10/10 iMPACT! replay on Spike TV rating + Ultimate X at Bound for Glory

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Wednesday, October 12, 2005 at 12:18 AM EST

The 10/10 replay of TNA iMPACT! on Spike TV drew a final 0.5 cable rating with a 1.5 share. This is the same rating the replay drew last week on 10/3. As noted earlier, the first edition on 10/8 drew a 0.82 cable rating, up from the 0.8 number the show drew the week before.

Credit: Dave Scherer @ PWInsider.com

The following was issued on TNAwrestling.com:

Matt Bentley w Traci vs. Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin in the innovative, death-defying bout for the number-one contender to the X Division Championship

On Sunday, October 23 at “Bound For Glory” live and exclusively on Pay-Per-View, it will be the return to TNA Wrestling of the high-flying, death-defying “Ultimate X Match”! That night, Matt Bentley, Chris Sabin and Petey Williams will compete in an aerial showcase with the number-one contender status to the X Division Championship on the line.

Heralded by fans and wrestling insiders as the greatest innovation in professional wrestling in the last decade, The Ultimate X Match takes the X Division action to a whole new, explosive level. Steel wires cross high above the ring to form a giant X, held together by four giant, steel girders. The first superstar to successfully scale the structure, navigate the high-wires and bring down the red X will be named the number-one contender. The past Ultimate X matches have provided some of the most daredevil, acrobatic moves ever seen inside a wrestling ring!

At September’s “Unbreakable” Pay-Per-View, Matt Bentley threw down the challenge for Chris Sabin and Petey Williams to face him in the return of the innovative bout at “Bound For Glory”. Bentley is credited with introducing the Ultimate X to TNA Wrestling in August 2003, and there have been several classics since the inception of the match.

Below is a synopsis of the TNA stars competing in “The Ultimate X” at “Bound For Glory, as well as a comprehensive look at their backgrounds in the match and possible strategies for the bout…

Chris Sabin (3-2)
Ultimate X Experience:
Ultimate X1: August 2003 (loss) vs. Matt Bentley, Frankie Kazarian
Ultimate X2: January 2004 (won) vs. Matt Bentley, The Fallen Angel, Low Ki
Ultimate X3: May 2004 (won) vs. Petey Williams and Hector Garza
Ultimate X5: November 2004 (won) vs. Primetime and Sonjay Dutt
Ultimate X6: January 2005, Final Resolution (loss) vs. AJ Styles and Petey Williams

The true veteran of The Ultimate X Match in TNA….Bentley made have introduced the innovative bout, but Chris Sabin has mastered it…no other TNA star has logged more time – or wins – in the Ultimate X Match…lost the X Championship in the first Ultimate X in August 2003, but regained it in Ultimate X2 a few months later in January…won The World X Cup for Team NWA by winning Ultimate X3 in May 2004 vs. Team Canada’s Petey Williams and Team Mexico’s Hector Garza…won Ultimate X5 on the TNA/Best Damn Sports Show Special in November 2004…narrowly lost in perhaps the greatest Ultimate X Match yet at Ultimate X6 at January’s “Final Resolution”…

Possible Strategy: If there’s one star that will no doubt come to the Ultimate X Match prepared, it’s Chris Sabin. In each Ultimate X Match he’s been a part of, Sabin has found success with his incredible quickness. He’s been able to scale the structure and navigate the high-wires better than any other TNA competitor thus far. No doubt, Sabin will use that to his advantage this time around. However, Sabin should keep in mind the ending to the first Ultimate X in 2003, when he lost track of Matt Bentley and the star beat him to the title by seconds. Sabin also has to be weary of the lovely Traci, who will accompany Matt Bentley and be at ringside during the bout.

Petey Williams (0-2)
Ultimate X Experience:
Ultimate X3: May 2004 (loss) vs. Chris Sabin and Hector Garza
Ultimate X6: January 2005, Final Resolution (loss) vs. AJ Styles and Chris Sabin

The least experienced of his opponents in The Ultimate X Match, Williams has been on the losing side of each Ultimate X Match he’s participated in. His first was in the World X Cup tournament in May 2004, getting edged out along with Hector Garza against Chris Sabin…However, Williams nearly walked away with the X Championship in the amazing Ultimate X6 at January’s “Final Resolution”…

Possible Strategy: Upon review of Williams’ past Ultimate X Matches, he’s been slow to make the important transition from a ground war to an aerial assault during the bout. When he has navigated the high-wires, he’s often been outmaneuvered by quicker opponents. Williams’ best strategy is to first take down Matt Bentley (while keeping an eye out for Traci), then keep Chris Sabin grounded. If Williams can hit his devastating “Canadian Destroyer” piledriver on each, he should have plenty of time to scale the structure and pull down the X.

Matt Bentley
Ultimate X Experience (2-1)
Ultimate X1: August 2003 (won) vs. Chris Sabin and Kazarian
Ultimate X2: January 2004 (loss) vs. Chris Sabin. The Fallen Angel, Low Ki
Ultimate X4: July 2004 (won) with Kazarian vs. AJ Styles

Regarded as the TNA star who introduced The Ultimate X to wrestling in August 2003…won the inaugural event as well, coming out of nowhere in the end while bloodied and battered to become X Champion…lost the title five months later in Ultimate X2, as Chris Sabin reclaimed the title he lost in the first Ultimate X…Bentley and Frankie Kazarian teamed up to defeated AJ Styles in a 2-on-1 Ultimate X Match in July 2004 to become co-X Champions. The odds were against Styles that night, taking on the two stars that helped introduce the Ultimate X Match.

Possible Strategy: Although he’s not the quickest or the most aerial-based, Matt Bentley has dominated each Ultimate X Match he’s competed in, with his only loss coming in Ultimate X2 after misjudging the timing of one move. While Sabin has relies on speed and high-flying to conquer The Ultimate X, Matt Bentley has found his own success in an effective ground attack that leaves opponents too exhausted and beaten to navigate the high-wires. If Bentley can win “The Ultimate X” at “Bound For Glory”, he’ll have tied Sabin for the most wins in the bout. The lovely Traci will be ringside for Bentley at “Bound For Glory”, so Sabin and Williams may have to contend with her as well.