Interview with William Regal - Talks about Guerrero, Eugene's problem

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Tuesday, January 3, 2006 at 6:48 PM EST

The Lilsboys over at The Sun in the UK have a great interview up with William Regal talking about a variety of topics regarding WWE and his current career.

In the interview, Regal talks about the passing of Eddie Guerrero and how Guerrero told him he wasn't feeling feel a few weeks before it happened. "Two or three weeks before he died, Eddie came and sat next to me in Los Angeles. If he ever came and sat next to me it would always be something serious. He said: "I'm having trouble with my stomach. It's swelling up and getting hard. I feel tired." I said: "Don't mess about, go and get it checked out. I started off like that and you should get tested for all kinds of stuff - you just never know." A week after he told me: "I was eating a lot of oatmeal and I've cut down on that, so it's got a bit better." I said: "You still need to get tested and find out other things as well." That was the last real conversation I had with him."

Regal also talks about TNA and Ring of Honor, noting that he keeps in touch with Samoa Joe and how Bryan Danielson (who he trained) sends him ROH DVD's and keeps in touch. "I called Joe after he sent me a copy of his ROH match with Kenta Kobashi to thank him, because I thought it was amazing. It's an honour when Joe calls me to ask how he can improve. I tell him: "You're doing a lot better than I am - it should be me asking you!," said Regal. "Training Bryan Danielson is the proudest thing I've ever done in wrestling. He wears my boots, my trunks and does a lot of the stuff I showed him. He could have been in the WWE years ago if he wanted, they've offered him a job but he doesn't want to come. Bryan knows he's better off where he is. He gets to work every week, making a decent living and doing the matches he wants to do."

The topic of Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore going into rehab after becoming addicted to Somas and other prescription medication is also talked about. "I went to see Nick the other week and he's doing great. He should be back to how he used to be soon," said Regal. "Nobody has the right to point the finger at Nick for anything. I know there were people pointing fingers, who I won't name, but they're all people who I know do stuff. They're just looking for somebody to put their blame on."

To check out the full interview, click here.