TNA taping 3 hours of footage on Tuesday, Scott Hall update + Waltman

?Reported by Adam Martin of

On Sunday, March 13, 2005 at 1:24 AM EST

- Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that TNA will be taping three hours of television this Tuesday night at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL as a new cost-cutting measure. TNA has normally taped two hours of television once every two weeks.

- There are said to be no plans to bring back Scott Hall to TNA at this time. The company is reportedly willing to do business with Hall, but are letting him sort out his personal life at the moment. For those unaware, Hall has once again split with his wife and friends close to him are saying he has hit a lower version of "rock bottom" so to speak than he ever has before. It is getting so bad that some are even concerned for his personal safety.

- Sean Waltman has been attending the last few TNA TV tapings in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios even though he hasn't been used since the Against All Odds PPV in February. TNA officials have agreed to pay Waltman for TV events even if he isn't used on them. The plan as of now is to re-introduce Waltman on TV after Destination X tonight as he isn't scheduled to make an appearance on the PPV. He is also scheduled to take part in a six-man main event tag match at the April TNA PPV called Lockdown.

News Derived From: Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter