(4/19/05) - Sting/nWo, Road Dogg, Jason The Sensation, Edge and more

?Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

On Tuesday, April 19, 2005 at 12:28 AM EST

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The following questions were answered by Paul Nemer:

Who were some of the youngest WWF World champions and Intercontinental Champions besides Randy Orton and The Rock and at what age were they?

Well technically, The Big Show was the youngest World champion ever (in WCW), he was a few months younger than Orton when he won it. But since you're talking WWF and excluding Rock and Randy Orton, the answer would be Brock Lesnar at the age of 25. Also, there's Yokozuna. Yoko won the WWF championship at the age of 26. As for the Intercontinental championship, Jeff Hardy won it at the age of 24. Edge won the intercontinental title at the age of 26.

What happened to Road Dogg Jesse James?

Brian Gerald James (aka Road Dogg) was released by the WWE in January of 2001. He later had a stint in the World Wrestling All-Stars promotion that ran a few PPV's in Australia. Following that, he debuted in NWA TNA as B.G. James in September of 2002. He formed a stable called the 3 Live Kru with former WCW star Konnan and former WWF star K-Kwik (now known as Ron "The Truth" Killings). He has captured the NWA World Tag Team Titles with his stable on two occasions.

Back in 1999, it was rumored that Edge was engaged to Val Venis's Sister. Is that true?

Yes, they were also married and later divorced. Edge is now re-married.

Who was it that portrayed Owen Hart when DX impersonated the Nation of Domination?

That was Jason The Sensation. Jason is from Ontario Canada. You can close your eyes and hear this impersonate a wrestler and you'd think it's the actual wrestler. The voice is very close. Jason was just a big wrestling fan. Owen Hart was actually one of the people who helped get him into the WWF. You can see Jason is Bret Hart's documentary "Wrestling with Shadows." There is a segment where they're interviewing fans and he's the one with a mega-phone praising Bret Hart.

Was Sting supposed to be the third man in the nWo?

Yes and no. I already explained this to a similar question, but since it hasn't been added to the FAQ section, here is the link. Click here.

What was the shortest WWE/WWF championship title reign ever?

Yokozuna defeated Bret Hart for the WWF championship at WrestleMania IX, and a couple of minutes later, Yokozuna challenged Hulk Hogan and Hogan became the WWF champion for a 5th time.

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