(3/11/05) - Faarooq, Hart/Vince, Undertaker, Kronik, fake Razor & Diesel

?Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

On Friday, March 11, 2005 at 2:37 AM EST

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The following questions were answered by Paul Nemer:

What ever became of Faarooq after he and Bradshaw parted ways?

Ron Simmons is retired, well "semi-retired" as he says. He's still with the company in some capacity. Ron wants to give back to the business and give his input every now and then, when needed.

Which two stars did Jim Ross say he would bring back to the WWF in the mid 1990s?

He was referring to Diesel and Razor Ramon. That was shortly after they had made the jump to WCW. The entire thing was a storyline, where Jim Ross brought back the fake Razor Ramon and Diesel. The fake Razor Ramon was played by Richard Bogner and the fake Diesel was played by none other than Kane.

I used to follow pro wrestling years ago but have been out of the loop for a long time. Recently I've started catching up, mostly reading about Bret Hart. I came across a video of Bret shoving down McMahon in the ring after McMahon said "I know you must feel frustrated..." Hart shoved him down and said "Frustrated isn't the goddamned word for it!" followed by a rant. Did this rant take place before or after the Montreal screwjob? If before, what was Bret referring to? If after, what event was this? I thought Hart left the WWF right after Montreal? Was the rant scripted?

The rant was indeed scripted. This happened on March 17, 1997 on RAW, a few months before Montreal. Vince wanted to turn Bret heel, and that rant was the beginning of his heel turn. Here is what the storyline was: Bret Hart had just lost a cage match against Sid, due to outside interference and Bret was fed up because he kept getting screwed due to outside interference, which cost him the WWF title on more than one occasion. Vince tried to get an interview with Bret after the match and Bret shoved Vince and went on with his rant. Many words had to be bleeped out. This actually caused the USA network to start delaying RAW by 7 seconds.

How old is the Undertaker? On your site, in the wrestlers Birthday's section, you don't have the year of birth.

The Undertaker was born on March 24, 1962. He will be turning 43 in a couple of weeks.

Why did Kronik come to WWF for one match then leave? Was it because they were told to go to OVW and they thought there could have made it on RAW and they quit?

To begin, The Undertaker is good friends with them and he was the one who pulled some strings to get them in the WWF. They had their first match and the WWF wasn't impressed at all. Many officials thought it was a horrible match. WWF management told them they're being sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling, which didn't sit too well with Brian Adams and Bryan Clark. They were released in late 2001, I think it was in October.

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