Full Backlash (RAW) PPV Results 4/30/06 from Lexington, Kentucky

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, April 30, 2006 at 10:47 PM EST

The following match took place during the 30 minute pre-show feed dubbed as WWE Heat before Backlash on PPV:

- Goldust defeated Rob Conway.

WWE Backlash (RAW) PPV Results - 4/30/06
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report By: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

- "The Power Is Back" WWE promo hits. A video package rolls highlighting the events between Vince & Shane McMahon and Shawn Michaels tonight. The events that led into the WWE Championship Match tonight between John Cena, Edge and Triple H is also highlighted as well.

- A graphic opening hits welcoming us to WWE Backlash. We then go live to the Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky where a series of pyro goes off in the entrance area. We then go to Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler at ringside, so it looks like Joey Styles won't be announcing despite making an appearance on WWE Heat. They also pass it onto the Spanish Announce Table as well.

- Chris Masters' music hits to kick off the first match of the night.

Carlito vs. Chris Masters
The match starts with Masters getting into the face of Carlito and Carlito slapping Masters. Masters then goes off on Carlito, taking his t-shirt off and choking him with it. Masters gets in a right hand a few kicks on Carlito. Carlito then connects with a dropkick to the knees of Masters, covers, but only gets a two count. Carlito throws Masters into the corner and lands a few rights. Masters comes back with a high back body drop on Carlito. Masters covers, but only gets a two count. Masters gets in a few forearms to the lower back of Carlito, goes for another back body drop, but Carlito counters hitting a kick to the face. Masters lifts Carlito up, but Carlito gets down and applies the Masterlock on Masters. Masters breaks it, charges, but Carlito pulls the top rope down and Masters goes over the top rope to the outside. Carlito hits a cross-body off the ropes right onto Masters on the outside. Carlito throws Masters back into the ring, lands a few rights in the corner, jumps up and gets in some lefts. Masters kicks Carlito in the gut, gets him up and then throws him right at the corner. Masters slides Carlito out, hooks the leg, but only gets a two count.

Masters puts Carlito on the second rope, goes off the ropes and then lands his body on Carlito. Masters hits a quick splash on Carlito, covers, but only gets a two count. Masters drives his elbow into Carlito and then drags him around the ring by his hair. Masters wrenches the head of Carlito in the middle of the ring, keeping it applied with pressure. Carlito gets to his feet, hits an elbow to the gut, but Masters catches him with an elbow that takes him down. Masters covers Carlito, but only gets a two count. Masters goes back to work on Carlito's head, wrenching it to the side. Masters then hits a reverse neckbreaker on Carlito, hooks the leg, but only gets a two count. When Carlito gets a few punches in, Masters catches him with a clothesline and then follows that up with some stiff rights. Masters picks up Carlito and drops him in the snake eyes off the corner. Masters then signals for the Masterlock. Carlito counters out of it, gets in a quick pinfall, but only gets a two count. Carlito then springboards off the second rope and catches Masters with a huge elbow. Carlito catches Masters in the corner with a boot, grabs an apple on the steel steps, throws it at Masters and dropkicks Masters in the knees.

Carlito takes down Masters with a few clotheslines followed by a big dropkick in the middle of the ring. Carlito hooks the leg of Masters, but only gets a two count. Masters comes back launching Carlito chest first into the corner. Masters lifts Carlito chest first up onto the top turnbuckle. Masters comes up with Carlito, hooks his arm over his head, but Carlito hits some elbows to the face on Masters and Masters falls off. Carlito stands up and hits a big moonsault on Masters. Carlito covers Masters, but only gets a two count. Masters then applies the Masterlock. When Carlito tries to counter it, Masters flips him back up and continues to lock it on. Carlito breaks out yet again and catches Masters with his double knee "backbreaker" move. Carlito then covers Masters and puts his legs up on the ropes to get the pinfall.

Winner: Carlito

- Backstage, Maria (who says the fans may have been upset about Masters beating Carlito) introduces a video package asking fans earlier today who they think will win the WWE Championship Match tonight. Lita then walks up and says her and Edge don't care what the people in Kentucky think tonight. Maria gets in a joke on Lita and says they can laugh at her and call her a "ho" all they want because tonight she will be the one laughing when Edge walks away the new WWE Champion.

- Armando Alejandro Estrada is in the ring and introduces Umaga. A clip plays of Umaga attacking Ric Flair four weeks ago the night after WrestleMania 22.

Ric Flair vs. Umaga w/ Armando Alejandro Estrada
Flair wastes no time coming down the ramp when Umaga comes up as well. Umaga starts attacking Flair right away, kicking and punching him to the ground. Umaga throws Flair in the ring and the bell rings officially starting the match. Umaga hits Flair with some stiff rights in the corner pushing him down to the mat. Flair then low blows Umaga with the referees back turned. Flair lands a few rights and chops on Umaga. Flair gets in another slight low blow with his boot with the referee distracted again. Umaga somehow comes back with a stiff uppercut taking Flair off his feet. Umaga attempts a charge on Flair in the corner, but Flair moves and rolls to the outside. When Umaga follows him out, Flair catches him with chops. Flair backs up near the steel steps, Umaga charges, but Flair movse and Umaga hits the ring post and steel steps with force. Flair chops Umaga some more and then throws him back in the ring. Flair kicks Umaga on his bottom leg and Flair lands a chop block finally taking Umaga off his feet. Flair gets kicked off a Figure Four attempt by Umaga. Umaga grabs Flair and puts him in a tree of woe in the corner. Umaga goes off the ropes, charges, jumps and hits a jumping headbutt on Flair. With Flair down, Umaga charges and hits a big splash on him in the corner with force. Umaga then gets up on the second rope, jumps and connects with a headbutt. Umaga then hits a big spike shot to the throat of Flair, covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Umaga

After the match, Armando Alejandro Estrada (with a cigar in his mouth) comes in and shows off Umaga to the crowd raising his arms in the air. Ric Flair is on the mat grabbing his throat in pain.

- A promo for the WWE Wreckless Intent CD airs. The CD comes out on May 23.

- Backstage, Vince McMahon is showing off his "guns" when Shane McMahon comes in. Shane says he is ready for the Handicap Match against Shawn Michaels. Vince corrects him and says this is no Handicap Match and that HBK will indeed have "God" in his corner. Vince tells Shane to take care of HBK and to leave God to him. He says he is better than God, pouring some water on the ground and stomping on it. Vince says he is walking on water. Wow. Vince also "breaks bread" and says that it is easy. He also has a fish and says "holy mackerel."

WWE Women's Championship Match
Mickie James (c) vs. Trish Stratus

Everything is back to normal as Mickie is Mickie and Trish is Trish. The bell rings and both Mickie and Trish stare each other down. Both lock up, Mickie flips Trish down and Trish counters that into a pinfall that results in a one count. Trish blows a kiss at Mickie, leans back in a Matrix style when Mickie charges and then flips up taking her down with her legs. Trish then takes down Mickie with a dropkick, goes for the Chick Kick, but Mickie ducks. Trish then comes back catching Mickie in the face with a big kick. Mickie rolls to the outside holding her face when Trish jumps off the ring apron and takes out Mickie with a lou thesz press. Trish throws Mickie back in the ring and hits a big splash in the corner. Trish jumps up with Mickie, hitting some rights, when Mickie throws her over the top rope and Trish hits the outside mat with force. When Trish gets back in the ring, Mickie catches her with a boot to the head. Mickie then rolls Trish over, covers, but only gets a two count. Mickie pins Trish two more times and continues to get a two count after each pinfall.

Mickie continues to go to work on the head of Trish. Mickie then takes a part of clothing and starts choking Trish with it. When the referee sees Mickie choking out Trish, he calls for the bell right away.

Winner via DQ: Trish Stratus
Winner & STILL WWE Women's Champion: Mickie James

- Backstage, Maria corrects herself from what she said earlier about Masters defeating Carlito when it was the other way around. She then welcomes her guest Shawn Michaels. Maria asks if God is here tonight. HBK says the Lord is always with him and will be tonight. He says the McMahon's will be brought down to their knees tonight and says who knows, after tonight, he might have Vince crying out for God at the end of the night. HBK says if everyone doesn't like that, then he has two words for ya (the fans finish the line).

WWE Intercontinental Title vs. "Money in the Bank"
(The winner of the match will take all)
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

The bell rings and here we go. A loud "ECW" chant starts up. Shelton Benjamin goes after Rob Van Dam right away, keeping him down on the mat and then finishes it off with a slap to the face. Benjamin taunts at RVD. Both lock up again and Benjamin works on the left arm of RVD. RVD flips himself up and works on the left arm of Benjamin. Benjamin springboards off the top rope, flips backwards and takes down RVD with a quick arm drag. Benjamin catches RVD in the gut with a knee followed by a headlock. Benjamin catches RVD with a shoulder block, but RVD comes back with a scissors pinfall that results in a close two count. Benjamin quickly bolts to the corner and backs away from RVD after almost getting pinned. Benjamin then locks up with RVD and backs him into the corner. Benjamin catches RVD with a kick and RVD comes back with a big side kick. A frustrated Benjamin rolls out of the ring and kicks the steel steps. Benjamin gets up on the ring apron, gets back in the ring, locks up with RVD, but takes out RVD with a few knees.

RVD comes back with a quick dropkick to the head on Benjamin followed by a series of clotheslines. RVD plants Benjamin with a scoop slam, attempts a Rolling Thunder, but Benjamin rolls out of the ring. RVD then leaps over the top rope and takes out Benjamin. Benjamin finds a way to get back in the ring. RVD follows up on the ring apron. Benjamin goes off the ropes, leaps over RVD, catches him and executes a sunset flip! RVD bounces off the mat with force after this takes place. Benjamin throws RVD back in the ring, covers, but only gets a two count. Benjamin continues to take out RVD with some kicks, covers again, but gets another two count. RVD tries to fight back with some elbows on Benjamin, but Benjamin grabs RVD by his hair and throws him back down hard on the mat. Benjamin puts RVD's head on the second rope, gets on the ring apron, charges and connects with a knee to the head. RVD bounces back to the mat and Benjamin covers, but only gets a two count. Benjamin then connects with a powerful backbreaker to the lower back of RVD. Benjamin then posts his left knee against the back of RVD and applies a modified headlock.

When Benjamin breaks the hold, he jumps back on and applies a modified camel clutch. Benjamin then gives RVD a scoop slam, another scoop slam and then posts his right knee against the back of RVD locking in another headlock. RVD fights back to his feet by hitting some elbows. Benjamin attempts a T-Bone Suplex, but RVD breaks it up and connects with an elbow on Benjamin. When RVD attempts the Rolling Thunder, Benjamin pops up, puts RVD on his shoulders and connects with a big samoan drop! Benjamin covers RVD, but only gets a two count. Benjamin then props RVD up on the top turnbuckle. Benjamin slaps RVD and taunts at him. Benjamin hooks his arms, but RVD punches Benjamin in the gut knocking him off. Benjamin then leaps up onto the turnbuckle, hooks the arm of RVD and hits a big superplex! Benjamin hooks the leg of RVD, but only gets a two count. Benjamin then applies a full body scissors submission on RVD. Benjamin then counters that into a headlock. RVD picks himself back up, hits a few elbows, Benjamin attempts a dropkick, but RVD holds on to the ropes and Benjamin crashes to the mat. RVD blocks a corner shot from Benjamin and kicks Benjamin right in the face. Benjamin misses a splash in the corner and RVD takes out Benjamin with a few clotheslines followed by another kick to the face. RVD catches Benjamin with an elbow followed by a springboard kick. RVD with a spinning heel kick on Benjamin followed by a big Rolling Thunder. RVD covers, but only gets a two count.

RVD press slams Benjamin near the corner and hits a split-legged moonsault from the corner. RVD covers Benjamin, but gets yet another two count. RVD charges Benjamin a few times in the corner, attempts a monkey flip, but Benjamin lands on his feet. When RVD kicks, Benjamin stops it, but RVD comes back with a big side kick. RVD then goes up to the top, jumps attempting a Five Star Frog Splash, but Benjamin rolls out of the way and RVD hits the mat with force. Benjamin then picks up RVD and hits a huge DDT. Benjamin covers...1...2...RVD gets his leg on the bottom rope. Benjamin attempts two more pinfalls, with the second using the ropes, but RVD continues to kick out. When RVD rolls to the outside, Benjamin follows and charges. When RVD moves, Benjamin hits the guard railing face first. RVD goes back inside the ring and Benjamin grabs the "Money in the Bank" briefcase. When RVD slides out, Benjamin catches him with a kick. Benjamin puts the briefcase on the ring apron, goes up to the top turnbuckle, jumps and connects with a cross-body. RVD rolls through the cross-body, but gets a two count off the pinfall. Benjamin attempts a spinning heel kick on RVD, but RVD ducks and jumps up connecting with a huricanranna! Benjamin tries to hit RVD with the briefcase, but RVD ducks and then kicks it back into the face of Benjamin. RVD goes up to the top turnbuckle, jumps and connects with the Five Star Frog Splash. RVD covers...1...2...3.

Winner & NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion & still "Money in the Bank": Rob Van Dam

After the match, Rob Van Dam celebrates with the "Money in the Bank" briefcase and his newly won WWE Intercontinental Title with the fans in Lexington.

- A video package rolls highlighting the dominating tag team of Kane & Big Show. We then see the team losing the World Tag Team Titles to The Spirit Squad the night after WrestleMania 22 and Kane's attack on Big Show that led into this match tonight.

- Backstage, Todd Grisham is with Big Show. Big Show says he has tried to reason with Kane. He says Kane has a movie coming out, so what. Big Show says he didn't freak out when movies he was in came out. He said last week, Kane crossed the line and tonight it is eye for an eye.

Kane vs. Big Show
The match starts with Kane catching Big Show with a right hand as the crowd chants "May 19th" at Kane. Big Show responds by slamming Kane in the middle of the ring. Big Show backs Kane up into the corner and slaps him across the chest. Big Show gets in another slap on Kane's chest. Kane catches Big Show with a boot and then goes after the eye of Big Show when Big Show hits an elbow on Kane to break it up. Big Show lifts up Kane by his left arm and then throws him back down hard on the mat. Kane rolls out and Big Show follows. Big Show gets in a few shots on Kane and throws him back inside. When Big Show gets up on the ring apron, Kane grabs him and sends him into the ring post. The referee then starts the count on Big Show. He gets to three when Kane comes out to break the count. Big Show gets up on the ring apron and gets in through the ropes when Kane catches him with a few kicks. Kane drops his knee over the head of Big Show. Kane connects with a clothesline in the corner on Big Show followed by a jumping clothesline that takes Big Show down. Kane covers Big Show, but only gets a two count.

Big Show comes back giving Kane a scoop slam. Big Show attempts an elbow, but Kane moves and Big Show hits the mat with force. Kane then kicks the right arm of Big Show and then drops his body weight over it to apply more pressure. Big Show tries to fight back, but Kane continues to apply pressure on the right arm of Big Show. Big Show finally hits snapmare takedown on Kane to break it up. Kane goes up to the top turnbuckle, jumps, but Big Show catches him and hits a big fallaway slam. Big Show takes out Kane with a clothesline, connects with a charge in the corner followed by a shoulder block. Big Show signals for the chokeslam. Kane gets up, Big Show goes for the chokeslam, but Kane counters and throws Big Show down. Big Show comes back with a boot on Kane followed by a leg drop off the ropes that results in a two count. When Kane tries to get in some offense, Big Show comes back with an uppercut. Big Show then tries to poke out the eye of Kane when Kane counters and kicks Big Show on the head sending him to the outside.

When Kane goes out, the arena fills with a red light and you hear Kane's voice saying "May 19th" over the PA system. Kane freaks out and rolls around the ring trying to cover his ears. Big Show then comes back in the ring with a steel chair in hand. When Kane stands up, Big Show cracks the steel chair over his head and seems reluctant to have done it. Big Show throws the steel chair away and leaves up the ramp as the fans boo loudly. Kane sits up in the ring with a smile on his face. Kane turns and laughs as Big Show continues to leave.

Winner: No Contest

- Backstage, Candice Michelle comes in saying she has a bad chest cold and needs the healing powers of "God" from Vince to cure it. Vince then proceeds to grab the chest area of Candice (or near it) and "heal" her. Wow, this is getting worse by the minute. Candice falls back to the couch screaming in joy when Shane comes in and says it is time for the match.

- A video package rolls highlighting the events that led into the match tonight between Vince & Shane McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels and his tag team partner, God.

- Before the match, Vince McMahon literally proceeded to have a conversation with God. God turned out to be a spotlight that came down the WWE ramp. Vince stopped him halfway down the ramp and said he is in "his house" and wanted some WWE style music. Vince danced in the ring to God's music. "God" then entered the ring (aka the spotlight) and Vince asked the referee to check him. The referee was confused and Vince slapped him. Vince announced that it wouldn't matter if he was checked because tonight the match will have No Holds Barred, No DQ Rules. After Shawn Michaels' entrance, Vince tells HBK that he will go to hell along with God.

No Holds Barred, No DQ Rules
Vince & Shane McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels & "God"

The match starts with Shawn Michaels taking out Vince with a right hand and then going after Shane right away. After HBK takes out Shane in the ring, he takes out Vince with a cross-body on the outside over the top rope. HBK goes back into the ring and takes out Shane with a few hard rights. HBK then clotheslines Shane over the top rope, goes over with and then brings himself back into the ring showing his strength. HBK then flips over the top rope and takes out Shane. HBK and Shane go up the ramp with HBK chopping Shane. Shane fights back with some knees to the stomach on HBK. Shane follows that up with a few rights followed by attempting a piledriver on HBK on the steel entrance area. HBK reverses this into a high back body drop. Vince walks up and HBK chops him a few times. HBK throws Shane face first into part of the Backlash entrance. HBK turns out and hits Vince with a cross-body off the entrance ramp through a table setup off to the side, crashing through. HBK finds a way to get back on his feet and he climbs up the steps that leads up to the top of the entrance stage. Right as HBK gets up, Shane cracks a steel chair across his head. Shane then goes down the steps and checks on Vince.

Shane then goes back to work on HBK, hitting some right hands and kicks to the body. Shane proceeds to kick HBK back down the entrance ramp. HBK is now busted open at this point. Shane then sends HBK face first into the steel ring post. Shane gets in a few more rights when HBK gets up and then connects with a big armdrag takedown into the guard railing. Shane throws a bloody HBK back into the ring and proceeds to kick him in the stomach a few times. Shane props HBK up in the corner and gets in a few right hands. Vince comes back to the ringside area as Shane continues to beat down HBK. Shane goes up to the top turnbuckle, jumps attempting an elbow drop, but HBK moves and Shane hits the mat with force. Both Shane and HBK start to exchange right hands. Shane then hits a tornado DDT out of no where on HBK. Vince then says he wants to get tagged in and does by Shane. Vince takes off his belt and starts whipping HBK over the back with it. Vince whips HBK some more and then wraps the belt around his wrist. Vince hits HBK across the head with the belt around his wrist. Vince then calls for Shane to get a weapon to bring into the ring. Shane gets a trash can and throws it at Vince. Vince catches it and nails HBK over the head with it.

After this takes place, Vince gets on the mic and asks "God" what he thinks about that. He asks God what he will do about HBK getting beat up. Vince then asks God where he is going. He announces to the crowd that God has left the building. Vince then picks up a bloody HBK, attempts the Sweet Chin Music, but HBK blocks it and hits Vince with a right hand and Shane as well. HBK takes out Vince with a running forearm into the face of Vince. HBK then nips up, Shane hits the ring, swings a steel chair, HBK ducks and Shane hits Vince with the steel chair. HBK goes to work on Shane, hitting some right hands followed by a flying forearm. HBK drops Shane with an inverted atomic drop followed by a series of clotheslines and finally a scoop slam. HBK then goes up to the top rope, jumps and connects with the flying elbow on Shane. The crowd goes wild for HBK as he starts tuning up the band in the corner. Shane gets up and HBK connects with the Sweet Chin Music on Shane followed by a second on Vince. HBK does the DX "Suck It" pose at both men and the crowd chants "DX" loudly. HBK then leaves the ring and pulls a table out from under the ring. He then pulls out a second and has two in the ring. HBK sets up the two tables next to each other and puts Shane on one of them. HBK leaves the ring and puts Vince back inside. HBK puts Vince on top of the second table. HBK leaves the ring and gets a ladder as the crowd goes wild in Lexington.

HBK takes the 20 foot ladder and sets it up in the corner near the two tables. HBK gets up on the top turnbuckle, gets on the ladder and climbs up to the top. HBK gets on the top, sees The Spirit Squad coming down the ramp and jumps taking out all five men at the bottom of the ramp! HBK tries to fight off the members of The Spirit Squad, but it quickly turns into 5 on 1. Kenny gets in an elbow shot when the other four members hold HBK up. The Spirit Squad then take Vince and Shane off the tables and take the ladder out of the ring. They keep one table in the middle of the ring and all five members of The Spirit Squad grab HBK by his arms and legs, lift him up high in the air and HBK comes down crashing through the table. Vince then crawls over, hooks the leg and gets the pinfall on HBK. Jim Ross yells out "bullsh*t" on the headset and later apologizes.

Winners: Vince & Shane McMahon

After the match, a bloody HBK lays in the middle of the ring through a destroyed table as The Spirit Squad lift Vince and Shane McMahon on their shoulders in celebration.

- Backstage, Todd Grisham is with WWE Champion John Cena. Cena gets a mixed reaction when he appears. Grisham points out how some fans like him and some don't. Cena thanks Grisham for watching the show. He says the sports entertainment community is divided. Cena says there are two groups of fans right now, a group that wants Edge to win the WWE Title and Triple H win the WWE Title. He says it all comes down to tonight, through it all, through the ho's, hammers and haters. Cena says there is one voice that will stand tall when that final bell tolls...and that is Lilian Garcia when she announces your winner, and still WWE Champion, John Cena.

- Matt Striker comes out and says he knows he wasn't scheduled tonight. He says another miracle is happening tonight besides God showing up and that is having an actual intelligent person in Kentucky. Striker says Kentucky is not famous for being an educated state. He says they are right on par with the rest of the country. Striker said he has some good news for "ya'll" in that he is Matt Striker and will be there teacher. He said he has a guest tonight, Kentucky's very own, Eugene. When Eugene comes into the ring, he hugs Striker and Striker pushes him away. Striker gets on the mic and says Eugene is a perfect example of why people in Kentucky shouldn't marry their cousins. He says he brought Eugene out for a purpose...to show he is the smartest person to ever come out of Kentucky. Striker says Eugene probably can't even spell his own name. Eugene says he can. Striker asks to prove him wrong. When Eugene reveals what he wrote, he wrote "loves poop" under Matt Striker's name. Striker says that is disrespectful. Eugene then starts picking his nose and goes to eat it when Striker stops him. Striker explains how that is wrong and Eugene then puts a booger in his mouth followed by hitting a Stunner. Yes, I just wrote that.

- Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler remind fans that the next time WWE is on PPV is with Judgment Day on May 21 courtesy of the SmackDown brand.

- A video package rolls highlighting the events between John Cena, Edge and Triple H that led into the WWE Championship Triple Threat Match tonight.

WWE Championship - Triple Threat Match
John Cena (c) vs. Edge vs. Triple H

The match starts with John Cena getting between Triple H and Edge. Edge tells Cena and Triple H to go at it first and backs off. Triple H and Cena then start exchanging lefts and rights. Cena takes out Triple H with two flying shoulder blocks followed by a big suplex. Cena covers Triple H, but Edge comes in to break up the count. Edge leaves the ring after stopping the pinfall. Triple H drops Cena in an inverted atomic drop. Both Cena and Triple H start exchanging right hands until Triple H stops anything more with a high knee. Triple H covers Cena, but Edge again breaks up the pinfall. Again, Cena and Triple H exchange stiff right hands. Edge is up on the ring apron laughing at both when they pull over him over the top rope. Cena and Triple H both get in shots on Edge followed by Cena clotheslining Edge over the top rope to the outside. Cena bounces Edge face first off the table. Triple H comes out and slams Edge off the table. Both Cena and Triple H exchange throwing Edge face first off the announce table a few times. When they throw Edge back in, Cena goes after him, but Triple H cuts him off and throws Cena back out. When Triple H goes after Edge, Edge pulls him into the corner face first.

Edge then goes to work on Triple H, getting in a few kicks and punches. Edge goes to suplex Triple H back in from the ring apron, but Cena pulls Triple H down and Triple H's head bounces off the ring apron. Cena takes out Edge, goes up to the top rope, jumps and hits a splash on Edge. Cena covers Edge, but only gets a two count. Cena then takes out Edge with a spinning takedown and signals for the five knuckle shuffle on Edge. When Cena goes off the ropes, Lita holds down the top rope and Cena tumbles over. Triple H grabs Cena on the outside and sends him into the steel steps. Triple H gets in the ring, gets Edge, hits a knee to the head followed by a stiff clothesline. Triple H covers Edge, but only gets a two count. Triple H then gets in some stiff rights on Edge in the corner. Edge catches Triple H with a boot in the corner, but Triple H comes back with a big spinebuster on Edge. Triple H covers Edge, but only gets a two count. Triple H attempts a suplex on Edge, but Edge rolls out of it and then takes out Triple H with a reverse neckbreaker. Edge covers, but Triple H kicks out after two. Triple H then applies a sleeper on Edge. Edge then counters that into a sleeper on Triple H. Cena then comes in and puts both Edge and Triple H on his shoulders! Edge jumps off, Triple H is still on Cena's shoulders and Edge connects with a Spear on Cena.

Triple H and Edge are now on the outside of the ring brawling. Edge catapults Triple H face first into the ring post. When Triple H stands up, his face is covered in blood. Edge then clears away the Spanish Announce Table, grabs Triple H and connects with a huge DDT. A bloody Triple H bounces off hard on the table and lays on the ground near the table covered in blood. Back in the ring, Edge connects with a big dropkick from the top rope on Cena. Edge covers, but only gets a two count. Edge kicks Cena a few times in the corner and then connects with a Spear in the corner. Edge grabs Cena, but Cena trips up Edge and locks in the STFU submission. Edge gets close to the ropes, but almost looks to tap out when Triple H holds up Edge's hand and then nails Cena over the head with the house mic. A bloody Triple H grabs a steel chair and nails Edge when he comes out to the ringside area. When Triple H comes back in the ring, Cena trips him up and applies the STFU. Triple H's entire face is literally red and filled with blood. The referee lifts Triple H's arm once, twice, but Triple H keeps it up on the third attempt. Triple H lifts himself up with Cena still applying the STFU and gets the bottom rope. Cena then lifts Triple H up on his shoulders, looks to hit the FU, Triple H slides off, attempts the Pedigree, but Cena counters that into the STFU yet again.

Edge then appears near the top turnbuckle and Cena breaks the hold. Cena and Edge start exchanging blows. The referee then gets knocked out. Cena puts Edge on his shoulders as Triple H walks up. All three men then tumble back towards the ring, crashing down from the corner. Lita then comes into the ring with a steel chair in hand. When Triple H stands up, Lita charges with the steel chair, but Triple H grabs her and plants her with a spinebuster. Triple H grabs the steel chair, lifts it up, throws it down and then gets the sledgehammer from under the ring. Triple H comes into the ring with the sledgehammer, but Edge takes him out with a quick Spear. Edge then grabs the sledgehammer, tries to hit Cena with it, but Cena puts Edge on his shoulders. Triple H then low blows Cena and Edge falls off the shoulders of Cena. Triple H then goes for the Pedigree, but Cena counters that into a pinfall and gets the win.

Winner & STILL WWE Champion: John Cena

After the match, Triple H grabs the sledgehammer and knocks out the referee, Edge and John Cena with it. Triple H does some DX crotch chops at both Cena and Edge on the mat. A bloody Triple H then poses in the middle of the ring with the sledgehammer in hand as his music hits. The PPV goes off the air with a shot of Cena and Edge still knocked out in the middle of the ring and Triple H getting in one last DX crotch chop...