CZW 8/13 ECW Arena "Deja Vu: Wired" results (Bailey vs. Butcher...)

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On Sunday, August 14, 2005 at 9:05 AM EST

Combat Zone Wrestling returned to the ECW Arena for Deja Vu: Wired before a crowd of between 400-500 featuring the first no rope, barbed wire match in CZW since 2002.

Match results:

  • BLKOUT (Eddie Kingston and Sabian) defeated DJ Hyde and John Dahmer.

  • Beef Wellington defeated Excalibur; preceded with a long stretch of promos that (while funny) began to feel right out of RAW. Material included Wellington being the "King of the Death Matches" after his rather um...unique match at Tournament of Death; as well as Frank Talent (who Excalibur claimed "had banned the ass-punch" for the night's match). With this, it should also be noted that Talent got the most heat of the night (from the TOD fiasco) with loud unprintable chants after the Excalibur promo. Just prior to the no rope barbed wire match, Zandig tried for some reason to take a little heat off of Talent. What little of the crowd heard the comments largely booed.

  • Niles Young and Derek Fraizer went to a non-finish in a Ladder Match for the #1 Contendership to the CZW Junior Heavyweight Title. A "contract for a title match" was hanging from the ceiling.

    The match, which was going well, with both mid-card workers getting a deserved chance to shine, inexplicably went to a non-finish, after JC Bailey ran in, grabbed the envelope, and tried to declare himself the number one contender. Maven Bentley then came out, and set up a four-way Cruiserweight title match with Mike Quackenbush-JC Bailey-Derek Frazier-Niles Young for September 10.

  • JC Bailey defeated Arik Cannon.

  • In the first surprise of the night, Kevin Steen defeated Franky The Mobster to win the CZW Ironman Title.

  • In an excellent match with lots of twists and turns, "Spyder" Nate Webb defeated B-Boy in a Loser Leaves Town Match.

    A lot of fans had different scenarios figured out that somehow the match would wind up in a clusterfutz, but Webb went over by a clean pinfall. Afterwards, B-Boy cut a heartfelt speech, with Maven Bentley, DJ Hyde, Jon Dahmer, Mike Quackenbush and other coming out to do a send-off. The match was preceded by Nate Webb coming out, and saying "If tonight's my last night in CZW, I have something I always wanted to do". He then proceeded to do a live version with guitar of his "Teenage Dirtbag" entrance music (from Wheatus) that almost stole the show.

  • Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli defeated Mike Quackenbush and Ruckus.

    In non-finish number two of the night, the originally scheduled singles match between Mike Quackenbush and Ruckus, which was also going very well, and allowed Ruckus to shine really well, went to a sudden nonfinish, interrupted by Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli. The following tag match was among the better matches this year. It continued the face turn of Blackout, who's been the promotion's hottest heel act over the last year.

  • In surprise number two of the night, El Generico defeated Super Dragon by pinfall after a top turnbuckle brainbuster.

    Then, in yet another change in the evening's (going into night...going into morning's) events, Justice Pain came out and said his brother Nick Gage couldn't work the main event due to his burns suffered at Tournament Of Death (which have been reported as somewhat worse than originally thought). Nate Hatred ran in and jumped Justice Pain in an imprompru schmoz. Necro Butcher and Zandig then came in to join the fun. Zandig bemoaned the fact that Gage wasn't available, said he didn't want to beat on Necrobutcher, and Zandig was "giving Necro the night off".

    Cue JC Bailey, who came out and challenged Necrobutcher for his CZW Ultraviolent Underground Title. The crowd didn' seem to mind, as they were getting their bloodletting and didn't seem to care how they got it.

  • JC Bailey defeated Necro Butcher in a No Rope Barbed Wire Match to win the Ultraviolent Underground Title, after a ref bump followed by Nick Gage coming out (as best as he could) and jumping Necro, putting Bailey on top for the the 3 count.

    Post-match, Justice Pain again came out to beat on Necrobutcher. Zandig attempted a save but got wrapped in barbed wire and beaten with chairs. Nate Hatred finally came out to make the save and ran off Gage and Pain.