(3/10/05) -Shaniqua, Buried Alive, Y2J/HHH match, WM12 footage, more

?Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

On Thursday, March 10, 2005 at 2:18 AM EST

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The following questions were answered by Paul Nemer:

What is the secret behind the buried alive matches? Is there a hidden door somewhere in the ground?

Plain and simple, there is a trap door under. Once a wrestler is thrown in there and the dirt starts to get thrown on him, he basically escapes through the trap door. Sometimes they use some sort of chamber, where the wrestler hides. Either way, it's not hard to figure out.

Who were the members of the Filthy Animals?

Eddie Guerrero, Billy Kidman, Konnan, Torrie Wilson, Tygress, Disco Inferno, Juventud Guerrera and Rey Mysterio Jr.

How does the whole story go with Y2J beating HHH for the title in April 2000, I heard he won it, but I don't know the whole story.

I will explain how the match ended. Referee Mike Chioda was the assigned official for this match, but towards the end, he gets knocked out. Stephanie, Shane and APA got involved, where APA were chasing Stephanie if my memory serves correctly. Stephanie threw the WWF title in the ring, Jericho grabbed it and nailed Triple H with it, but referee Mike Chioda was down and couldn't make the count. This prompted Earl Hebner to come down and referee the match. The match went on for another minute and Jericho hit the Lionsault and got a fast 1,2,3 count and was the new champion. After the match, HHH and Shane asked Mike Chioda if that was a fast count by Hebner and Chioda said it was. HHH said that Hebner had screwed him. HHH and Shane were about to beat up Earl, then Earl told them that he would reverse the decision and pretend that the match never happened as long as they never touch him again. They agreed and he handed the belt back to Triple H. In the end, Triple H and Shane attacked him.

Throughout WrestleMania 12, they kept showing footage of a white Bronco with cop cars following it. It was supposed to be Roddy Piper chasing Goldust, but was the WWF actually using the footage of O.J. Simpson running from the cops?

You are right. Believe it or not, it was actual footage of O.J. Simpson running away from the cops.

Whatever happened to Linda Miles/ Shaniqua?

She wasn't very popular backstage in terms of getting along with other wrestlers. She was disliked by many because of her attitude, therefore, Shaniqua was sent back to Ohio Valley Wrestling. It didn't take long before she left Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Are Torrie Wilson and Billy Kidman really married?


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