Candido to debut tomorrow, Trinity & Traci Brooks feud + Impact! airing

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On Monday, January 3, 2005 at 1:40 PM EST

- Chris Candido is currently scheduled to debut at the Impact! tapings tomorrow in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios. As they have for the past month or so, the company will be taping two weeks worth of TV for Fox Sports Net.

- TNA's own Trinity will be competing in the Radiant Pro - A Women's Strength Show in North Hollywood, California on Janary 22. It should be noted that TNA is looking to build towards a feud between Trinity and Traci Brooks.

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- TNA is continuing to advertise that Impact! will be airing tomorrow at 3pm on Fox Sports Net due to holiday preemption. As noted on WrestleView, many FSN affiliates aired the show in its original timeslot on Friday at 3pm. I get FSN Chicago and an episode of "Beyond The Glory" is scheduled for tomorrow at 3pm instead.

Just a reminder that Impact! will be officially changing from 3pm to 4pm starting this Friday, January 7th with a Saturday night replay (FSN Chicago has this Saturday's replay starting at 2am).