Kid Kash Interview: Talks about wanting out of TNA, rips on AMW, more

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On Monday, April 18, 2005 at 1:11 PM EST

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Explosive interview with Kid Kash on WNL! Kash rips TNA and says he wants out now!

Kid Kash was a guest on the 4/18/05 edition of Wrestling News Live in a 60 minute shoot interview that should be an instant candidate for the 2005 interview of the year nomination ballot. Kid Kash held nothing back and was very honest in his feelings about TNA. The whole 60 minute interview is now playing on

*Kid Kash feels he is not being used right by TNA. He thinks the company is now more in debt because of bringing in "has been" talents. Kash said that if these guys were such big stars then WWE wouldn't have gotten rid of them in the first place.

*Kash says he has busted his ass for three years and that the guys who built TNA are getting pushed aside. Kash says he is not giving his 100% for TNA anymore.

*Kash wants out of his TNA contract and wants to participate in the ECW One Night Stand event but TNA had refused to allow him to participate when he first asked. Kash says there have been recent developments where now TNA might allow TNA wrestlers to participate in the ECW PPV if Vince McMahon is okay with allowing TNA contracted talent on the show. Kash says if Vince offered him a deal he would absolutely take a deal with WWE even if it meant starting with OVW.

*Kash says even though he has been with TNA from the beginning, TNA management considers Kash a product of ECW which is why they told him he is not getting elevated to as high of levels as other TNA talent.

*Kash tells specific stories of how talents made up stories to fool TNA about negotiating with the WWE so that TNA would offer them more money.

*Kash says his contract is up in September and he has tried everything possible to get his release or get fired. Kash says he has recently told TNA management that he is not interested in coming back to TNA when the contract is up. Kash says he has not gotten paid for any merchandise or tape sales and that TNA has lied to him and broken many promises.

*Kash says Jeff Jarrett is a nice guy but he is not a big star. Kash doesn't think Jarrett is a world class athlete and will not help TNA ratings by being on top. Kash reminds the hosts that WWE didn't want Jarrett anymore.

*Kash is upset with the way TNA has buried the X Division lately.

*Kash buries the TNA tag team Americas Most Wanted because he says he doesn't respect them and he doesn't think they are good at all. The WNL hosts who are big fans of AMW start defending AMW and this gets the curse words flying even more then they were already when Kash was bashing TNA. To say Kash buries AMW would be the understatement of the century! You need to hear this for yourselves because the censor won't allow what was said to be printed in this recap.

*Kash thinks TNA needs to do house shows. He respects TNA for giving him a job but it is not paying Kash enough right now to want to stay.

This recap covers just a small sample of what was an explosive uncensored 60 minute shoot interview that left a packed chat room on all in agreement that this was one of the best wrestling interviews they have ever heard. Kash held nothing back and talked openly about anything the hosts asked him about.

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