B.G. James Interview: Talks about TNA and possible Billy Gunn reunion

»Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

On Saturday, March 12, 2005 at 1:08 AM EST

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B.G. James AudioWrestling.com interview recap; Plus how fans can talk with mysterious TNA newcomer Trytan!

B.G. James was a guest on the 3/10/05 edition of Monday Night Mayhem which can be heard in streaming audio every week exclusively on the AudioWrestling.com site!

A ton of big names from the industry will be on AudioWrestling.com in the coming weeks including several guests from WWE that will be on to promote WrestleMania 21. Plus this Sunday, live immediately following the TNA Destination X PPV, TNA newcomer Trytan will be interviewed on Wrestling News Live to discuss his TNA character and about what happened at the Destination X PPV. Fans will be able to talk live with Trytan by calling in on the toll free FireFly line, OR by asking questions in the AudioWrestling.com chat room! In the last three weeks we have had the following guests: Rob Van Dam, Scott Hudson, Larry Zbyszko, Jimmy Hart, The Honky Tonk Man, Frankie Kazarian, Bad News Allen and many others, all of these interviews are archived in streaming audio and can be heard free on the AudioWrestling.com site!

Here are highlights from the interview provided by the MNM producer, Shawn Walters of MondayNightMayhem.com and AudioWrestling.com

The interview starts with talk of getting back his old WWE trademark name, Road Dogg and the “Billy Gunn” moniker back since its “who the people know”. B.G. gets into his thoughts on a New Age Outlaw reunion in TNA, saying flat out it wouldn’t work.

Big Mosh reminisces about the D-X WWF Magazine photo shoot back in 1998 that took place in Buffalo. B.G. doesn’t recognize anyone on the covers of recent WWE Magazines, particularly John Cena and isn’t impressed by him or some of the “Frankenstein-looking guys they have up there wearing leisure wear”. Angry Hero points out that JBL is on the cover of the new SD! Magazine, who B.G. calls a “bad mama jamma” and deserves his WWE title reign.

Regardless, B.G. hopes these new WWE guys are getting what they deserve, both “financially and emotionally”, remembering back when he was working at the height of D-X’s popularity making “$300,000 for working 15 days a month”. B.G. puts over TNA as a great crew but there are “gettin’ to be some egos”.

AH asks B.G. about his current role with 3 Live Kru, who says its all about getting the crowd to react. He mentions he doesn’t really talk to any of the workers in the WWE until they come down to TNA, but the fed is causing “ripples in Vince’s water”. The crew explains what happened to Vince at the Rumble, which B.G. chalks up as “karma”.

The “CookieGate” TNA/WWE deal is brought up, which B.G. calls a “rib”, comparing it to the D-X raid on WCW. He says it was all a big letdown and tells us which WWE wrestler looks like he might “eat babies”.

Mosh gets back to the D-X days, which B.G. has a lot of good memories because they were on top. He mentions the Dumpster match at WrestleMania XIV was a big pay day ($79,000 for one match) and once egos set in, that’s when things got rough and sees some of that starting over at TNA, hoping the veterans can step in to keeps things in order.

B.G. addresses his feelings on the personal issues of X-Pac, Joanie Laurer and HHH. He’s had a good talk with X-Pac but has little to say to “Jean-Paul Levesque” since he looked to him for help when he needed it, and HHH really wasn’t there. B.G. says he prays for Joanie because she’s “living in the pain”.

AH brings up working with Dusty Rhodes as a booker in TNA, who B.G. says its an honor to work with but doesn’t always agree with him; likes to utilize characters.

The discussion shifts towards how territorial wrestling should come back, since B.G. feels some of the indie wrestling shows “suck” and the local people are thriving for it, but it takes a lot of money to do so successfully. B.G. also gives what he feels is his greatest match of all time, which may surprise a few people.

The crew starts talking about the Destination X PPV. B.G. thinks the PPV title names for TNA have been pretty bad as of late and agrees with AH that Against All Odds reminded him of the Phil Collins song. Mosh informs B.G that he is a participant in the Lumberjack match between Jeff Jarrett and DDP, to which B.G. confirms that he will wear “green & yellow flannel”. B.G. says MNM knows more about what he’s doing at the PPV than he does since B.G. doesn’t get FSN or Impact!

The conversation wraps up with talk about the 3 Live Kru DVD and some stories about the skits on there in ‘hood in Nashville, as well as a big shout-out from B.G. to all of his loyal fans.

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