WWE WrestleMania 22 PPV Results 4/2/06 Chicago, IL (New Champ)

Reported by Tom Van Stone of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, April 2, 2006 at 11:21 PM EST

Pre Show

Howard Finkel welcomes us all to Wrestlemania 22 as Chicago’s own Michelle William of ‘Destiny’s Child’ sings the American National Anthem to cut-away’s of video clips from the WWE’s trip to Iraq.

Match 1; World Tag Team Championship Match: Big Show/Kane v. Carlito/Masters

Carlito tags in Masters as the challengers set up for a double team suplex on Show only to be countered byu the big man. With both men down, Show tags in Kane who quickly goes to work on both opponents; positioned across from eachother in opposite turnbuckles.

Kane takes Carlito out of the action and sets up for a top turnbuckle clothesline on Masters. MASTERS REVERSES!!!

Masters sets Kane in the MASTERLOCK only to se Big Show come in and break things up. The revived challengers eventually regain control and quickly lose it to Kane. Masters blunders and takes out Carlito with a top rope double axe handle of his own. Kane quickly chokeslams Carlito, pins and retains the title for he and Big Show.

Winners via pinfall and STILL World Tag Team Champions: Kane and The Big Show

Backstage Segment; Coach interviews HBK

Coach leads Shawn to comment on the beginning of his feud with Mr. McMahon; HBK talks about his MOTY Candidate with Angle, before that with HHH. He doesn't expect to put on another clinic with his WM opponent this year. He promises to deliver a whole new HBK - not the 1995 or 2005 HBK, but a newly motivated HBK.

Match 2; Inter-promotional Money in the Bank Match

The participants quickly come out in the following order: Matt Hardy, IC champ Shelton Benjamin, Fit Finlay, Rob Van Dam, Bobby Lashley, Ric Flair.

Lashley quickly takes control as all the other opponents are neutralized. Hardy is the first to get a ladder and quickly sees a flying RVD land on him via a plancha. Benjamin is the next to grab the ladder and, as all his opponents stand waiting on the outside, lays the ladder on the ropes creating a ramp and lands on ALL HIS OPPONENTS with a running senton to the floor. Next ladder spot sees Hardy suplexes flair off the top of the ladder. When flair falls, both ref flash the Kayfabe "x" as flair complains that his leg is hurt. I can't tell is Flair is selling or really hurt...

Flair seems legitimately hurt and is helped out by WWE officials.

Next ladder spot sees Benjamin, Hardy and Finlay all pry the beast, Lashley, off the top of the ladder with a powerbomb.


He goes to work on Finlay with his patented chops. Nobody's in the ring. Flair heads in, sets up the ladder and Hardy pulls him down. Benjamin comes to get him some too and Flair takes them both out of the actions. FLAIR'S ON TOP OF THE LADDER!!! FINALY WITH THE SHELAILY!!!

Finlay's now on top with the briefcase swinging. Benjamin comes up to challenge and we have a fist fight up top. Lashley puts a stop to it all with a laddershot to both of them. Lashley lays out Benjamin with a Dominator. Kudos go to Tazz for the "Ron Simmons" name drop. LASHELY'S ON TOP AND HAS THE BRIEFCASE IN HAND!!!!!!

RVD takes out Lashley with a Van Dam-esqe leaping kick to the kidneys. Things slow down and Hardy is left to fight Finlay. Hardy, positioned facing out from 2/3 of the way up the ladder, drops Finlay into a side effect. RVD APPEARS ON THE LADDER AND 5-STARS FINLAY. The crowd pays homage to RVD's past with an emphatic E-C-Dub chant.

RVD is back up top and nearly has the match wrapped up. Benjamin shoots up the ladder and starts a fist fight. Hardy pulls up another ladder and picks hi own fight. Benjamin moves over to Hardy's ladder and RVD pushes both men out of the ring.


Winner of a year-long Heavyweight Championship Match guarantee: WWE RAW’s Rob Van Dam

Backstage Segment; Josh Matthews interviews Mean Gene

Josh introduces Gene as the first announcer (forgetting Monsoon) to enter the WWE HOF. Randy Orton interrupts. He soon talks up his own legendary status and how he'll beat Angle and Mysterio. BATISTA INTERRUPTS. His claim is that whoever wins is only holding the title until he gets back and that he'll be WH Champ come WM 23

Match 3, Update 1; WWE US Title Match: JBL v. Chris Benoit (c)

JBL comes out to one of the most unique entrances in WWE history. The crowd is mixed between impressed and puzzled as the entrance ramp raises about 30 feet in the air to allow JBL's limo to enter. Understandably so, as the ramp appears to be blocking the view of many in attendance.

Benoit enters to tonight's second biggest pop.

The two quickly come to blows. JBL takes advantage with a side headlock only to be irish whipped into the ropes, leg swept and the champ fights to put JBL into the crossface for the first time tonight. JBL denies him and turns the tables in a very aggressive mat-based tussle. Benoit takes advantage again, works JBL into the corner and lays some strong chops.

JBL turns the tables when irish whipped to the opposite corner, Benoit fights back, attempts a sharpshooter and fails.

JBL rolls outside and hides behind Jillian Hall.

The men get back in the ring and the two go back and forth with strikes and short grapples. JBL works Benoit to the corner, irish whip, reversal by Benoit, 1 german, 2 germans, 3 germans and Benoit signals FOR THE AIR CANADA!!!!!!!!

JBL slows Benoit up at the top of the turnbuckle with a ref bump. JBL suplexes Benoit off the second rope and gets a two count. JBL mocks Eddie to garner some heat. He sets up and lands 2/3 of the Three Amigo's suplexes until Benoit breaks him up. JBL whips Benoit and boots him in the face on the rebound; collecting a 2 count.

JBL in charge with a reverse chin lock and strikes to the head. The match slows down at this point. Breaks out with a back suplex. Both men up. Benoit in control and lands a snap suplex. He rolls over and lands another. One more makes it a tribute to Eddie. With JBL down and Benoit pounding his chest like Eddie once did, Benoit GOES TOP ROPE AND CONNECTS!!!! 1...2...

2 count. Both men up and JBL is back in charge. He goes for a CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!! BENOIT REVERSES INTO A CROSSFACE!!!! IT'S ALL OVER!!!

NO!!! JBL ROLLS OVER TO PIN BENOIT!!!! 1...2…3!!!!! With leverage from the ropes, JBL becomes new WWE US Champ!

JBL collects his belt and makes his way out as Benoit is left in the ring, angry at the way his loss came about.

Focus moves to the RAW crew of JR and King.

Winner via pin, and NEW WWE US Champion: John Bradshaw Layfield

Match 4; Edge v. Mick Foley, Hardcore Rules

Following a video recap of the feud between Edge and Mick Foley, JR introduces Joey Styles to announce the hardcore match. Lillian announces the rules and Edge comes out with Lita at his side. Sporting a new entrance attire of a black vest, Edge paces the ring VERY aggressively.

Edge charges Foley, swinging a baseball bat. Foley dodges and sets up the rated R superstar in a tree of woe. Running shot to lower region. Foley steps back and edge is back up. After a didged Foley clothesline off the ropes, Edge plants Foley in the noggin with three strong shairshots. Foely's grounded in the corner; Edge with a running baseball slide into a a street sign.

Edge with a spear to Foley but Edge is in more pain. Foley removes his shirt to reveal another layer of clothing WRAPPED IUN BARBED WIRE!!! He cuts it off with wire cutters as Edge gets up, bleeding from the spear-leading arm.

Edge gets caught up in the ropes and FOLEY BRINGS OUT BARBIE THE BARBED-WIRE BAT!!!!!!!

Lita jumpes on Foley's back. Without regard to her attempted distraction, Foley charges at Edge, clotheslines him to the outside and all three people spill outside the ring. Edge works up to pin Foley for a 2. Foley gets up, charges at Edge who is now at the steel steps and Edge dodges the charge with an arm-drag/toss into the steps. Foley is down. Edge pulls out a table, sets Foley up on it and heads to the top turnbuckle. Foley, outside the ring, slides off the table and Edge climbs down. Edge hunts Foley down and slams Foley backwards on his head with a hair-toss.

Back in the ring, EDGE DOUCES FOLEY IN LIGHTETR FLUID!!!! Foley dodges and piledrives Edge to get a 2 count.

Some slow action until Edge gets the barbed wire bat and takes it to foley in the midsection and head. With Foley on the ground, Edge headlocks FOley with the back, causing Foely to bleed even more. Edge leg-drops Foley in the faev with the bat and only gets a 2 count.

Edge goes outside and pulls out a stashed back of THUMBTACKS!!!!! He pours them out in front of one of the turnbuckles.


After the most vicious socko attack evvvvver, Foley takes it to Edge several times with the bat. Foley in control. Both men are A MESS. Foley goes for the lighter fluid, applies it to the table (still positioned outside the ring) and Edge lays motionless. Lita comes out of nowhere with the barbed-wire bat and adds MORE fluid to the table before lighting it on fire.

FOELY ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE APRON, EDGE WITH A SPEAR, BOTH MEN OVER THE ROPES AND ON THE TABLE!!!!! OH MY GOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!!!! From Joey styles and the crowd chants HOLY SHIT. Edge covers on the edge of the ramp and takes the win.

Even Lita has a bloody lip. She tends to Edge who is trembling in a dazed state of amazement. Edge remains unbeaten at Wrestlemania.

Winner via pin: Edge

Backstage segment: Booker T and Sharmell are Scared.

The walk down the hall for a segment of star-dropping. Pirate Burchill, Eugene, Ted Dibiase, Snitsky sucking on Mae Young's toes, Goldust in drag.

Goldust hypes up Booker and tells him to conquer his fear of the Boogeyman's worms by putting them in his (whispers something in his ear)...

Booker is appalled - TELL ME YOU DIDN'E JUST SAY THAT???!!!

Match 5; Booker T/Sharmell v. The Boogeyman (Handicap rules)

Booker and Sharmell are scared by their own Pyro. Boogeyman enters next. We are about to see the first in-ring encounter between these two. At least we thought. Booker forces Sharmell to start the match off!!!!

Booker jumps in on Boogeyman as Sharmell draws him to the corner. Quick tag to Booker and he takes control. Booker gets a quick two off a Harlem Sidekick. Boogeyman oversells the move.

Booker in control. The arena is still smokey from Boogeyman's entrance. Boogeyman eventually no sells the moves and stares down booker. Booker goes for a sidekick, Boogeyman catches it, spins Boogeyman around into a BOOKEND!!!


2 COUNT. Back and forth, Boogeyman dodges a scissor kick and sends booker to the ropes. Boogeyman pulls out the worms and fills his mouth. Sharmell comes from behind with Boogeyman's staff, Boogeyman dodges and PLANTS SHARMELL WITH A WORM-FILLED KISS!!!!!!

Sharmell retreats, Booker comes back, Boogeyman dodges and sets up Booker for a hangman's choke-slam (similar to A-Train's old 'De-Railer' finisher).

1..2..3 Boogeyman wins and remains undefeated.

Winner via pinfall: The Boogeyman

Match 6; WWE Women's Championship: Micke James v. Trish Stratus (c)

Mickie comes out first, all smiles as usual. Trish is announced and, on her way down, is heralded by JR as the most dominant Women’s champ in recent history, holding the title for over a year so far.

Bell rings. Back and forth action. Trish works James into the corner and sets her up for a shop to the chest. Trish catches a mule kick and sends James into a painful looking split. Action spills outside where the two go back and forth again. Trish attempts a chick-kick, missing and connects with the ring post. James rolls Trish into the ring, sets her legs around the ring posts and slams the left leg into the steel.

Back in the ring, James regains control. Trish in the corner as James works the injured leg repeatedly. James drags Trish to the center of the ring and works the leg some more with a pair of half-Boston crab’s. The ring is stained with blood from the Foley/Edge match.

Referee Jack Doan calls for the release of the hold. James still in control and still working the leg with both kicks and punches. James sets Trish up for a unique move; she sets up the top of Trish’s foot, knee compressed, on the rope and drops a leg on Trish’s calf.

After another unique move, this time a pin with compression on the injured leg, Trish regains control with a whirling hurricanrana. Trish with a spine buster for 2. Mickie comes back, neutralizes Trish and goes to the top. Trish sets up for a Stratus-phere, James doges and GOES TO THE OUTSIDE. Trish is down, James with a 2-count.

James goes for a half crab again, Trish counters to an inside cradle and gets a two count.

Trish back in control. Picks up James and lands a RUNNING POWERBOMB. 1..2…

2 count. Trish sets up for a stratus-faction, James counters and regains control.

James sets up and BOTCHES A STRATUSFACTION. The crowd lets her know. James picks up Trish, decks her with a typical right hand and gets the three count.

VERY BOTCHED finish that COMPLETELY sent the whole match to hell.

Winner via pinfall and NEW WWE Women’s Champion: Mickie James

Match 7; Undertaker v. Mark Henry: Casket Match Rules

Mark Henry comes out first. Taker comes out to a fiery, slow, bell toll.

Back and forth action by both men. Henry gains the first advantage, leveling Taker with a powerful clothesline.

Both men end up outside. They trade slams to the steel steps until Henry gains advantage with the strongest slam by far. Henry rolls Taker into the ring and follows him in.

Taker regains control, takes Henry’s hand and begins to climb up for the “Old School". Henry pulls out and regains control. Taker on the ground by the casket. Officials open it up and Henry chokes the Dead Man, steps on him, and attempts to push him into the casket. Taker reverses and both men are back up.

Henry with an irish whip to the opposite corner, Taker reverses on the run, several arm wrenches and then TAKER GOES UP FOR THE OLD SCHOOL!!! CONNECTS!!!

Henry feels the attack but, again, regains control, sending taker to the mat. Taker sets up in the defensive position of the 619, Henry charges and SLIDES OVER TAKER INTO THE CASKET!!! TAKER FOLLOWS! HENRY COVERS TAKER!

UT fights back with a choke and works Henry back into the ring. Taker off the ropes, Henry catches him and SLAMS HIM to the mat. Henry rolls taker into the casket, Taker fights him back to the ground and re-enters the ring.

Henry works Taker to the corner and sets up for a 10-count punch on Taker. TAKER REVERSES AND LAST-RIDE POWERBOMBS HENRY!!!

Taker sends henry to the outside, casket closed. With henry resting on the casket, Taker with a SUICIDE DIVE OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!!

Taker brings Henry back into the ring and lands a TOMBSTONE PILE DRIVER!!! Taker rolls Henry into the casket and WINS!!!!!!!!

Undertaker is 14-0 at Wrestlemania. Taker’s music hits and he staggers around the middle of the ring.

Winner: The Undertaker

Match 8, Update 1; Mr. McMahon v. Shawn Michaels (No Holds Barred Rules)

Taker’s exit is followed by a Divas photo-shoot commercial. After that, a video package highlighting the feud between McMahon and Michaels airs.

Michael’s enters first (sporting a 3" long band-aid on his head), followed by the ever cocky, Mr. McMahon.

McMahon poses alongside a pre-positioned cardboard of his Muscle and Fitness cover. Immediately, Michael’s forgoes the formal beginning of the match and takes it to McMahon ringside. HBK chokes Vince with a set of audio cables before planting him with a microphone to the head. Michael’s walks over the magazine cover, brings it into the ring and PLANTS McMahon with it. With Vince in the sitting position, THE SPIRIT SQUAD RUSHES THE RING and picks HBK apart

The group splits apart and leaves the ring. One of them goes for his top-rope leg drop on HBK but Michael’s dodges. Each one enters the ring at a time and HBK takes them out, one by one, with the Spirit Squad megaphone. As HBK turns around, McMahon regains control with a strong clothesline.

Vince works Shawn into the corner. Off comes the chairman’s belt! Choke, strike to the back, and another choke, this time with Michaels in the sitting position.

HBK hypes up, regains control, gets to his feet and quickly loses it to a McMahon right fist.

McMahon is hyping up the crowd. Starting in the corner, he TUNES UP THE BAND!! McMahon with a SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!

Michaels BLOCKS IT! Michaels now with the belt. McMahon is leveled and set up perfectly for the top rope elbow drop. MICHAELS CONNECTS! Michaels tunes up the band and SHANE COMES FROM NOWHERE WITH A KENDO STICK. With Michaels down and both McMahons up, Shane brandishes a long set up handcuffs. Instead of handcuffing him, Vince sets up for an ass-kissing with Shane’s help. With Vince looking the other way, HBK REVERSES IT sending SHANE into his father’s ass, face first.

HBK gets Shane outside and CUFFS HIM to the ring post. HBK with some serious kendo shots to Shane O’Mac. With Shane still bound, HBK pulls a chair from under the ring and LEVELS VINCE.

Michaels tunes up the band and suddenly stops. The crowd is confused. HBK let’s Vince fall to his knees and goes back outside – only to pull out a LADDER from under the ring. The crowd senses trouble for McMahon. HBK DRIVES the ladder into Vince and Vince GUSHES. HBK tunes up the band and AGAIN, pulls up short.

This time, Michael’s goes for a trash can. Shane tries to get in the way, but proves ineffective. HBK finds a TABLE and head to the ring again. Trash can to the head of McMahon. Table set up in the middle of the ring, diagonally. McMahon is set on the table and HBK GOES FOR THE LADDER! Shades of WM X between HBK and Razor Ramon!!!! HBK ASCENDS!!!!

But no, another move fake. HBK comes down. He goes to the outside and gets a TALLER, 20’ LADDER. He sets it up in the corner by Shane, pulls Vince off the table, covers him with the trash can, lays him BACK on the table and starts his climb…

Shane tries to pull the ladder down, HBK two steps from the top, MOTIONS A CROTCH-CHOP AND FLIES!!!!!

McMahon through the table and the crowd goes nuts. The Ref checks on both men and Michaels powers to his feet. Once free from the table debris, Michaels fights back the medical attention meant for Vince. He goes over to Shane, CROTCH CHOPS IN HIS FACE and blows the snot at the younger McMahon. He picks up Vince, adamantly tells Vince that he will "knock his teeth down his throat" and lays him out with a superkick.

HBK covers, 1..2..3!

Winner via pinfall: Shawn Michaels

Match 9, Update 1; World Heavyweight Championship Match: Rey Mysterio v. Randy Orton v. Kurt Angle (c)

After a video package summarizing this match’s feud, Mysterio comes out to a live performance of his theme. After a typical pop-up entrance, Mysterio walks to the back to retrieve an eagle-head, traditional Mexican headdress. Orton follows. The champion, Kurt Angle, comes out last.

Charles Robinson presents the title and the match begins with Orton immediately sending Angle to the outside. Rey evades Orton and quickly falls to an Orton dropkick. Angle tangles with Orton, 2-count.

Rey sets up for a reverse see-saw to a bulldog, Angle comes in and GERMANS BOTH OPPONENTS.

Action is fast here Orton ends up on the top rope, rey charges Angle, gets lifted into Orton’s arms and lands a top rope hurricanrana on Orton!!

Angle pins Orton for a 2 count. Attempted ankle lock, Rey charging to break it up, feels a clothesline from Angle. Orton out of the action, Angle whips Rey, counter, rey gets a 2 count on Angle. Angle whips Rey, Rey dodges, spinning hurricanrana into a 619SETUP. Rey connects and Angle GETS REY TO TAP TO AN ANKLE LOCK!!!


Orton back in and Angle dodges him. Angle INVERTS REY with a german suplex. Angle Slam on Rey to the outside, Orton in an ankle lock. Mysterio DISTRACTS THE REF AS ORTON TAPS!

Move broken, but quickly reapplied. Rey from the apron with a leg drop on Angle to break the hold. 1..2..

2-count on Angle by Rey. Angle in the corner, reverses the whip and tosses Rey shoulder first into the post and then outside. Angle sets Orton up for an Angle Slam, ORTON REVERSES AND LANDS THE RKO!!!


Rey back in the ring, Rey jumps Angle from the apron, revers can-opener pin… 1..2..

2 count. Orton back in. Angle and Rey down. Orton rolls Angle outside and is alone with Rey. Powerbomb setup, Canadian Backbreaker into a REVERSE RKO!

Orton PINS! 2 COUNT. Angle back in. ANGLE SLAM ON ORTON. 1..2..

2 count. Angle poaches Rey. Angle Slam reversed, Orton back, setup for 619, connects, comes from the apron and PINS ORTON!!!!


Winner via pinfall and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Rey Mysterio

Match 10; Playboy Pillow Fight: Torrie Wilson v. Candice Michelle

Before we start, JR and King cut to views of both Cena and HHH in their dressing rooms. Cena is alone and looks concerned. HHH is being tended to by several trainors; being taped and massaged. JR goes on about HHH’s pedigree’d upbringing and Cena’s lack of such.

JR hints that the crowd may be in favor of HHH due to his old school appeal. He very much forshadows a HHH win.

Candice out first, Torrie second. After some brawling, Torrie flips the bed onto Candice, pinning her to the ground. Torrie retrieves her dog and rubs its rear end in Candice’s face. Torrie strips Candice to her underwear. Candice up top, locks Torrie’s neck with her legs and falls backward into a half tarantula. Torrie down, Candice back in the ring. Candice in control.

Torrie is thrown the bed as the crowd begins a BORING chant. Candice pulls out a pair of scissors and proceeds to cut off Torrie’s dress. This take a while as the two end up in the corner by the time Candice succeeds. Torries is thrown to the ground as Candice goes under the bed to retrieve a copy of her playboy and shoves it in Torrie’s face. Candice rears back and charges at Torrie, Torrie dodges and rolls up Candice for the three count.

The crowd has begun another “boring" chant and is absolutely dead.

Winner via pinfall: Torrie Wilson

JR and King return to hyping the WWE title match, next.

Match 11, Update 1; WWE Title Match: HHH v. John Cena (c)

HHH’s entrance is preceded by a Titan Tron reflects his new King of Kings theme. The music is likewise themed – it is the new clip performed by Disturbed, long rumored to be his new entrance.

HHH rises from the gateway in an oversized throne. He’s dressed like He-Man, complete with a crown, sledgehammer and title belt with his trademark Aryan cross.

Cena comes to the ring after an odd clip about the rise of gangsters in Chicago. The stage lifts again and a 1950’s style car full of “gangsters" wielding tommy-guns jump off and surround the ring. The ramp lowers and Cena’s music hits.

He comes out dressed in a long coat with a tommy-gun of his own. He shoots pyromaniac effects into the ceiling. The crowd is luke-warm for his entrance.

Lillian announces HHH to a decent pop. When she announces Cena, the crowd pops louder, but only after a deep chorus of jeers.

The bell rings. The match begins…

The ref checks both competitors for foreign objects. The two men stare each other down and circle the ring. The crowd is split and hotter than ever. They pace the ring some more. Now they lock up and we’re off and running…

HHH gets the first advantage with a headlock tussle ending in a takedown. Next lockup, HHH gets the advantage with a wristlock and wrenches it several times until he releases Cena to the corner. HHH is confident, Cena looks concerned. They square off again…

Pacing. The crowd is split between “F**K you Cena" and “Let’s go Cena". They two men lock up again.

Cena is backed into the corner, reverses the irish whip, HHH blocks the charge, Cena lifts HHH up to the fireman’s carry and HHH reverses him to the ground and corner again. The crowd is HOT for HHH’s cocky taunts.

Stare down. Cena gets tossed out of the ring. The crowd loves it. HHH gets cocky and turns around, Cena takes advantage. The crowd initially pops, but turns on Cena’s momentum. Irish whip, HHH bounces back, back flip, 2 count.

Cena goes at it again and gets another 2 count. Hunter in the sitting position, Cena locks a rear chin hold. HHH back up, both men fight to the corner; advantage HHH.

Cena fights back, whips Hunter into the turnbuckle and HH spills to the outside. Cena follows, takes it to HHH and catches a thumb to the eye. HHH with Cena on the ramp, sets up for a pedigree and loses to a back drop by Cena onto the steel ramp.

Both men back into the ring. HH irish whips Cena into the ropes and connects with the knee lift. Hunter takes it to Cena with some vicious punches to the skull. HHH pulls Cena out and throws him, right shoulder first, into the steel ring steps. HH back in the ring.

HHH with a pin. 2 Count. Hunter with a suplex, steps back, runs and drops the knee to Cena’s head for a 2 count. Cena fights back up, punches to Hunter, irish whip’s HHH to the ropes, loses to a facebuster and takes a SERIOUS clothesline put him down for a 2 count.

HHH with a reverse neckbreaker for another 2 count. Things are not looking good for Cena. Cena back up and fighting Hunter. Crowd is at it again with the conflicting (and expletive) chants. Cena whips Hunter into the ropes again, this time, to a different result…

Neckbreaker reversal on Cena and another 2 count.

HHH back up and puts Cena in a standing sleeper. Hunter works Cena to the ground. Cena fights up, pushes HHH to the corner, shoulder tackles to the Game’s midsection, HHH with a shot to the face. Advantage HHH but Cena lands a strong clothesline to level his opponent and bring things to a standstill. Both men on the ground.

HHH up first and the two trade blows. HHH takes advantage with a kick to the midsection, fails at a facebuster, Cena with the whip move, POWERSLAM ON HHH. Cena follows it up with Blue Thunder slam and PUMPS UP THE SNEAKERS.

HHH sees an opportunity and sneaks up with a STRONG SPINEBUSTER!

HHH is slow to follow up and Cena revives himself. Exciting back and forth and CENA LOCKS IN THE STFU! HHH reaches the ropes and the crowd seems displeased. Very conflicting crowd support tonight for Cena.

Cena goes for the FU, HH reverses, sandwiches both referee Mike Chioda and Cena in the corner and low blows them both. With both his opponent and the ref down, HHH goes for the sledgehammer…

HHH back in the ring and CENA FIGHTS BACK! That’s not enough, however, as HHH CONNECTS WITH THE EQUALIZER! REF BACK IN…


NO – 2 COUNT. HHH covers again and, somehow, Cena gets back up! Hunter has the pedigree locked in and its academic from here.


2 COUNT. Cena can’t believe it. HHH down and Cena goes up top. HHH up and DODGES THE TOP ROPE CROSS BODY. Pedigree locked in AND REVERSED.

Cena locks in the STFU and Chioda lifts HHH’s hands twice before the Games finds the energy to reach for the ropes, BUT NO!!! HHH TAPS!!!!


Winner and STILL WWE Champion: John Cena

Biggest Pops:
Rey Pins orton
Chavo and Vickie (HOF intro's)
Chris Benoit
Mick Foley

Most Heat:
Hart's absence