(10/12/05) - Hassan, Jannetty, Eddie/Rey, Gold Medal, & Trevor Murdoch

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Wednesday, October 12, 2005 at 1:26 AM EST

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The following questions were answered by Paul Nemer:

Why does the WWE say Kurt Angle is the only Olympic Gold medalist when the Iron Sheik won an Olympic gold medal in the 1968 Olympics for Greco-Roman wrestling, I believe?

Because Kurt Angle is the only Olympic Gold medalist in WWE history. The Iron Sheik did not win a Gold medal at the 1968 Olympics. Check the record books, documents, etc, you'll see. And before I get asked the question about Mark Henry, he also did not win a Gold medal.

So, let's clear up the controversy once and for all. Is there any Arabic blood whatsoever in "The Artist Formerly Known As Muhammad Hassan," Mark Copani?

Yes there is. Right off the bat you should be able to figure out that isn't 100% American, based on his last name "Copani", which is Italian. Copani was born in Jordan but he grew up in Syracuse, New York. His father was Italian and his mother was Arab.

Is Trevor Murdoch related to Dick Murdoch?

No relation whatsoever. His real name is Trevor Rhodes.

Me and my friend have been arguing about this so we decided to settle it. On the first edition of Friday Night Smackdown Eddie Guerrero defeated Rey Mysterio in a steel cage match. This is said to be the first time Eddie defeated Rey, but I remember a little after Wrestlemania 20 Eddie Guerrero successfully defended his WWE Championship against Rey Mysterio on smackdown. Did this happen? If so has Eddie defeated Rey any other times?

You are right. Eddie did successfully defend his WWE championship against Rey Mysterio on March 18, 2004 on SmackDown. Mysterio had wrestled three times that night. Besides that and the debut of Friday Night SmackDown, they wrestled on November 14, 2002, on SmackDown, where Eddie defeated Rey by submission.

When the WWE brought back Marty Jannetty, it looked like they were going to reform The Rockers, what ever happened to him and that storyline?

The WWE had no intentions of reforming The Rockers in 2005, it was a one night thing. It was done to add some hype to the Angle/Michaels feud leading to WrestleMania. Marty Jannetty then wrestled Kurt Angle on SmackDown in a hell of a match in my opinion. The WWE decided to keep Marty for a bit, but didn't use him and eventually released him when they had their roster cut in early July, where they released a total of 13 wrestlers.

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