Backlash (RAW) PPV Results - 5/1/05 - from Manchester, NH

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On Sunday, May 1, 2005 at 10:55 PM EST

- Tyson Tomko defeated Val Venis on WWE Sunday Night Heat with a big boot before Backlash went on the air.

WWE Backlash (RAW) PPV Results - 5/1/05
Location: Manchester, NH
Report By: Adam Martin of

- A video package aired hyping the return of Hulk Hogan when he makes his in-ring return to WWE tonight teaming with Shawn Michaels against Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari.

- Another video package followed this showing Batista defeating Triple H last month at WrestleMania 21 to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. The hype Batista vs. Triple H II tonight at Backlash.

- The opening video for Backlash airs. We are taken live to Manchester, NH when a large display of pyro goes off at the top of the entrance area. Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler welcome us to the show and hype Batista vs. Triple H II and the return of Hulk Hogan when he teams with HBK against Hassan and Daivari. They then pass it on to the spanish announce team.

- Chris Jericho's music and pyro hits to start the first match.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Chris Jericho

The bell rings and here we go. Both lock up and Benjamin attempts to take Jericho down. Jericho counters and takes down Benjamin instead. Benjamin counters out of that, but Jericho quickly responds with a side headlock. They both get into two pinfalls, but each kick out. Benjamin takes out Jericho with a quick arm drag. Jericho fights out of that, tries to throw Benjamin down, but Benjamin flips back up each time. Benjamin breaks out of a shoulder submission by springboarding off the top rope, flipping backwards and getting Jericho into a quick arm drag. Jericho then slaps Benjamin across the face and Benjamin quickly takes him down, getting in some hard rights. Jericho gives Benjamin a knee to the gut and follows that up with some stiff punches and chops to the chest. Benjamin fights back kicking Jericho in the gut, attempts a suplex, Jericho blocks, Benjamin gets him up finally, Jericho lands on the ring apron, Benjamin tries to sunset flip him, but Jericho counters that into a big huricanranna off the ring apron! Jericho gets in a few kicks on Benjamin and then drops him head first on the guard railing. Jericho throws Benjamin back inside the ring and gives him a hard kick to the ribs. Jericho gives Benjamin a suplex, does his taunting boot pin, but Benjamin kicks out.

Jericho applies a headlock, Benjamin fights his way out of it, but Jericho gets in a few chops. Benjamin fights back with a flying forearm off the ropes on Jericho. Jericho then follows this up with a low dropkick and then chokes Benjamin using the bottom rope. Jericho picks up Benjamin, chops him, tries to irish whip him, but Benjamin counters into an irish whip of his own and splashes Jericho in the corner. Benjamin gives Jericho a quick back suplex. Benjamin gets Jericho up in the corner and gets in a quick hand slap to the chest. Jericho then irish whips Benjamin into the corner, Benjamin bounces off and Jericho gives him a big bulldog. Jericho tries to springboard off the ropes, but Benjamin trips him up. Benjamin punches Jericho as they brawl to the top rope. Jericho gets in a few elbows knocking Benjamin down. Benjamin quickly leaps back up and gives Jericho a big superplex off the top! Benjamin covers Jericho, but only gets a two count. Benjamin grabs Jericho as he comes off the ropes and lifts him high in the air, allowing Jericho to crash land hard on the mat. Benjamin applies a body scissors submission on Jericho. Jericho fights back with some elbows and chops. Both meet in the middle of the ring giving each other a double clothesline. Both are down as the referee starts the count.

Both get up by 8. Benjamin attempts a splash on Jericho, but Jericho moves out of the way and takes down Benjamin. Jericho steps over Benjamin on the ground and then gives him a drop toe hold to the bottom rope. Jericho starts to go off the ropes when Benjamin turns around and gives him a big samoan drop! Benjamin covers, but only gets a two count. Jericho gets in an elbow on Benjamin in the corner followed by a running kick to the back of the head. Jericho covers, but gets a close two count. Jericho tries to throw Benjamin out of the ring, but Benjamin lands on the ring apron. Benjamin springboards off the top rope and gives Jericho a big bulldog! Benjamin covers...1...2...Jericho kicks out. Benjamin tries to rollup Jericho, but Jericho counters into a rollup of his own for a two count. Jericho then applies the Walls of Jericho. Benjamin turns out of it, Jericho turns back over and catapults Benjamin into the corner. Benjamin grabs Jericho as he gets near him and hits the T-Bone Suplex! Benjamin covers...1...2...Jericho gets his boot on the bottom rope. Benjamin covers again and gets a two count. Jericho gets up, Benjamin grabs him, Jericho fights out with some kicks and elbows. Benjamin attempts a spinning heel kick, Jericho ducks and applies the Walls of Jericho. Jericho keeps it locked on as the fans cheer loudly. Benjamin tries to fight out of it, moving towards the ropes. Benjamin makes a huge push towards the ropes and gets them. Jericho starts to kick Benjamin on the ground. The referee breaks it up. As Jericho goes back, Benjamin leaps up and takes out Jericho with a big sidekick. Jericho blocks a dropkick from Benjamin, springboards off the ropes, Benjamin moves out of the way, Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho, Benjamin counters that into a flip, Jericho counters that into a rollup and Benjamin counters that into a rollup of his own for the three count!

Winner & STILL WWE IC Champion: Shelton Benjamin

After the match, Shelton Benjamin leaves the ring with the IC Title in hand as a frustrated Chris Jericho looked on. Todd Grisham approchaes Jericho as he heads up the ramp looking for a comment. Jericho blows him off and leaves the arena instead.

- Backstage, The Coach is with Edge pointing out that things are heated between himself and Chris Benoit. Edge says he knows Benoit is frustrated that he has stopped any chances of him getting a shot at the World Title after winning the Money in the Bank Match at WrestleMania 21 last year. He said he knows everyone in Manchester wants to see him on the ground, but said that wouldn't happen because he would be the last man standing after all is said and done tonight.

World Tag Team Championship - Tag Team Turmoil Match
William Regal & Tajiri (c)'s vs. The Heart Throbs vs. La Resistance vs. The Hurricane & Rosey vs. Maven & Simon Dean

After a drawing, the first team to face William Regal & Tajiri are The Heart Throbs. William Regal & Romeo start out the match. Romeo gets in a headlock on Regal followed by a shoulder block. Romeo takes down Regal with a side headlock. Regal then does the same to Romeo. Romeo flips out of it and tags in Antonio. Antonio works on Regal's left arm and Regal rolls out of that tagging in Tajiri. Regal trips up Antonio and Tajiri follows that up with a low dropkick. Tajiri gets in a few kicks on Antonio followed by a big kick to the back. Tajiri applies a headstand submission on Antonio followed by a quick suplex. Tajiri then hits a quick moonsault, covers, but Romeo breaks up the pinfall. Antonio tags in Romeo and they double team Tajiri, smashing him into the corner. Romeo then tags in Antonio and they double team Tajiri with a double elbow drop that gets a two count. Antonio irish whips Tajiri to the corner, but Tajiri gets a sunset flip on him for the pinfall!

The Heart Throb's have been eliminated...

The next tag team out is Maven & Simon Dean. Dean wastes no time and goes after Tajiri right away, smashing him into the corner. Maven gets the tag and they give Tajiri a double arm drag. Maven works on Tajiri for a bit before tagging Dean back in. Dean chokes Tajiri in the corner until the referee breaks it up. Dean applies a facelock as Tajiri brings him towards the corner. Regal gets in a cheap shot and Tajiri takes out Dean with a big side kick. Regal gets the tag despite Maven taking out Tajiri. Regal takes out both Dean and Maven. Regal gets in a high kick on Dean and gets the pinfall!

Maven & Simon Dean have been eliminated...

The next tag team out is La Resistance. They go after both Regal and Tajiri on the outside right away. Rob Conway and Sylvain Grenier throw both back in the ring. They try to double team Tajiri, but Tajiri flips back and takes them out with a double elbow. Tajiri gets in a big kick on Grenier and follows that up with another stiff kick to the face. Regal gets the tag and they give Grenier a double arm drag followed by a kick to the back. Regal works on Grenier for a bit until Tajiri gets the tag again and gets in some stiff kicks on Grenier. Tajiri hits a drop kick, but only gets a two count. Regal gets the tag and he gets a knee to the gut from Grenier. Rob Conway gets the tag and he goes after Regal in the corner. Regal fights back taking out Grenier on the ring apron. Regal then applies an STF on Conway, but Grenier comes in the ring and breaks it up. Tajiri comes in and flips Grenier on to the ring apron. Tajiri gets in a stiff kick to the gut. Tajiri gets taken out by Grenier and Conway rolls up Regal for the pinfall!

William Regal & Tajiri have been eliminated...

The next and final tag team out is The Hurricane & Rosey. Hurricane comes off the top right away with a cross-body on Grenier. Grenier fights back launching Hurricane to the outside. Conway follows this up with an elbow off the ring apron to the ground. Conway throws Hurricane back inside, Grenier covers, but only gets a two count. Conway gets the tag and he works on the back of Hurricane. Grenier gets the tag again and they double team Hurricane with an elbow and big clothesline. Grenier takes out Hurricane with a modified spinebuster that results in a two count. Grenier gives Hurricane a scoop slam, jumps off the top, but Hurricane moves out of the way. Rosey gets the tag and he takes out both Grenier and Conway. Rosey misses a splash on Conway, but catches Conway when he jumps at him and comes down with a big sitdown splash. Rosey covers, but Grenier breaks up the pinfall. Rosey gets Grenier up on his shoulders, but Conway hits him in the face and Grenier comes back down. La Resistance double team Rosey giving him a double spinebuster. Grenier and Conway try to get Rosey up, but he fights out of it and scoop slams Conway. Hurricane gets the tag and he jumps off Rosey's shoulders hitting a big splash. Hurricane hooks the leg and gets the pinfall!

Winners & NEW World Tag Team Champions: The Hurricane & Rosey

After the match, The Hurricane & Rosey celebrate with the World Tag Team Titles.

- A video package airs showing highlights from the Money in the Bank Match at WrestleMania 21 last month when Edge got the win. This then moves into the feud that started between Edge and Chris Benoit after WrestleMania. The announcement of both competing in a Last Man Standing Match at Backlash is then shown. That match is up next!

Last Man Standing Match
Edge vs. Chris Benoit

The match starts with Chris Benoit hitting the ring right away and taking down Edge, hitting some hard punches. Benoit gets in a knee to the gut on Edge. At this point, the fans are chanting "YOU SCREWED MATT" really loudly. Benoit gives Edge a quick snap suplex and follows that up with some chops to the chest. Benoit nails Edge off the corner and gets in a big chop to the chest. Edge falls to the mat holding his chest in pain. Benoit gets in another chop and gets in a few hard rights and kicks. Edge quickly responds by irish whipping Benoit to the corner with force. A loud "WE WANT MATT" chant starts up as Edge starts to attack Benoit on the ground. JR & The King are ignoring all the chants. Edge starts to choke Benoit on the second rope and then gives him a quick scoop slam. Edge backs up to the corner waiting for Benoit to get up. Edge goes for the Spear, but Benoit gives him a drop toe hold to prevent it. Benoit takes out Edge with a running forearm to the head. Benoit drops down and tries to apply the Crossface, but Edge rolls under the bottom rope to break it up. Benoit then gets in some stiff kicks to Edge's ribs. Edge fights back with some hard rights and a big boot to the head. Edge leaves the ring and pulls out a trash can. Benoit gives him a baseball slide under the bottom rope to the outside.

Both start to exchange punches when Edge irish whips Benoit in the guard railing. Edge charges at Benoit and Benoit lifts him over the top of the railing into the crowd area. They start to brawl into the crowd as the fans chant on. Edge leaves the area and jumps back over the guard railing and back inside the ring. Benoit trips up Edge and applies the Sharpshooter! Edge starts to tap out and is allowed to since the match can allow submissions. Benoit gives Edge five german suplexes (releasing on the final one). Edge rolls outside of the ring as the referee starts the count. Edge gets up by 8 and gets on the ring apron when Benoit charges, knocking him off back onto the ground. The referee starts the count again and Edge eventually gets up by 9. Benoit goes off the ropes, dives between the ropes and Edge smacks him on the head with a trash can lid as he comes out. The referee starts the count and Benoit gets up by 8. Edge smacks Benoit on the back of the head with the trash can lid and Benoit goes back down. The referee starts counting and Benoit eventually gets up. Edge throws him back in the ring and puts Benoit up on the top rope. Edge then gives Benoit a superplex to a trash can in the middle of the ring. Both men are down as the referee starts the count. Edge gets up first and starts to take out Benoit with the trash can lid. Edge leaves the ring and pulls out a ladder from under the ring.

Edge puts the ladder inside the ring and sets it up near a corner. Benoit gets back up and chops Edge across the chest a few times. Edge fights back with a few right hands and a scoop slam on Benoit. Edge starts to climb up the ladder when Benoit cuts him off, hitting him on the lower back. Benoit then wraps his arms around Edge and comes off giving Edge a huge german suplex off the ladder! Both men are down as the referee starts to count. Benoit gets up first and gives Edge another release german suplex. Edge stays down as the referee counts. Benoit looks up at the ladder and he starts to climb up to the top. Benoit comes down with the diving headbutt, but Edge rolls out of the way. The referee starts to count for both. Edge is the first up and he grabs his "money in the bank" briefcase. Edge tries to knock out Benoit with it, but Benoit dodges it and applies the Crossface on Edge. Edge starts to tap out and Jerry Lawler points out that he can tap all he wants since this isn't the way for Benoit to win the match. Benoit breaks the hold and starts to get back some energy as the referee makes the count. Both get up and Benoit gives Edge two german suplexes. Benoit attempts a third, Edge blocks it and gives Benoit a big DDT face first onto the briefcase! Benoit somehow gets up at the 9 count, but Edge gives him a Spear right away. Edge crawls around the ring as the referee counts. Benoit gets up at 9 and Edge gives him a second Spear. Benoit somehow gets up after two Spear's and Edge gets a brick from inside the briefcase. Edge nails Benoit in the head with it and Edge demands the referee start the count. The referee starts the count and gets to 10.

Winner: Edge

After the match, Edge falls to his knees and celebrates his victory. He grabs the "money in the bank" briefcase and the brick he used. Edge slams it against the steel steps and throws it away. He starts to head up the ramp when he goes back and gets the contract that guarantees him a World Title shot over the next year. Edge raises the contract and briefcase high in the air in celebration as Benoit tries to recover in the middle of the ring. WWE referee's help Benoit to his feet, who falls back down a few times.

- Backstage, Lita is shown watching what just happened in the ring. Kane walks up and she asks if he is ready. He said he is and asks if she is. Lita says she is ready to watch him take out both Viscera...and Trish. She ponders the thought of Viscera having to have sex with Trish. Kane said that is disturbing. Lita said she likes what Kane had in mind and they both start to kiss.

- A promo hits for

In-Ring Segment: Jerry Lawler/WWE Divas & Chris Masters
Jerry "The King" Lawler is in the middle of the ring and he plugs the new Viva Las Divas Magazine. Lawler invites all the Divas to the ring and also brings Lilian Garica inside as well. He then said he wants to ask each one of them some very intimate and personal questions. Before that, Lawler shows each of the photos for the Divas including Christy, Maria, Candice, Victoria, Stacy Keibler and Lilian Garcia. He then gets down to business and starts with Christy first asking her a question. Chris Masters' music hits and he appears at the entranceway, throwing off his cape and flexing as pyro goes off around him. Masters heads to the ring as all of the WWE Divas and Jerry Lawler leave.

Masters gets on the mic and says those Divas are hot, but they aren't like the Masterpiece. He said over the last few weeks, no one has been able to break his Masterlock in the United States and even overseas. Masters offers $3,000 to anyone who thinks they can break the Masterlock. He then picks someone from the crowd and it turns out to be a rather muscular woman. Masters jokes, saying she puts the "Man" in Manchester. He then goes over the rules and says, "have a seat sir." Masters then goes behind her and applies the Masterlock. She doesn't break it and the bell rings right away. Masters taunts her on the ground and then displays the $3,000 that he will still keep. He then leaves the arena.

- Backstage, Viscera is waiting outside of Trish Stratus' locker room. He shows her a red night gown and she jokes that it won't fit him. Viscera makes a few more sexual comments and Trish said he needs to focus. She says until he takes care of business, there will be no business to take care of. Trish walks away and Viscera slaps her on the ass.

Kane w/ Lita vs. Viscera w/ Trish Status
The bell rings and here we go. Kane goes off the ropes and tries to take out Viscera. Viscera doesn't budge and he then takes out Kane with a clothesline. Viscera irish whips Kane to the corner, Kane moves out of the way when Viscera charges and he then hits a big boot knocking Viscera out of the ring. Kane goes up to the top rope and jumps off, taking out Viscera on the outside of the ring. A loud "WE WANT MATT" chant starts up again as Kane rolls Viscera back in the ring and drops an elbow and leg drop. Kane covers, but only gets a two count. Kane and Viscera exchange some right hands when Kane goes off the ropes and Viscera rolls forward, catching Kane with a heel. Viscera then looks at Trish and does a "humping" motion that gets some laughs from the crowd. Viscera tries to drop an elbow on Kane, but Kane moves out of the way. Trish starts to taunt Lita when Kane reaches down and grabs her by the hair. Viscera then takes out Kane and gives him a samoan drop. Viscera covers...1...2...Kane kicks out. Kane charges at Viscera and Viscera catches him in a side walk slam for a two count. Viscera starts to choke Kane in the middle of the ring. Kane eventually gets back on his feet and he comes back with a DDT on Viscera.

Kane goes up to the top rope and connects with a jumping clothesline on Viscera. Viscera gets back up, Kane looks to hit the chokeslam, Viscera fights out of it and Viscera clothesline Kane over the top rope. Viscera goes to the outside and slams Kane up against the ring post. Lita tries to stop Viscera. Viscera grabs her and pushes her away. Kane pushes Viscera up against the ring post. Trish grabs a steel chair to hit Kane when Lita comes out of no where and hits Trish with her crutch. Viscera gets back in the ring, Kane goes up to the top, Kane comes down, Viscera catches him and gives Kane a huge sitdown powerbomb! Viscera covers...1...2...Kane kicks out. Viscera pulls Lita in the ring and he backs her into the corner. He tries to kiss Lita when Kane sits up and takes him out with a big boot. Kane gives Viscera a chokeslam, covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Kane

After the match, Kane lifts his arms up and brings them back down as pyro goes off in all four corners. Kane leaves the ring with Lita and they head up the ramp. Trish Stratus gets in the ring with Viscera, getting on the mic. She calls him pathetic saying he couldn't get the job done against Kane. Trish said even if Viscera would have beaten Kane tonight, she would have never done anything with him. She said she was going to get herself a real man to beat up Viscera. Viscera grabs Trish and starts to shake her around a few times and then drops her. He goes to leave when the fans start to chant at him. Viscera comes back in and gives Trish a big splash on the ground. He stands up and does the "humping" motion as the fans cheer loudly. Viscera leaves the ring and EMT's attend to Trish in the ring, putting her on a stretcher.

- JR & The King plug WWE Judgment Day on May 22.

- A promo airs showing the arrival of Muhammad Hassan & Daviari in WWE. This then leads into their feud with Shawn Michaels and the announcement of Hulk Hogan as HBK's tag team partner at Backlash tonight. That match is up next.

Hulk Hogan & Shawn Michaels vs. Muhammad Hassan & Daivari
As you probably would have guessed, Hogan got a monster pop during his entrance. They paused a bit after HBK's entrance to keep the crowd anticipating his arrival. The match starts with Hogan and Hassan. The bell rings and here we go. Hogan draws a line on the ring and taunts at Hassan to cross it. Hassan moves forward, locks up with Hogan and Hogan pushes him away with force. Hogan flexes and taunts at Hassan, telling him to kiss his ass. Hassan charges, Hogan gets him in a side headlock, Hassan pushes him into the ropes and Hogan takes him down with a shoulder block. Hassan locks up with Hogan again and Hogan works on his left arm, driving an elbow into it. Hassan pushes Hogan to the corner and tags in Daivair. Both get in some kicks on Hogan in the corner. Hogan fights back giving both a double clothesline. Hogan takes out Hassan with a clothesline and he points at HBK. HBK slides back and Hogan throws Hassan's face into the boots of HBK. HBK gives Hassan a big chop and then nails his head off the corner. Hassan irish whips HBK to the corner, charges, but HBK gets his boots up. HBK gives Hassan a scoop slam, misses an elbow drop and Hassan tags in Daivari. Daivari gives HBK some chops in the corner. HBK grabs Daivari and gives him some chops as well. HBK gives Daivari a high back body drop and tags in Hogan.

Hogan and HBK double team Daivari, hitting a double elbow drop. Daivari rolls to the outside and Hogan follows, throwing him into the guard railing and the ring post. Hogan gets in a hard right hand on Daivari, throws him back in the ring and starts to choke him. Hogan gives Daivari a scoop slam and follows it up with a few quick elbows. HBK gets the tag and he exchanges some chops with Daivari. HBK comes off the ropes and Daivari tries to leap over him, but HBK stops and chops him knocking him to the mat. HBK hits a flying forearm off the ropes on Daivari and follows that up with an inverted atomic drop. HBK knocks out Hassan on the ring apron, gives Daivari a scoop slam, goes up to the top rope and connects with the flying elbow. HBK then starts to tune up the band, stomping his foot. Hassan gets up on the ring apron near HBK, but Hogan comes in and knocks him down. The referee pushes Hogan back to the corner and Hassan comes back in with a lead pipe, nailing HBK on the back. Daivari crawls over, gets an arm over HBK's chest, but Hogan breaks up the pinfall. Hassan makes a blind tag and comes in kicking HBK. Hassan irish whips HBK to the corner and HBK bounces off with force. Hassan drops some elbows to the back of HBK. Daivari gets the tag and he comes off the top on the back of HBK.

Daivari irish whips HBK to the corner with force, hits a snapmare and then pulls back on his arms with his knee driven into the back. HBK tries to fight back, but Daivari takes him back down and tags in Hassan. Hassan applies a headlock as the fans cheer for Hogan. HBK fights out of it, applies a sleeper, Hassan counters that into a backbreaker and then applies the Camel Clutch. HBK tries to reach for Hogan as he is locked in the Clutch. Hogan moves over and yells at HBK to not give up. HBK starts to get up on his feet with Hassan on his shoulders. HBK falls back hitting an electric chair. Daivari gets the tag...and so does Hogan. Hogan takes out Hassan and Daivari with big right hands and a double shot to the head. Hogan takes out Daivari with a big boot. He goes off the ropes looking to hit the leg drop when Hassan jumps up on the ring apron, hitting Hogan with the lead pipe. Daivari covers Hogan...1...2...Hogan kicks out with force. Hogan starts to hulk up as Daivari tries to get in some punches. Hogan gives Daivari three big punches, a big boot, Hassan tries to trip him up, Hogan gives him a right hand, HBK gives Daivari the Sweet Chin Music and Hogan covers Daivari for the pinfall!

Winners: Hulk Hogan & Shawn Michaels

After the match, Hogan and Michaels celebrate. They throw Daivari out of the ring and start to pose in front of the sold out crowd in Manchester. They pose for each section of the crowd and are about to leave when Hogan stops HBK, telling him to go ahead and pose as well. Referee Earl Hebner raises their hands in the air as the fans cheer loudly. A fan comes in the ring and they rip off his shirt revealing a full sized Hulk Hogan tattoo on his back. The fan poses with Hogan for each side of the arena.

- A promo hits plugging ECW One Night Stand on June 12. Paul Heyman narrates the promo.

- Backstage, Todd Grisham is with Triple H and asks him if he feels confident tonight. Triple H says he felt confident after RAW when he gave Batista a Pedigree and he stayed down. He said Batista might be big and bad, but he holds the equalizer with that being the Pedigree. Triple H said Batista had a great night at WrestleMania 21, but tonight he will have his 11th great night when he walks out the World Heavyweight Champion.

In-Ring Segment: Christian talks about the Draft Lottery
Christian's music hits and he comes to the ring along with Tyson Tomko. Christian gets on the mic and said all week long all he has heard about was Backlash. He said more specifically the "backlash" if Captain Chrisma wasn't on the show. Christian said he didn't want to make people mad, but tonight may be the last night people will see him on a RAW pay per view. He reminds everyone that later this month a Draft will be taking place with no one exempt. Christian said since he is a main eventer, he thought he would come out tonight and address his fellow main eventers. He said he would like to do it in the form of a rap. Christian asks if Manchester heard that and tells them to not be afraid to make some noise. He starts, "On RAW you've got Batista with muscle to spare...but he's got charisma like Tomko's got got Triple H and Ric Flair, their legend still grows...26 titles between them and the world's biggest nose...and have you heard the one about JBL, the rich guy on SmackDown, well I hear his taxes are still soaring, but he's no wrestling god, just the god of boring." Christian said he is forgetting somebody. He says oh yeah, he is the guy who inspired this little rap, the WWE Champion John Cena. Christian says, "Hey Cena, you think I'm jealous of your fortunate and fame...well you talk like Snoop Dogg...but you look like Corey Haim." He said after the Draft, whether it's RAW or SmackDown, JR or Michael Cole, he will come out on top because "that's how I roll."

- A promo is shown hyping the World Heavyweight Title Rematch tonight between Batista and Triple H. That match is up next!

- Ric Flair's music hits and he comes out to the ring. Flair gets on the mic and introduces his "friend, the greatest wrestler alive today and the soon to be 11-time World Heavyweight Champion...Triple H."

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Batista (c) vs. Triple H

The bell rings and both Batista and Triple H circle the ring. Ric Flair distracts Batista briefly and Triple H runs up with a right hand. Triple H attempts the Pedigree early on, but Batista rolls out of it quickly. Triple H taunts at Batista that it was that close to being over. The back into the corner and Batista gets in some hard right hands. Triple H comes off the ropes and tries for the Pedigree again, but Batista breaks out of it and gets Triple H ready for a Batista Bomb when Triple H breaks out of that. Batista taunts at Triple H that it was that close to being over as well. Triple H backs Batista into the corner and gets in a few elbows. Batista gives Triple H a big back body drop and then punches him to the corner. Triple H again goes for the Pedigree, but Batista throws him over the top rope to the outside. Batista goes after Triple H on the outside when Triple H grabs him and gives him a spinebuster into the guard railing. Triple H then nails Batista up against the guard railing and Batista flips over. Triple H grabs Batista and suplexes him over the guard railing to the floor. Triple H rolls in the ring and breaks the referee's count. Triple H drives his elbow into Batista's back as Batista holds it in pain. Triple H drives his knee into the back of Batista, picks him up, charges at him in the corner, but Batista gets an elbow up. Batista kicks Triple H in the gut and Triple H briefly low blows him to the corner. Triple H sends Batista with force into the corner and Batista bounces off. Batista rolls to the outside and Flair gets in some cheap shots.

When the referee turns around, he stares at Flair and Flair shakes his head saying he didn't do anything. Batista gives Triple H a hard right, they exchange a few punches, Batista goes off the ropes and Triple H gives him a big spinebuster. Triple H covers Batista, but only gets a two count. Triple H pins Batista a few more times and continues to get two counts. Triple H throws Batista to the corner, Triple H charges and Batista takes him out with a big clothesline. Triple H runs at Batista again and Batista hits a side walk slam. Batista clotheslines Triple H over the top rope and follows to the outside. Batista nails Triple H's head off the guard railing and then irish whips him into the steel steps. Batista puts Triple H back in the ring and drives his shoulder into his ribs a few times. Batista gives Triple H a powerslam and then taunts that he is ready for more. Ric Flair tries to interfere, but the referee kicks him out. When this happened, Flair threw the World Title in the ring. Batista picked up Triple H for the Batista Bomb and Triple H nailed him in the head with the World Title. Triple H covers Batista...1...2...Batista kicks out! Triple H goes for the Pedigree, but Batista counters into a back body drop. Triple H kicks Batista in the face, Batista doesn't back down, Batista charges and takes out the referee by accident. Triple H gives Batista the Pedigree, but the referee is out. Flair puts the referee in the ring and he is out. Triple H tries to get him to count, slapping him a few times. He falls down each time. Referee Jack Doan comes to the ring, but Batista gives him a spinebuster!

Batista covers...1...2...Triple H kicks out. Triple H gives Batista a quick facebuster, covers, but only gets a two count. Triple H sets up Batista for another Pedigree, but Batista breaks out of it and gives Triple H a big clothesline in the corner. Batista hits another two clotheslines on Triple H in the corner. Triple H then low blows the referee, Batista kicks him in the gut, Flair comes in and Batista takes him out. Triple H kicks Batista in the gut, Batista counters out of the Pedigree and catapults Triple H into the corner. Batista grabs Triple H looking to hit the Batista Bomb when Triple H falls to his knees and gives him a low blow. Triple H punches Batista in the corner a few times until Batista grabs him and hits the Batista Bomb! Batista hooks the leg...1...2...3!

Winner & STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Batista

After the match, the referee raises the hand of Batista. They show a replay of Batista giving Triple H the Batista Bomb out of the corner and getting the pinfall. After the match, Batista heads up the ramp and raises the World Title high in the air. Back in the ring, Triple H pushes Ric Flair aside and gives the referee the Pedigree. A frustrated Triple H stares down Batista as Batista looks on smiling taunting with the World Title as the PPV goes off the air...