SmackDown Results - 12/30/05 - Uncasville, CT (New Tag Champs...)

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On Saturday, December 31, 2005 at 1:06 PM EST

WWE SmackDown Results
Air Date: December 30, 2005
From: Uncasville, Connecticut
Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz
Reported by: Charlie Benjamin of

We open the show with Benoit, Booker t and Sharmell in General Manager Teddy Long's office, Booker is on crutches and Benoit and Sharmell are arguing, Teddy cuts in and tells them to go one at a time, Booker says he's hurt and has a doctor's note, he says the rules say that if a man can't compete you go to the scorecard, and since he is up 3-1 he should remain champ, Benoit cuts in saying he just made Booker tap at Armageddon and will do it again, Long says he is going to award the match to Benoit by forfeit, Benoit says he doesn't want it that way, and Booker offers the idea of a substitute to wrestle for him, Teddy didn't like it but both Benoit and Booker talked him into it, if Booker T's selected wrestler wins against Benoit Booker T will become United states champion, if Benoit beats Booker's selection then the series continues.

The opening video plays and we are welcomed into the arena on the final SmackDown of 2005 as JBL makes his way to the ring.

Also tonight MNM challenge the new WWE tag-team champions Batista and Rey Mysterio in a re-match from two weeks back.

Clips from JBL vs. Matt Hardy from Armageddon are shown where Matt gets hung up in the ropes by his throat and JBL finishing the job. JBL gets on the mic and says he no longer has matches he simply makes statements, and anyone who gets in the way will get destroyed.

Matt Hardy vs. JBL w/ Jillian Hall

Matt chucks his t-shirt at JBL and lunges, rights and lefts from Matt as he backs JBL to the ropes, JBL reverse the Irish whip and a big kick by Matt Hardy, JBL punishing Matt in the corner, a set of swinging neckbreaker by JBL, shoulder block takes down Matt, JBL taunts Matt, doing his traditional pose, Matt fighting back with haymakers, JBL remains in control though, suplex by JBL, he is calculating tonight, JBL choking Matt across the top rope, playing off the neck from Armageddon.

JBL with a back suplex, taking his time as he has been in complete control, Matt hits a boot, and a bulldog to the knee, JBL comes right back though with a shoulder block, JBL dragging Matt to the corner, but gets caught rammed into the corner, Matt with a second rope leg drop, JBL out at two, JBL counters the twist of fate, Matt ducks the clothesline and gets set up for a super fall away slam, when………….

The Boogeyman's music hits, and comes down the aisle, JBL looks petrified, but continues the attack on Hardy, Boogeyman with the worms, gets to the ring, JBL with a clothesline form Hell, JBL slides out of the ring and the Boogeyman goes around the ring towards him, the Boogeyman, throws worms at JBL but he uses Jillian Hall as a shield JBL takes the low road out, comes back grabs Hall and high tales it again.


Booker and Sharmell backstage, talking about who he will pick, Sharmell says there is no one he can trust, they bump into Orlando Jordan who says he's sorry about Booker's injury and says he would be honored to be the substitute, Sharmell asks Orlando how many times he has tapped to Benoit and how long he lasted, Orlando says he is going to remember this, and walks off.


Were back with an advertisement for Melina's Press Conference later tonight.

The Mexicools ( Super Crazy & Psicosis) vs. The Dicks (Chad & James)

Chad and Psicosis start it off with some good, mat wrestling, Super crazy tagged in, and James follows in right behind, Super Crazy with a spin wheel kick and tags back out, , Psicosis up top, but Chad pushes him down, the Dicks, tag up again, and Chad delivers a knee to the face of Psicosis, rear chin lock synched in on Psicosis by James, in the corner enziguri by Psicosis, he tags out, Super Crazy takes Chad off the apron, and a body slam on Chad, Crazy up top, sunset flip as James had gotten up, crucifix pin by Crazy, Crazy back up top, moonsault.


Backstage we see Randy sitting in a trans like state, Booker comes in saying he needs to talk he knows Randy's hurting but so is he, he can't go out there with Benoit tonight, and he needs someone to take his spot, and that he chose Randy to be the man, Randy gets up and says why should I, Booker says that Randy is suppose to be the future of this business, and is this how he wants to go out, loosing to the Undertaker the way he did, he asks Randy if that is how he wants to end 2005, he tells Randy that he will get all the glory tonight if he wins, Randy says he'll do it.


We return seeing Melina talking to MNM, we can't hear as Michael Cole is over talking them talking about her press conference, they show Melina flirting with Batista a few weeks ago, and her saying she'll make it worth his while to drop out of the match, and Batista breaking the proposed deal between the two. We go on to se clips from the tag-team championship match where Rey Mysterio and Batista take the titles form MNM.

Melina makes her way to the ring she has an attorney following her, the ring has a black carpet over the canvas and a podium set up in the middle and there are “reporters” all around the ringside, after some counseling form her attorney she says that the subject matter isn't for children, she says this isn't easy and begins crying, [ a huge Batista chant breaks out], she continues to say as a role model for young women she has to do what is right for all women in this position, she claims that she was the victim of a sexual predator, named Batista, she admits that she flirted innocently with Batista but it turned into something horrid, she told him to stop but he didn't listen.

She says that he forced her into having sexual relations, and his public image is suave, but there is a side that you don't all know about and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants, she says her body is her temple and not his for the taking, she claims that Batista's smirk is haunting her every time she closes her eyes, and that she is emotionally scared, she says that she is taking a stand and is taking legal action against David Batista for sexual harassment.

Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton subbing for Booker T is next.


Booker T and Sharmell make there way to ringside to do commentary for the next match which is match number 5 in the Best of Seven series.

Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton subbing for Booker T in the United States title Best of Seven Series

andy gets the upper hand and applies a headlock, Benoit squirms free and goes for the cross-face, Orton struggling to stay out of the hold, and Orton slides outside.


We're back and Randy has Benoit in a side headlock he takes Benoit to the ground and continues the hold, Randy with a giant suplex on Benoit, Benoit in the corner comes out with a set of arm drags, and now with a version of the Fujiwara arm bar into a hammerlock, both men to there feet, Benoit with a head butt, and follows with a pin attempt, a side headlock of his own now, Orton counters and ends up putting Benoit in a leg scissors, Benoit out and back to the headlock, Benoit sent flying over the top rope with a helping hand from Randy.

Orton follows suit and moves to the outside, Benoit firing back with chops, Orton drops Benoit over the guard rail back first, Orton slides in to break the count, Orton slides Benoit back into the ring a pin and two, Orton with a rear chin lock again, Orton bleeding from the nose, Orton racking at the face of Benoit, and back to the headlock, Benoit getting riled up he takes control and hits the triple German suplex, but Benoit throws a curve ball and switches into the crossface instead of going for the third suplex, Orton fights it but Benoit locks in, Randy is able to get to the ropes, and slides out, Benoit with a suicide plancha throw the second and top rope, both men down.

We're back and Orton has an arm bar applied in the middle of the ring on Benoit, Orton drives Benoit's shoulder into the ring post, and a second time, Orton back to the shoulder with an armbar, Benoit counters with an armdrag, an enziguri by Benoit, Orton measuring Benoit, Orton going up top a cross body attempt misses, Benoit with a set of triple verticals, the three amigos, if you will, Benoit going up top looking for the diving head butt, Orton able to roll out of danger, Benoit trips up Orton, going for the Sharpshooter, Orton rolls through sending Benoit into the turnbuckle, Bneoit locks in the crossface one more time, Sharmell in the ring, with a crutch from booker, she smacks Benoit in the face.


Booker T questions Sharmell and they argue slightly, Randy gets up and hits and RKO on Chris Benoit, leaving him motionless in the middle of the ring.

Still to come MNM vs. Batista and Rey Mysterio for the WWE tag-team championship.


Funaki is standing on a stage in the middle of the crowd; he introduces the new Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash, showing clips of the brainbuster on Juvi at Armageddon.

Kash cuts, Funaki off and gets Funaki to say that Kid Kash is the greatest Cruiserweight Champion ever, he says that these people should be worshipping him, and the only reason they don't is because he beat a nobody for the title, he goes on to say what in the hell is a Juventued?, He's been asking everyone and nobody knows, so he looked it up and it means he is a Mexican salamander, he says that that is a joke, he asks for someone who isn't boring, calling Funaki sushi boy, he runs down Funaki's career saying he had to resort to announcing, he claims thee is a new day dawning the day of the Notorious K.I.D., he decks Funaki and hits a brainbuster, on the stage.

We see a run down practically demolished house with somewhat Keltic music playing, a voice talks about riots and blood stains, he talks about his family living through it all, and doing what they had to do to survive, he mentions in Belfast words are cheap, and they settle things like men, the camera zooms back to see a man standing back to, he turns to say his name is Fit Finely, some people call him a fighting Irish b*stard, smiles and says but not to my face.

**For those of you who don't know this isn't exactly a newcomer, Fit Finlay was a mid-level star in WCW with his best times coming from the mid to late 90's he has been training all of the WWE's women wrestlers for the better part of 4 years now, and from that would be my assumption is still in decent shape despite being in his late 40's.


Outside the Mohegan Sun Casino, they promote “Hostel” and how if you go to see the movie you will get to see a preview of Kane's “See No evil Movie”.

Josh Matthews outside of Batista's dressing room saying he will get a response from Batista in a minute concerning the statement by Melina.

In the ring, Sylvan, says he wishes he was in Paris or Montreal, instead of in front of all these American losers, and says everyone should make a New Year's Resolution to appreciate him more.

Sylvan vs. Bobby Lashley

Sylvan with a quick jump laying in forearms, Lashley pulls Sylvan into the corner and lays in shoulder thrusts, Lashley going for a back body drop, but Sylvan gets out of harms way out of the ring, Sylvan slides back in and gets caught with a belly-to-belly throw, again Sylvan slides out of the ring, Sylvan walks up the ramp, complaining that Lashley hit his face.


Back to Josh Matthews, with Batista, talking about the statement by Melina about sexual harassment, Batista says he doesn't worry about it and neither should you considering the source, he is focusing on the match at hand.


Clips from earlier tonight with Melina's press conference are shown and MNM make there way to the ring with a less then energetic entrance.

WWE Tag-Team Championship
MNM vs. Batista and Rey Mysterio

Mercury and Mysterio start it off, both men a little ginger in the beginning, Mysterio goes on the attack first, Rey with a drop kick and a two count he tags in Batista, he works over Mercury in the corner, Batista with a big to the stomach, both of MNM in now Batista sets them both in the corner, he squashes them both down, Mysterio tagged in for a double bronco buster, [Rey has renamed the move “1904”], Rey whipped into the ropes hangs on, hits a boot, springboard splash, for a two.


We come back with Batista laying it on to Mercury, a big knee takes down Mercury, Mercury slides of Batista's back but catches an elbow, tag in Mysterio with a springboard moonsault, Mysterio getting double teamed now by MNM, Rey with a flying head scissors on Mercury, Rey gets sent over the top lands on the apron but gets knocked off, Rey's leg gets caught on the middle rope and he falls hard to the floor, Mercury drags Rey up and tangles him the ropes, Nitro working on Rey's knee know with a step over toe hold, another tag by MNM and still working on the knee of Mysterio, while the ref is distracted MNM double team Rey's knee, chop block by Mercury, MNM focusing on Rey's knee for some time now, Rey fighting on the shoulders of MN< he tries to tag but they pull him away, double DDT on MNM, Rey dives and makes the tag to Batista.

Batista spears Mercury and a spinebuster, Batisabomb, stopped by Nitro, Nitro sent to the outside, he's on the apron, Rey up top hurricanrana to Nitro from the apron to the floor, the ref taken down, Batista going for the pin on Mercury, Mercury back up with a sleeper, Batista shrugs him off, he liens up Mercury, when Mark Henry attacks Batista from behind.

Henry with a Guerilla Press Slam on Batista, Henry exits, Melina lets Mercury know he crawls over and pins Batista.



Match Ratings:

Randy Orton vs. Chris Benoit **1/2

Rey Mysterio and Batista vs. MNM **

The Dicks vs. The Mexicools *1/2

Matt Hardy vs. JBL *1/2

Bobby Lashley vs. Sylvan 1/2

Cheers and Jeers:


Batista / Rey





Kid Kash


Orton / Booker

Odds and Sods:

How many more comebacks for Henry can WWE squeeze in before his contract is up? I hope this is another rather short stint on the main roster, the man bothers me to no end.

Fit Finlay coming back is questionable, I was a fan, but after this long out of the ring, and at his age, it is always skeptical.

Kid Kash's promo was great; he is a true talent, he has all the skills to make the Cruiserweight division a big deal.

The matches tonight were horrible, Dicks vs. Mexicools was really rushed, MNM did some of the worst submission moves ever to work over Rey's knee for way to long, Lashley hit less moves then usual, Orton vs. Benoit was headlock city, JBL and Hardy was nothing but strikes, just a bad night for matches.

The Melina/Batista thing is stupidly ridiculous, why make your face world champion and most over face at that, seem like a sexual predator, and at that from Melina's description wouldn't it be rape and not sexual harassment?, I guess they didn't want to scare the children that watch to bad.

All and all not a great show, definitely not one you would want to end a year with, and in my opinion the worst show in the two months I've been doing this.

On that note, a Happy New Year to everyone who reads, feel free to send my your thoughts, questions, concerns, using the link at the top of the page.