RAW Results - 11/28/05 - Cleveland, OH (A New GM? + Triple Threat)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, November 29, 2005 at 12:00 AM EST

November 28, 2005
Cleveland, OH
Commentators: Jonathon Coachman, Joey Styles & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

The opening pyro hit and Joey Styles welcomed us to Cleveland, OH.

Erich Bischoff was in the middle of the ring. He said in a moment he would call every wrestler who was under contract to Raw in the locker room to come down to this ring because he was going to give them a piece of his mind. He said last night the Raw superstars let the people down and more importantly they let him down. He said the first thing he did once he got to the building was put signs up that said that failures like last night at Survivor Series would not be tolerated. He ordered every one of the Raw superstars to come down to the ring and ‘face the music’.

When the wrestlers didn’t come out, Bischoff asked if there was an audio problem. They didn’t come out again and then Mr. McMahon’s music hit and he strutted down to the ring.

McMahon asked Bischoff if he was really going to fire the first person he saw. He introduced himself as Chairman mockingly. He said he didn’t want Eric to fire him because he loved his job. He said Eric wouldn’t fire him or anyone.

He said the reason the wrestlers didn’t come down was because he said they didn’t have to. He said it was all about Bischoff. He said the three goals Bischoff had wanted to accomplish at Survivor Series didn’t happen. McMahon said that Bischoff could be considered a failure. He said Bischoff had some success at WCW until he ran that into the ground and said he almost ran Raw into the ground. Bischoff tried to defend himself but McMahon told him to shut up and that his record Ssssssuckssss.

McMahon said that perception was reality. He said therefore, if the people viewed him as a failure, they’d see Raw as a failure. He said if Raw was a failure he himself was a failure. He said he’s a lot of things to a lot of people, but a failure wasn’t among them. He said therefore, he was giving him a simple ultimatum. He said that he would have to set a goal and achieve it. He said he thought that was fair. He said if he didn’t, he may look for a new general manager.

Bischoff said it wasn’t as easy at it sounded. He said since 2002 he held the show together. He said the position on Smackdown was a revolving door and that he was doing a good job. He insisted he’d be tough to replace.

In fact, he didn’t think anyone could replace him. McMahon asked him ‘oh really’? and looked up the aisle and Shane McMahon’s music hit the arena. Shane came out to the ring.

Shane took the microphone. He said that he never really liked Bischoff. He said he was looking forward to seeing him go. He said as far as who could replace him, well.. he could. He said he was born to do this job. Shane’s music hit again and the segment was over. The McMahon’s danced in the ring as Bischoff walked up the ramp.

King announced that it would be Carlito v. Shawn Michaels coming up next!


Shawn Michaels v. Carlito

Carlito smacked HBK in the face then spat apple in his face before hammering away at his opponent sending him to the floor. HBK was choked with Carlito’s shirt and rammed into the barricade before being tossed back into the ring. HBK came back with two big chops but Carlito caught him with a leaf blower back breaker. Carlito stomped away at Michaels and punched away at him but Michaels kept coming back with chops. Carlito gathered Micahels and clamped on a side headlock to contain Michaels.

Michaels struggled to get out of the hold and eventually slung Carlito off the ropes and hit a hip toss. Carlito gathered himself again and immediately grounded Michaels with the headlock yet again. HBK fought out with some elbows before tossing Carlito in to the ropes. The two countered some waist lock attempts before HBK got tossed over the ropes but HBK skinned the cat back over. Carlito immediately caught him, sending him to the floor for real.

As the referee counted, Carlito flung himself over the ropes at Michaels and nailed him. Carlito tossed HBK back in the ring and went for a cover but only got a two count. Carlito relentlessly stomped and punched away at HBK. HBK tried to scurry away but Carlito caught up to him and landed even more punches. Carlito landed a chop and a punch, but HBK reversed it and landed some chops. Carlito countered that though and landed some chops of his own before yet another reversal where HBK landed more chops.

Carlito made one final counter and had an Irish whip reversed but caught himself on the buckles and came sailing off and hitting a cross body block for a two count. HBK fought back and hit his forearm leaving both on the mat. Michaels nipped up but seemingly hurt his knee and rolled to the outside. Carlito hit a baseball slide drop kick, which sent HBK to the floor. Styles asked if HBK could continue the match up as we went to commercial.


We came back to Carlito holding HBK in a half crab. HBK rolled Carlito up spontaneously, but Carlito kicked out and chop blocked Michaels’ leg. Carlito swept the leg out again but HBK fought up to his feet and hit some chops. The two traded blows in the center of the ring before Carlito tossed Michaels into the corner. HBK caught him with a foot to the face and Michaels went to the top rope. Carlito knocked him onto the buckles Carlito went for a back suplex, but Michaels fought him off and went back to the top and hit the flying elbow. Michaels fought his way back to his feet and began to tune up the band. Michaels couldn’t hit the Sweet Chin Music because of his leg and Carlito planted him with his DDT. Michaels kicked out at two an a half.

Michaels almost hit his kick again but his leg gave way again. Carlito went to put HBK in a reverse DDT of sorts, but Michaels pushed him into the ref. HBK came sailing out of the corner to hit the super kick finally. HBK made the cover for the victory.

Winner: Shawn Michaels via pin fall

Eric Bischoff was in the back and then Kurt Angle stormed in. He said last night that the Survivor Series was the biggest screw job in WWE history. He was pissed about the Smackdown referee making the three count in his title match. He said he wanted the WWE title and revenge. Daivari blabbed and Angle said he was right. He said he better get what he wanted tonight or else and stormed off, leaving Bischoff feeling very uncomfortable.


A recap of Big Show’s performance last night at Survivor Series was shown with the Smackdown team using all of their finishing moves to overcome him.

Coach put over the Big Show v. Rey Mysterio match this Friday on Smackdown.

The commentary team put over the Last Man Standing match saying it would be burned into our memories forever. The showed a video package showing stills from the match.

Maria came in to say hi to Bischoff. Maria wanted to ask him if he thought he was going to get fired tonight. Bischoff was stunned. He asked her who came in to ask him that. She said Shane McMahon. He said he was still the GM of Raw. He said he sent her out to the ring to have a match with Kurt Angle. She said she wasn’t a wrestler. His goal was to never have to listen to her have to ask a question again. He dismissed Maria out of the office.


Daivari came down to the ring and began to bad mouth Maria. Chad Patton, the referee for the contest stood up for Maria and told him to get out of the ring. Daivari mouthed off more and Patton decked Daivari. Daivari went to leave but jumped Patton from behind. Daivari cinched in the camel clutch as Patton passed out and then tossed him out of the ring.

Angle’s music hit and here we go.

Angle told Maria he wouldn’t hurt her. He said it was a dumb idea and that he wouldn’t wrestle women. He said all he wanted her to do was give him a hug and call it a day. Maria came out and hugged Angle. Angle then tossed Maria up and planted her with an Angle slam.

Cena came to the rescue, tossing Angle to the outside. Chris Masters then showed up out of nowhere and clamped on the master lock. Kurt Angle came in and began assaulting Cena.

Bischoff came out to the ramp and said that tonight Cena would defend his WWE Championship against Kurt Angle and Chris Masters in a no disqualification, no count out, triple threat submission match.

Angle planted John Cena with another angle slam before the segment ended.


Candice Michelle, Victoria, & Torrie Wilson v. Trish Stratus, Ashley, & Mickie James

The majority of the match was the same stuff we’ve seen the last four weeks. Lawler said he hoped the match was the longest of the night. Styles said the referee was the luckiest man in the world. Mickie James got the pin fall after hitting a stratusfaction. After the match she celebrated with the belt. But Trish stopped her and reminded her who was the champion.

Winners: Mickie & Ashley & Trish when Mickey pinned Victoria


Shane McMahon came in and gave Bischoff a ton of grief about putting Maria in a match against Kurt Angle. He said it must have made Bischoff feel like a real big man. Bischoff said Shane was part of the lucky sperm club and nothing more. Shane grabbed Bischoff and then tossed him into the wall. He yelled at him and told him he would never disrespect his families’ name.

Daivari was backstage rubbing Angle’s shoulders. He was pumping Angle up for his WWE Championship match later tonight. Chris Masters interjected himself and said he went to Vince McMahon and made sure that he’d get an impartial referee for his match tonight. Angle and Daivari were irate.


Trevor Murdoch v. Shelton Benjamin

Shelton came running out of the gates with a bunch of punches and then his patented flying clothesline off the top rope and to the floor. The two battled on the outside back and forth and once in the ring, Murdoch won with a roll up and yank of the tights.

Winner: Trevor Murdoch via pin fall


Triple H came out to the ring. He said that it was brought to his attention that some people thought he wasn’t a compassionate man. He said he was a regular humanitarian. He said that when they took Flair out in an ambulance, he made sure they put him in the best hospital bed period. He said he made sure he was taken care of and that he had the USA network.

He said that he couldn’t figure out what Flair was upset about. He said he couldn’t write a better end to a career. He said he went out on top wresting the best man in the business today. He said there was no shame in Flair losing to him. He said when they let him out of the hospital, go home. He told him to live out the rest of his life and never come back. He said Flair wasn’t wanted anymore.

Triple H asked folks if they disagreed with what he did to Flair. He said the crowd knew he was right and he did what needed to be done. He said that is what separated people like him from people like him. He said people like him do something about it while the crowd just talks about it. He said you can hide in the anonymity of the mob and run him down, but the fact is that there isn’t a man alive that would look him in the eye and tell him to his face..

Then the Big Show’s music hit.

The two stared each other down. Show grabbed the mic and spoke. He said he had known him for a long time. He said he let a lot of Triple H’s things slide. He said that after what he did to Ric Flair, he was here to tell him to his face, eye to eye, man to man, that he was a piece of shi!t. He said Triple H thought he was a tough guy. He said he didn’t need a sledgehammer to put someone out of their misery. He told him a few weeks ago that his time was coming. He said his time was here and now. He said the question was, whether the Game had the guts to fight him right now.

Triple H backed off and went to speak, but Big Show slapped the mic out of his hand. Triple H backed out of the ropes and wandered up the ramp half heatedly talking shit about Show.

The World Tag Team Championship is next!


World Tag Team Championship
Kane & The Big Show v. Snitsky & Tomko

Kane and Snitsky were going at it hard in the ring. Tomko came in the ring and got a one count. Snitsky tagged in and choked Kane the wrong way on the second rope. Snitsky whipped Kane into the ropes, but got planted. Big Show was tagged in and hit a huge clothesline on Tomko and then a head butt on Snitsky. Snitsky recovered but got hit with a sidewalk slam. He crushed Tomko with a running power slam before tagging in Kane and allowing him to hit his flying clothesline. Kane then clotheslined Snitsky over the top and to the floor. Show choke slammed Tomko and got the pin fall for the victory.

Winners and STILL World Tag Team Champions: Big Show & Kane


WWE Championship—Triple Threat Match (No DQ, Submission Match)
John Cena v. Kurt Angle v. Chris Masters

Cena came right for Angle but Masters cut him off. As Masters and Cena wrestled on the mat, Angle came over and he and Masters began to work Cena over. The two choked him out and stomped away at him.

The three brawled around until Cena almost hit the FU. Just as Cena was going to submit to the ankle lock, Chris Masters clamped on the Master Lock. Angle began to fade very quickly but tried to break it again. Angle continued to fade but then again found some adrenaline but then faded some more. As Angle went under, Cena broke up the hold.

Masters kicked away at Cena before hitting a big vertical suplex. As Cena got to his feet, he was clamped into a masterlock. Cena began to fade very quickly and as he almost went out, Angle hit Masters in the back of the neck and continued whaling away with some haymakers. Angle clamped on the ankle lock onto Masters and dragged him right to the middle of the ring. Cena came sailing off the top rope with a double axe handle and some shoulder blocks.

As Cena went for the five-knuckle shuffle, Masters smashed him with a lariat. Masters stomped away on the champion and Angle went out to ringside and picked up a steel chair. He got nailed with a Cena boot as Masters held him. Cena grabbed the chair and smashed Master’s leg with the chair. Cena put Masters in an STF and Masters tapped out.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion, John Cena

Vince and Shane were in the back and said next week they’d take out the trash.

Cena celebrated up the ramp way as the commentary team put over John Cena using an STF.

The Good-- Let’s give credit where credit is due. Raw was done well tonight, even though nothing was terribly great or even good. The booking was solid and really gave the show a good feel and a smooth feel.

For the first time in the whole feud, I wondered whether Angle would win tonight and almost thought for a second that Chris Masters may get the title in a swerve. Cena may have the worst STF I’ve ever seen, but at least it’s something new. Sloppy in parts, and to be honest, I’ve no idea what more they can possibly do with this feud.

Triple H’s promo WAS long, but it was damn good I thought. The Big Show thing was a little out of nowhere, but interesting to say the least. Maybe this’ll be a nice mini feud for Triple H while they work the Flair being beaten angle.

Carlito turned in by far his best performance in the ring to date. Kudos.

A change at the helm? I don’t know, but Shane O’ Mac at the top of Raw would be a nice change. I’ve a feeling the trash being taken out next week will be Cena though… I smell a major swerve.

The Bad-- Again, I’m baffled to see what they’re really going to do with Cena next. There’s just not much left for him to do and what little there is, isn’t in the works for a little while. Going into stall mode with this guy is NOT the smart move right now.

The Ugly-- The tag team match was painfully bad but thanks to a good job booking the overall flow of this show, what was bad didn’t come off AS bad as it could have or probably should have.

Shelton Benjamin jobbed to a tag team wrestler too. Just in case you noticed.

Overall C+ -- I didn’t mind tonight’s show by any means, but still can’t get excited about it. It had many of the same things played over and over again. HBK come back win. Cena overcomes odds. Angle yells more. Triple H does a long promo. Again it was the same show we’ve seen on re run, even though some reasonably new tricks were thrown in the mix. Eh Raw, but improvement on what we’re used to seeing, which isn’t saying much.

Quick Results

Shawn Michaels def. Carlito
Trish, Ashley, & Mickey James def. Victoria, Torrie Wilson, & Candice Michelle
Trevor Murdoch def. Shelton Benjamin
Kane & Big Show def. Snitsky & Tomko to retain the World Tag Team Championships
John Cena def. Kurt Angle and Chris Masters to retain the WWE Championship

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest Pops
1. Shane McMahon
2. John Cena
3. Shawn Michaels
4. Big Show

Most Heat
1. Eric Bischoff
2. Kurt Angle
3. Triple H
4. Chris Masters

Match of the Night: Carlito v. Shawn Michaels **1/2

Power Rankings
WWE Champion: John Cena (LAST WEEK: WWE Champion)-- Cena’s starting to waver at the top as champion for the first time in his now lengthy title reign. I’m seriously beginning to wonder how much longer the WWE intends to keep this title on him because he’s running out of things to do. The Angle feud has moved nowhere in three months. Time to find something new.

Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair (LAST WEEK: IC Champion)-- Flair wasn’t in action tonight, but his work the past few weeks has been stellar. I look forward to seeing him on TV again soon.

1.) Triple H (LAST WEEK: 4)--In My opinion, at this point, this shouldn’t be debated. He has put on two match of the year candidates with Ric Flair and is one of the only two reasons to continue to watch this brand. The build towards the Cena program will hopefully begin soon.

2.) Shawn Michaels (LAST WEEK: 2)--Michaels has been imbedded in the #2 position for weeks now. He lost a title shot and took the pin fall last night at Survivor Series but rebounded with a win over Carlito and has been strong enough on TV. He hasn’t risen or fallen and appears to be merely waiting in the wings.

3.) Kurt Angle(LAST WEEK: 1)-- Angle’s lost four title matches. Lucky for him, he’s Kurt Angle. He’ll hang out in the title scene but with some horrible on screen work the past three months, I’m almost hoping they give him a temporary vacation so he can freshen up again.

4.) Chris Masters (LAST WEEK:4)-- Masters absolutely earned his mini rub tonight and didn’t perform too poorly. For a second, I almost believed he’d get the title in a major, major swerve, but alas reality flew through the door in the form of a John Cena STF… or something resembling it.

5.) Carlito (LAST WEEK: 5)-- Carlito actually earned a top five spot this week with a quality performance over Shawn Michaels. Carlito is steadily improving in the ring and is getting to the point where he could be a legitimate Intercontinental Champion again.

6.) Big Show(LAST WEEK: 6)-- Nice little confrontation with Triple H and was definitely a little unexpected. Horrible performance in his match but has set himself up in an interesting way. It’ll be very interesting to see what happens with Triple H next week and how Kane reacts to it.

7.) Kane (LAST WEEK: 7) --See Big Show.

8.) Shelton Benjamin (LAST WEEK: 8)-- Jobbed to a tag teamer this week, but he’s lucky everyone else below him jobbed as well. Shelton’s circling the drain.

9.) Rob Conway(LAST WEEK: 9)-- Ummm. I need 10 wrestlers, but WWE doesn’t really use 10 guys anymore.

10.) Snitsky (LAST WEEK: 10)-- I’m a Snitsky mark. It’s not my fault.

Dropping Out: No one

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