TNA Notes - Hard Justice injuries, August PPV name, new DVD's, & more

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On Thursday, May 19, 2005 at 3:06 PM EST

Bill Banks has added a new "Bank Shot" column over on Here are some news and notes from this edition:

- There were no major injuries coming out of the Hard Justice PPV this past Sunday. The only minor injuries to note included Abyss and Ron "The Truth" Killings. Abyss suffered a fairly deep cut on the top of his head after a chairshot from Killings that required stitches, while Killings cracked his front teeth after he was dropped face first on a steel chair.

- TNA's August PPV event will be titled "Sacrifice" and will take place on Sunday, August 14. That PPV is expected to take place from Orlando, FL as well. A press release from TNA will be coming soon regarding the event.

- Banks hinted at another big announcement regarding the future of TNA and how it will be coming out very soon. This is expected to be the announcement of a new TV deal (WGN appears to be the top candidate at this point).

- In addition to recently signing both AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels to new deals through 2008, TNA is also expected to sign some more talent to long-term contracts as well.

- "The Best of Jeff Hardy" and "Destination X" DVD's are expected to be available for purchase on TNA's website around mid-June. Hardy's DVD will feature bonus footage of his music video for the song "Modest" that he uses as his entrance theme. I could make a joke, but Ryan Droste already beat me to it in his Impact! report.

- is slated to debut a new design during the weekend of Slammiversary on June 19. Lee South, Dan Burgess and Marcus Cygy are all helping with the project. Banks added, "Itís going to have flash and animation features that will put us on par with some of the top sites on the internet."