Reaction to problem with Ultimate X last night, New Japan & more notes

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On Monday, October 24, 2005 at 12:51 PM EST

As you can probably guess, many within TNA and those involved with the Ultimate X Match last night involving Matt Bently, Chris Sabin and Petey Williams were upset with the problems that occurred with the "X" falling down not once, but twice. There was said to be a lot more planned between the three wrestlers and they were no doubt disappointed with the outcome. For those who didn't see the Bound for Glory PPV last night, after the "X" had fallen down once, TNA officials had put it back up again and actually covered themselves quite well in terms of that "live TV" screw-up moment. Then after Bently & Sabin went across the wires again, they were bouncing around quite a bit and part of it came loose. When both fell off, Williams was the only one nearby and he caught it. They then ordered the match to finish right there, granting Williams the #1 contendership for the X Division Title. We do know that the plan was to have Williams win, but I'm sure those involved were focusing more on having a good match as opposed to who won it.

As they showed on camera last night before the Samoa Joe vs. Jushin "Thunder" Liger match, New Japan Pro Wrestling President Simon Inoki was in attendance at the PPV last night along with TNA's Dixie Carter.

Those backstage last night included Jimmy Hart and Sean Waltman.

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