Mark Curtis Memorial Reunion - 5/7; Johnson City, TN (Foley, Al Snow)

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On Sunday, May 8, 2005 at 1:50 PM EST

Mark Curtis Memorial Reunion Results - 5/7/05
Location: Johnson City, Tennessee

Maverick Tedder sent in the following report...

Here's a report from the Mark Curtis memorial show last night at Freedom Hall in Johnson City, TN:

When I arrived, there was a huge line right inside the door, and I was amazed to find Al Snow, Shane Douglas, Dominic Denucci, Terry Taylor, Tom Pritchard, D-Lo Brown, and Mick Foley sitting at a table signing autographs. I made my way through, got autographs, and had my picture taken with all of them. Dominic Denucci appeared to be a bit surprised by all the young people who knew who he was.

There were maybe two hundred people in attendance at the most, which was a bit surprising. I expected the presence of Foley, Snow, and Douglas to draw at least five hundred or so. To be perfectly honest, the whole show was rather boring, aside from the main event, which featured Mick Foley & Shane Douglas with Denucci in their corner against Al Snow & D-Lo Brown with Les Thatcher in their corner. On the line were the "Tri-Cities tag-team championships", and the right to be called Brian Hildebrand's real best friends. Hilarious highlights included Al trying to perform the People's Elbow, where he ran back and forth between the ropes until he lost his breath, Foley trying to do the worm, and Douglas giving the Stone Cold Stunner to both Al and D-Lo, complete with middle fingers. At one point, Al fell to the outside and was seemingly injured for real. The whole crowd went silent, and the show seemed to be over...but when Foley helped him up, he rammed Mick's head into the post. Foley and Douglas eventually won with a double pin. After the match, Al and D-Lo began to argue, and Al cold-cocked him with a mannequin head which was tossed to him by someone in the front row. Al then took the mic and said that regardless of who won the match, Mick, Shane, Dominic, D-Lo, Les, and everyone who wrestled and attended were ALL Brian's friends. After Al went to the back, Foley took the mic and said "Yeah...we're all his friends, but I think he liked me and Shane a little bit better!" Funny stuff.

In my opinion, the last match was well worth the $16 ticket. The rest was kinda so-so, and that's being generous. Still, it was cool to see a few guys I haven't seen in ages, like Tim Horner, Tom Pritchard, and Terry Taylor. And hey, props to ALL the wrestlers for working for free. All in all, it was a nice tribute. I met Brian Hildebrand many times when he was the referee for Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and he was always super-friendly and willing to meet with the fans. He'll definitely be missed. He sure was last night.