runs in, applying the same lock on Dutt's left arm. Dutt favors his left arm as he gets up, getting in some rights on Shane. Shane responds with a jumping armbar, Kazarian gets the tag, Kazarian jumps off the top rope and connects with a leg drop on Dutt who was held by Shane on his knee. Kash and Shane hold back Dutt's arms as the referee is distracted, allowing Kazarian to hit a big dropkick to his chest. Kash gets the tag, picks up Dutt and drops him on his shoulder. Kash slams Dutt's ribs hard into the corner, goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. Shane gets the tag and he continues to work on Dutt's arm. Dutt fights back with some rights to Shane's gut. Dutt lands a few hard rights, but Shane takes him down yet again. Kazarian gets the tag and he works on Dutt's arm as well. Dutt takes out Kazarian, crawls over and tags in Garza. Garza takes out Kash, Shane and Kazarian. Garza hits a big moonsault off the top rope on Kazarian, but only gets a two count. Garza, Kash, Shane all go to the outside. Siaki launches Dutt over the top rope, taking out Kash and Kazarian on the outside. Tracy Brooks comes off the top, but takes out Shane instead. Kazarian gets back in, Garza takes him down, goes up to the top, jumps and connects with the corkscrew moonsault for the win.

Winners: Sonjay Dutt, Hector Garza & Sonny Siaki

- Backstage, Scott Hudson hypes tonight's Six Man Tag Team Main Event. With him is "The Macho Man" Randy Savage. He warns the Kings of Wrestling about later tonight with Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles at his side.

- Backstage, Hudson is with Scott D'Amore and X Division Champion Petey Williams. Williams said he isn't a one move wonder and told Chris Sabin he would find out why he is X Champion just like AJ Styles did last month at Victory Road. D'Amore said Petey Williams is a winner and he said he only backs winners.

Serengeti Survival Match
Monty Brown vs. Abyss

Before the match, Monty Brown gets on the mic. He calls out Abyss right away. Abyss leaves the ring and walks towards Brown. Brown gives him a few hard rights and then throws Abyss into the guard railing and steel steps. Brown gives Abyss some forearms to the back and ribs. Abyss counters an irish whip, launching Brown into the ring post. Tenay reminds the audience that either Brown or Abyss can win the match by pinfall, submission or by slamming their opponent into thumbtacks. At ringside, Abyss takes off the tape around Browns' injured ribs. Abyss grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up in the corner. Abyss grabs the sack full of thumbtacks, but Brown comes in and knocks him out. Brown takes Abyss off his feet with a big clothesline. As Abyss gets on his feet again, Brown charges but gets a big boot in response. Abyss rolls out of the ring and puts a steel chair inside. Abyss gives Brown a big shot to his back with the chair. Abyss places the chair on Brown's chest, goes off the ropes, jumps and connects with a big splash. Abyss goes for the cover, but only gets a two count.

Brown gets back on his feet, but Abyss takes him down once again working on his injured ribs. Abyss chokes Brown on the second rope and then connects with an elbow drop. Abyss puts the chair on Brown's chest again, goes off the ropes, jumps, but Brown turns the chair sideways and Abyss comes down on it hard. Abyss gets on his feet and Brown knocks him out with a big chairshot. Abyss somehow gets on his feet, Brown puts him on his shoulder showing great strength and hits a running powerslam on the steel chair. The crowd chants "TNA" loudly as Brown goes for The Pounce, but Abyss counters into the Black Hole Slam. Abyss goes for the cover...1...2...kick out. Abyss sets up the chair between the top and middle rope in the corner. Brown counters an irish whip and launches Abyss into the steel chair. Brown connects with The Pounce, but it knocks Abyss out of the ring. Brown goes to the outside, puts Abyss back in the ring, goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. Brown goes for The Pounce again, but Abyss ducks and Brown launches into the table. Both Abyss and Brown grab a bag full of thumbtacks. Brown dumps his on the mat and Abyss throws his bag to the outside. Brown counters a chokeslam attempt. Brown takes off Abyss's shirt, gets in a few chops, attempts a powerbomb, but Abyss counters out of it. Abyss goes for a powerbomb, Brown counters into an Alabama Slam and Abyss falls into the tacks with force. The bell rings giving Brown the win.

Winner: Monty Brown

- Backstage, the mock Vince McMahon attempts to fire a production guy who is wearing jeans. The fake Triple H takes a tape out of a girls hands and smashes it with a sledgehammer. It ends up being a Best of D-Ray 3000 tape. The fake Vince McMahoh and Triple H go backstage to find the real WWE tape.

Pat Kenney & Johnny B. Badd vs. Glen Gilberti & Johnny Swinger
Special Guest Referee: Jaqueline

The match starts with Johnny Swinger and Pat Kenney. Kenney takes out Swinger as Jaqueline keeps an eye on the action. Badd gets the tag and both Kenney/Badd give Swinger a double elbow to the face. Badd connects with a head scissors on Swinger, but Swinger comes back with a chin drop. Gilberti gets the tag and Badd works on his left arm. Badd takes down Gilberti with a dropkick and then applies another submission on his left arm. Kenney gets the tag and he gives Gilberti some hard rights. Kenney connects with a northern lights suplex, but only gets a two count. Kenney knocks Swinger off the top rope, but Gilberti threw him out along with. On the outside, Swinger knocks Kenney into the ring post. Swinger gets the tag and works on the back of Kenney. Gilberti tags himself in and he works on Kenney in the corner. Swinger gets the tag quickly and he chokes Kenney in the corner. Swinger launches Kenney into the corner as Gilberti gets the tag. Both Gilberti and Swinger launch each other into Kenney in the corner. Gilberti knocks Badd off the ring apron, but Kenney rolls him up after he dodges a forearm for a two count. Kenney counters a charge from Swinger, hitting a sitdown spinebuster. Badd gets the tag and he takes out Gilberti with a big knee lift. Badd does the same to Swinger and then drives both Gilberti & Swinger's faces into each other. Badd hits a sledgehammer off the top, but Swinger comes in and gives him a russian leg sweep. Kenney knocks out Swinger with a dropkick. Gilberti pushes Jaqueline out of the way and gives Kenney a Stunner. Jaqueline gets in Gilberti's face and he pushes her away again. Jaqueline gives Gilberti a scoop slam, Badd gives Gilberti the TKO, goes for the cover...1, 2, 3.

Winners: Pat Kenney & Johnny B. Badd

- Backstage, the Kings of Wrestling are shown by a white car. In what appears to be Randy Savage, Jarrett/Nash/Hall throw him in a white car and it speeds off. Tenay & West say Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles will be alone in the Main Event tonight.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Raven
Erik Watts is shown at ringside with Mike Tenay & Don West. The match starts with DDP running at Raven and giving him some hard rights. DDP takes Raven off his feet with a big clothesline and hits a few kicks in the corner. DDP knocks out the referee with a big boot and sends Raven to the outside with a baseball slide. DDP slams Raven into the guard railing and they brawl into the crowd. DDP knocks out Raven with a trash can and then sends him over the guard railing back at the ringside area. DDP chokes up Raven with his boot, charges at him in the corner, but Raven counters with a big boot. DDP charges again, ducks another boot attempt, goes to the outside and pulls Raven into the ring post. DDP attempts the Diamond Cutter, but Raven counters pushing out of it. Raven gets his helmet and knocks out DDP with it. DDP gets on his feet and Raven takes him out with the helmet yet again. Raven works on DDP in the corner, connecting with a running knee.

Raven sets up the steel chair and connects with the drop toe hold. Raven goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. DDP fights back, launching Raven into the corner and hits a few lefts and rights. DDP takes Raven off his feet with two big clotheslines followed by a big boot. DDP attempts the Diamond Cutter, Raven counters and gives DDP a low blow. DDP gets a rollup on Raven from the counter for a two count. Raven comes back with a running bulldog, but gets a two count as well. DDP hits a belly-to-belly, but Raven comes back with a big superkick. Raven goes for the cover and DDP barely kicks out after two. Raven takes out DDP with a clothesline, Raven goes for another, DDP counters into the Diamond Cutter and goes for the cover...1...2...kick out! Two hooded individuals appear at ringside watching the match. Back in the ring, Raven hits the Evenflow DDT, goes for the cover...1...2...kick out. Erik Watts leaves the announcer's table, gets in the ring, but the two hooded individuals come in. Watts takes out both with chokeslams and then clotheslines DDP. Watts screams in DDP's face as the referee tries to kick him out. Watts picks up DDP, attempts a chokeslam, but DDP counters into a Diamond Cutter. Raven then hits a few boots to Page's head. Raven picks up DDP and DDP catches him with the Diamond Cutter. DDP goes for the cover and gets the 1, 2 and 3 for the win.

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page

After the match, Erik Watts stares him down from the crowd as DDP walks up the steps to celebrate.

- Backstage, a black and white camera shows the mock Vince McMahon and Triple H backstage. They complain about having no catering backstage. Tracy Brooks walks in with some cookies and the fake Vince knocks it out of her hands. He demands the tape and Dusty Rhodes. The fake Triple H leaves the room chasing after Brooks.

X Division Championship Match
Petey Williams (c) vs. Chris Sabin

The match starts with both getting in each others faces. The lock up and Sabin works on Williams' arm. Sabin quickly goes for the Craddle Shock, but Williams counters out of it going to the outside. Sabin rolls under Williams, hits a stiff kick to the head and they then stare each other down. Williams and Sabin exchange elbows. Sabin fights back with some stiff forearms of his own followed by a dropkick off the top rope. Williams gets up on the ring apron, Williams jumps up on the top rope, Sabin catches him attempting the Craddle Shock, but Williams counters dumping Sabin to the outside. Williams hits a big huricanranna over the top rope to the outside on Sabin. Sabin fights back with a big kick to the gut followed by a few chops. Sabin puts Williams on his shoulders and he powerbombed him back first into the guard railing. Sabin goes into the crowd, gets up onto a platform, jumps and connects with Williams. Williams counters an attempted neckbreaker from Sabin on the ring apron. On the outside, Scott D'Amore works on Sabin and throws him into the ring.

Williams sets up Sabin in the corner and mocks him singing the Canadian anthem. D'Amore interferes, working on Sabin's neck. Williams comes back with a big spike DDT for a two count. Williams gives Sabin a snapmare followed by a dropkick to the back. Williams applies a neck-tie submission as the referee asks Sabin if he wants to give in. The crowd starts to get into the match, clapping loudly. Sabin rolls up Williams for a two count, but Williams fights back with a big dropkick. The crowd start a "Lets Go Sabin-Lets Go Petey" back and forth chant. Williams gives Sabin a scoop slam followed by a quick leg drop for a two count. Williams chokes Sabin on the second rope. The referee breaks it up as D'Amore gets in a cheap shot on Sabin. Both exchange some chops, Williams goes up to the top, Sabin jumps up with him and hits a big superplex. They both get on their feet, exchange lefts and rights and Sabin takes out Williams with a big kick to the back of the head. Sabin gives Williams a huge running powerbomb, but only gets a two count. Sabin goes up to the top, Williams trips him up, Sabin falls back still in the corner, Sabin sits up when Williams misses a charge. Sabin then jumps off the top rope and connects with Williams on the outside. Sabin rolls Williams back inside, but only gets a two count. The crowd starts a "This Is Awesome" chant. Williams gives Sabin a russian leg sweep after he was picked up by Sabin. Williams counters a Craddle Shock attempt into the Sharpshooter. Tenay says this is most likely a tribute to fellow Canadian Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Sabin eventually gets the bottom rope to break the move. Sabin tries to suplex Williams in up on the top rope from the ring apron. Sabin blocks a sunset flip attempt, rolls through a Canadian Destroyer attempt and hits a huge spike piledriver. That was crazy! Sabin gets a two count as a result. Sabin gets Williams up for the Craddle Shock, Scott D'Amore pulls down Williams, the referee gets in D'Amore's face, Williams takes out brass knucks and then knocks out Sabin. Williams goes for the cover and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL X Division Champion: Petey Williams

After the match, all members of Team Canada come out to celebrate with Petey Williams and Scott D'Amore.

- Backstage, a midget knocks on the door of the fake Vince McMahon. He comes in and low blows the fake Vince and hits him with the cookie sheet. The fake Vince calls for his son-in-law.

2 on 3 Handicap Match
Jeff Hardy & AJ Styles vs. The Kings of Wrestling (Jarrett, Nash & Hall)

Earlier in the night, The Macho Man was shown being put into a car thanks to Jarrett, Nash and Hall. Mike Tenay said there is no update concerning Savage's status for the match. The match starts with Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles. Jarrett taunts at the crowd as Styles looks on. Both lock up, Jarrett rolls Styles over and Styles counters into a leg lock. Styles takes down Jarrett with a big head scissors, attempts an arm drag, but Jarrett counters. Styles comes back with a huge dropkick to take out Jarrett. Scott Hall, still wearing his Elvis jumpsuit, goes after Styles with an arm lock. Hall gives Styles a chop, Styles rolls over his back and takes him out with a big dropkick. Styles pushes Hall into the corner and tells him to tag in Nash. Hall spits at Styles and tags in Nash. Nash gives Styles a knee to the gut followed by a big elbow to the neck. Nash takes out Styles with a quick right hand, misses a clothesline and Styles takes out Nash with a dropkick. Styles takes out Jarrett and Hall with two dropkicks as well. Jeff Hardy gets the tag and takes out both Jarrett and Hall from the top rope. Hardy gets in a low blow in the corner on Nash. Hardy knocks Hall and Jarrett off the ring apron, but Nash comes back with a big boot.

Jarrett gets the tag and bounces off Hardy's back with force. Jarrett taunts at Hardy and then tags in Hall. Hall gives Hardy a quick chokeslam, goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Nash gets the tag and gives Hardy a big side slam. Styles breaks up the pin attempt and Hall gets the tag soon afterwards. Hall applies an abdominal stretch and gets help from Nash on the ring apron without the referee seeing. Hall picks up Hardy who is on one leg, Hall gets in a few slaps, but Hardy takes him down with a big kick. Jarrett gets the tag and Styles does as well. Styles takes out Jarrett with two clotheslines and dropkicks both Hall and Nash off the ring apron. Styles springboards off the ropes and connects with a reverse DDT on Jarrett for a two count. Jarrett counters out of a Styles Clash attempt, sending Styles to the ring apron. Styles attempts to jump up on the top rope, but Nash trips him up and he comes crashing down on the mat. Hall gets the tag and he slaps Styles in the corner. Hall catches Styles as he comes off the ropes and connects with the fallaway slam. Nash gets the tag and he gives Styles a few knees in the corner. Nash attempts to pin Styles a few times, but Styles fights out of each attempt. Jarrett gets the tag and he launches Styles in the air, allowing Styles to come down on his knee. Styles counters a Figure Four attempt as Hall gets the tag.

Hall continues to work on Styles as Nash gets the tag. Nash picks up Styles and applies a bearhug. Styles fights out of it, jumps back up on Nash, tags in Hardy over Nash's shoulders, but the referee doesn't see it. Jarrett gets the tag and Styles fights back with some hard lefts and rights. Both come off the ropes and collide in mid-air. The referee begins the count...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Styles gets up and Jarrett does soon afterwards. Hardy gets the tag and takes out Jarrett with a big corkscrew off the top rope. Hardy takes out Hall who tries to interfere. Nash grabs Hardy, but Hardy drops his chin over the top rope. Jarrett grabs Hardy, attempts The Stroke, Hardy counters and hits the Twist of Fate. Styles takes out Hall with a cross-body off the top, goes for the cover, but Nash pulls out the referee. Styles dropkicks Nash through the ropes and then sends him into the ring post on the outside. Hardy goes up to the top to attempt the Swanton, but Hall knocks him out with a guitar shot. Hardy lands on Jarrett, but there is no referee. Styles comes back in and takes out Hall by jumping over the top rope. Randy Savage then makes his way down to the ring and he gets the tag from Hardy. Savage takes out Jarrett, Nash and Hall. Jarrett applies a sleeper on Savage, but Savage fights out and applies one of his own. Hardy applies a sleeper on Hall and Styles applies a sleeper on Nash. Savage sends Jarrett into the ropes, rolls him up and gets the 1, 2, 3 for the win.

Winners: Randy Savage, Jeff Hardy & AJ Styles.

After the match, Savage celebrates with Hardy and Styles as Jarrett, Nash and Hall look on from ringside.

- Backstage, the fake Vince McMahon is being put into an ambulance. The fake Triple H says "Daddy, what-ahhhh do you want me to do-ahhh."

- A promo for the next TNA PPV, Final Resolution, taking place on January 16th airs.

- Backstage, Dusty Rhodes tells the production truck to play the WWE tape. Here we go. We see Shane Douglas, Abyss (with balloons) and Tracy Brooks (with cookies). We see BG James and Ron "The Truth" Killings talking with some WWE stars (who are all blurred out by the way). James calls for Benoit to come out. It appears James is talking to Rey Mysterio. They show Killings stealing some food from the location. Shane Douglas said he wanted to talk to Vince McMahon. We then go back live to Orlando. Tenay & West are confused as to why WWE would want to sue them over that.

- A promo showing the last steel cage match between America's Most Wanted and Triple X is shown. The Six Sides of Steel match is up next. The losing team will no longer remain a tag team.

Six Sides of Steel Cage Match
(The losing team will no longer remain a tag team)

America's Most Wanted vs. Triple X

The match starts with the doors to the cage being locked. James Storm and Christopher Daniels start off the match. Daniels throws Storm into the cage a few times and works on his left arm. Primetime gets the tag as well as Chris Harris. Both exchange a few lefts and rights until Primetime breaks it up with a snapmare and kick to the back. Harris tags in Storm and they double-team Primetime, giving him a big back body drop. They attempt the same on Daniels, but Daniels counters it by kicking Harris in the face. AMW fight back by lifting Daniels on their shoulders and launch him into the cage. Daniels is already busted open. Harris gets the tag and he gives Daniels a hard left. Harris pushes Daniels' face into the cage. Harris attempts a suplex, but Primetime prevents it and Daniels pushes Harris into the corner. Primetime gets the tag, scoop slams Daniels on top of Harris and then gets in a few kicks. Daniels gets the tag and gives Harris a headbutt followed by an arm submission. Blood is pouring from Daniels' head at this point. Storm charges at Daniels, but the referee backs him into his respective corner. Primetime gets the tag, but he gets catapulted into the cage by Harris. Storm and Daniels get the tag. Storm takes out both Daniels and Primetime. Storm gives Daniels a big powerslam followed by a big kick to the back of the head on Primetime. Daniels blocks AMW's attempt for the Death Sentence, but Harris knocks out Daniels from the top rope.

Primetime handcuffs Harris in the corner and rubs his forhead against the cage. Both Daniels and Primetime work on Storm as Harris is shown busted open. Daniels taunts at Harris with the key for the handcuffs. Daniels then puts the key around his neck and Daniels/Primetime slam Storm into the side of the cage with force. Primetime gets the key and grinds it into Storm's head. Storm is now busted open at this point as well. Primetime picks up Storm, puts him on his shoulder, Daniels jumps off the top rope and connects with a big elbow. Primetime goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. Daniels goes up to the top again, jumps, but takes out Primetime instead. Storm then gives Daniels a big Spear. Storm grabs the key and gives it to Harris. Harris gets out of the handcuffs and takes out both Daniels and Primetime. Harris gives Daniels a big spinebuster. Storm goes after Primetime with some hard punches. Harris nails Daniels' head off the cage a few times with force. Storm throws Primetime into the side of the cage as Harris lifts Daniels up, hits him against the cage two times before coming down with a suplex on the mat. Blood is everywhere on the mat as all four are down. All get on their feet again when Daniels lifts up Harris and Primetime comes off the top with a cross-body for a two count.

Harris throws both Primetime and Daniels against the cage. Daniels sends Storm into the cage. Harris attempts to do the same, but Primetime interferes and both Daniels/Primetime slam Harris into the side of the cage. Daniels goes to the top and connects with a leg drop while Primetime holds onto Harris, trying to beat AMW with their own finishing move. Harris kicks out after two. Primetime goes up to the top to do the move again when Harris comes up and gives him a huge powerbomb off the top rope. Daniels gives Storm the Angel's Wing, but only gets a two count. Daniels starts to climb up the cage when Harris comes up with him at the top. Daniels starts to slide down as Primetime comes up with. Harris is sitting on the top of the cage, Primetime walks barely on the top of the cage and connects with the huricanranna off the top. That was amazing! Daniels then jumps off the top of the cage and connects with an elbow on Harris. They show a replay of both. Back live, Daniels is up on the top. Storm is trying to pull him down. Primetime tries to help out Daniels when Harris powerbombs Primetime, allowing the tower of the remaining three to come down with force. The ring is covered in blood. Harris attempts the Catatonic on Primetime, but Primetime counters and sends Harris into the cage. Daniels gives Storm an uppercut on the top rope. Daniels climbs up with Storm. Daniels knocks Storm off the top, but Harris takes out Daniels with a charge. Harris handcuffs Daniels to the corner. Harris pushes Primetime into Storm who takes him out with a big superkick. AMW uses Triple X's finisher, hitting the Power Plex. Storm makes the cover and gets the 1, 2, 3 for the win.

Winners: America's Most Wanted

After the match, Chris Harris and James Storm celebrate. Primetime is on the ground knocked out as a bloody Daniels yells at AMW. A bloody Harris and Storm making their way up the ramp in celebration as the PPV goes off the air...

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