UPN Bans Muhammad Hassan From WWE SmackDown -- Details Inside

?Reported by Jay Flannagan of WrestleView.com

On Thursday, July 21, 2005 at 3:52 PM EST

UPN executives have informed World Wrestling Entertainment executives that they do not want the character, Muhammad Hassan, to appear on WWE SmackDown ever again. Hassan has not been seen on SmackDown since the episode that aired the day of the London terrorist attacks in which he worked an angle where several masked men in combat fatigues attacked The Undertaker and used piano wire to "choke him out."

This angle got WWE heat from some in the "legitimate" media including the New York Post and UPN, feeling the pressure, bowed and refused to allow Hassan to appear on last week's episode or tonight's episode. They have now made the decision that he is not to ever appear as Muhammad Hassan again on SmackDown.

As of right now the plan is to end the character this Sunday night when he fights The Undertaker during SmackDown's Great American Bash Pay Per View. We will have full play by play coverage of the event starting at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central.

Credit: Wade Keller @ PWTorch.com AND Bob Ryder @ 1wrestling.com