Jeff Hardy suspended by TNA for no-showing May 15th Hard Justice PPV

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On Tuesday, May 17, 2005 at 11:34 PM EST

Jeff Hardy has been officially suspended by TNA for his actions this past Sunday by no-showing the Hard Justice PPV on May 15. Hardy was sent home until further notice as a disciplinary action. He had missed numerous flights out of North Carolina on Sunday to Orlando and ending up arriving much later after the PPV had concluded. Sean Waltman instead took his place, taking on Raven during the PPV.

This wasn't the first time Hardy no-showed a TNA event as he did so a few times over the course of the past year, but did make an effort in the last few months or so to be on his best behavior. There are still plans for Hardy to team with his brother Matt once he becomes available to sign a deal with TNA in July after his 90 day complete clause with WWE expires, although those plans may have to be reevaluated as his status with the company will have to be resolved before it can take place.

One idea that is making the rounds is that Jeff was sent home until Matt is available to come work for the company and "keep an eye on Jeff" so to speak.

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