(10/11/05) - Hogan's title history, Union, Dark Match, Buyrates and more

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, October 11, 2005 at 1:50 PM EST

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The following questions were answered by Paul Nemer:

First of all, I want to thank everyone who sent in their feedback on the prestige of championship titles from the previous ASK WV post (Click here.)

I keep hearing about a match between Triple H and The Ultimate Warrior, was there such a match, and if so, who won?

As mentioned on my previous as WV post (Click here) From now on, I will start answering these type of questions because I've realized that a large portion of the wrestling fans today started watching wrestling in late 1999 or so and this adds more questions to our archives.

To answer your question, yes, the match happened nine years ago at WrestleMania 12. Ultimate Warrior defeated Triple H in less than two minutes.

What is a "dark match"? Obviously, I thought it was a match with the lights out but after reading some spoilers I see that sometimes matches are held after the show taping. Are these "dark matches" just for the crowd and not for TV?

Funny stuff, I would assume the logical thought that would come to mind is lights out match, but no it's definitely not it. A dark match is a match that isn't televised and regularly done prior the SmackDown and Velocity tapings. Dark matches are pretty much like tryout matches for the wrestler(s) to get evaluated by the WWE and sometimes it's not the case at all.

My friend and I have a bet with me saying that there was a group called the Union but he says that it's not true. I know there was a group and who was in it?

You're friend lost that bet and I'd like half of the money :) The Union stable was established and short lived in 1999. The stable consisted of Test, Mankind, Ken Shamrock and the Big Show.

How many buys did ECW's One Night Stand PPV get compared to Wrestlemania 21?

The ECW One night Stand PPV got 325,000 buys, while WrestleMania 21 got 940,000 buys.

Me and my big brother are trying to figure out how many World Titles Hogan has won. My big bro counted 15, but I counted 19 including championships in Japan and his AWA Titles.

Big brother is always right (hope my brother is reading this). This is counting his world titles and excluding tag titles, etc.. I counted 15, well 16 really if you count his second AWA championship. Hogan defeated Nick Bockwinkel for his first reign and a week later was stripped of the title because he had used an illegal object, then a year later he beat him again, but a few moments later, Hogan's belt was taken away. Which is why I'm assuming your brother said 15 World titles, since he counted one of the AWA championships. Here are the rest:

NWA South Eastern Heavyweight Title (1 time)
- Hogan defeated Dick Slater

AWA World Heavyweight Title (2 times)
- Hogan defeated Nick Bockwinkel
- Hogan defeated Nick Bockwinkel

IWPG Heavyweight Title (1 time)
- Hogan defeated Antonio Inoki

WWF/WWE Title (6 times)
- Hogan defeated Iron Sheik
- Hogan defeated Macho Man Randy Savage
- Hogan defeated Sgt. Slaughter
- Hogan defeated The Undertaker
- Hogan defeated Yokozuna
- Hogan defeated Triple H

WCW World Heavyweight Title (6 times)
- Hogan defeated Ric Flair
- Hogan defeated The Giant
- Hogan defeated Lex Luger
- Hogan defeated Randy Savage
- Hogan defeated Kevin Nash
- Hogan defeated Randy Savage

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