Former WWE star competing on 6/7, Canada indy results & XCW report

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Sunday, June 4, 2006 at 2:45 PM EST

Charlie sent word that former WWE star Heidenreich will be appearing for the CCW promotion on June 7 at Veteran's Memorial Coliseum (300 Court St.) in Evansville, Indiana. Bell time is 7:30 and all seats are $10.

Brad Dykens of sent in the following reports:

June 2, 2006--Wrestling With Reality - Maritime Cup 3 in Halifax, Nova Scotia: Marko Estrada b Sidewinder (1st Round), Lincoln Steen b Jason Holiday (1st Round), "Mr. Suave" Joshua Aero b Zero (1st Round), Tony Armstrong b Tommy Osbourne (1st Round), Julien Young b Vinny Glyde (1st Round), Titus b Chris Madison (1st Round), Tony Armstrong b Mr. Suave by Submission (2nd Round), Titus b Julien Young (2nd Round), Marko Estrada b Lincoln Steen (2nd Round),Titus b Marko Estrada and Tony Armstrong in a 3-WAY Final to win the Maritime Cup! -- Gary Williams & Bobby Roode b Trash Canyon & Duke MacIsaac, Gary Williams b Bobby Roode to become the 1st ever Wrestling With Reality Heavyweight Champion.

June 3, 2006--Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling - 50th Anniversary Tour in Berwick, Nova Scotia at The Barn (Berwick Arena): Jeff Dupre b Chad Dick, Spider-Man b Cuban Assassin (Richie Acevedo, son of the original) by DQ, ????? b The Rebel, Krista Keniski b She-Nay-Nay in a Women's match, Farmer Pete b Frenchy ?????? in a Midgets match, Jeff Dupre & Spider-Man b Chad Dick & Cuban Assassin -- Notes: Legends awards were presented to Emile Dupre, the 80s referee (didn't catch his name), and Cuban Assassin. Emile Dupre said he was in the first wrestling match ever in the Berwick Arena 50 years ago and said it was one of his favorite buildings to work in. They doubled (if not more) the regular attendance average for wrestling shows in that building. I spoke with Cuban Assassin and he said everybody in the back was impressed and surprised at the attendance -- as was I! They ran out of chairs. Return date is June 24 and Emile hinted that he was negotiating with WWE to bring in Rene Dupree.

TigerGroge sent in this report:

XCW Playa's Ball

-The show begins with Lance Romance & Nicole being shown outside. Lance tells Nicole to go make sure everyone is here tonight. She comes back and informs Lance that everyone is here except Brett Barnes, who is scheduled to face Jack Drastic tonight. Lance says that's ok and Brett will not be here tonight and tonight he is running the show.

- The XCW intro rolls and we are welcomed to the show -

Hair -vs- Hair: Bunkhouse Rules Match: Jack Drastic -vs- Chance Romance (w/ D-Money)

This was the return of both Chance & D-Money. D-Money grabbed the mic before the match and explained that they were only here because it was Lance Romance's show not XCW's or anyone elses. D-Money then insulted the crowd calling them nothing but trailer trash. Chance took the mic and introduced himself for those that didn't already know. During the match, Chance was busted open badly from the mouth from Drastic's elbow. Chance broke a rake over the back of Jack. D-Money attempted to interfere but Drastic launched him off of the top rope. Drastic picked up the win after countering Chance's suplex attempt into a small package.

Winner: Jack Drastic

-After the match Chance Romance tried to fight off officials that were going to force him to have his hair cut. Until Gregory Symonds and Scott McKenzie ran out and attacked Drastic with a chair. They were about to cut Drastic's hair when AXL ROTTEN hit the ring and made the save. Rotten ran the Tru Life Playaz out of the ring and got the mic. Rotten said that tonight he went against what WWE told him to do and appeared here anyways just for the fans in Texas! Rotten said later tonight he was going to kick McKenzie's ass.

-Backstage Nicole convinced Lance Romance to cancel her match with Lollipop against Jazz tonight.-

Ghetto Street Fight: Kevin Paine -vs- Al Jackson
Both men gave it their all. Paine picked up the victory after a powerslam. The fans applauded Jackson after the match.

Winner: Kevin Paine

INTERMISSION: Next was a 10-15 minute intermission in which Dr. Death Steve Williams & Axl Rotten would sign autographs and take polaroids. Jack Drastic also came out and Steve Williams' son was also in attendance.

After the intermission, Jack Drastic and Dr. Death Steve Williams entered the ring. The music of the Tru Life Playaz hit and out came Lance Romance, D-Money, Chance Romance, Scott McKenzie, & Gregory Symonds. The TLP surrounded the ring and Romance said they were about to see a street fight and they were going to do it.....OKLAHOMA STYLE! Dr. Death then turned and laid out Drastic! Drastic tried to fight back but was unsuccessful. Williams laid out Drastic and Lance handed him scissors. Williams then cut the ponytail of Jack Drastic!! Dr. Death flipped off the crowd and then left with Lance.

XCW Tag Team Championship: Triple Threat Tag Team Ladder Match: Black by Popular Demand(Sidd Murder & Gemini) -vs- Texas Treats (Chris Marvel & Don Juan) -vs- Tru Life Playaz (Gregory Symonds & C-Diddy)

C-Diddy was Symonds mystery partner. Chris Marvel was busted open from the side of the head in this one. Don Juan missed a moonsault off of the ladder. The match ended when Gemini dove over the top rope onto the guys outside, leaving it open for Chris Marvel and Don Juan to take the titles!

Winners and NEW XCW Tag Team Champions: Texas Treats (Don Juan & Chris Marvel)

-Interviews were shown with both Axl Rotten and Scott McKenzie

Chairly Legal Match: Axl Rotten -vs- Scott McKenzie(w/ Lance Romance & Nicole)

This one went all over the arena. Both men were busted open in the first few minutes of the match. They went through the crowd, up the stairs, all the way around and back to the ring. Gregory Symonds and C-Diddy ran out but were followed right behind by Sidd Murder and Gemini. D-Money and Chance Romance came out next followed by Jack Drastic. They all brawled around the ring. Leaving the match in the ring where Axl Rotten pinned McKenzie after a chairshot to the head. The others brawled to the back.

Winner: Axl Rotten

After the match, Axl kept the chair and looked towards Lance Romance. Lance grabbed the mic and told Axl about the old times back in 1992 when they were up and down the road. Axl agreed that if it wasn't for Lance, he probably wouldn't of been there tonight. Axl once again said that he's supposed to be on Monday Night RAW and they told him not to work XCW, but he did it anyways and he did it for the crazy fans of Texas! Axl put over Scott McKenzie, saying he took everything Axl had and is one tough son of a b*tch. Axl thanked the fans for coming out to see him because it's probably the last time we will before he's back in ECW. Axl shook hands with McKenzie and Lance Romance.

-Backstage Lance Romance was interviewed. He said the upcoming Steel Cage Match has been cancelled, Jacob Ladder isn't here and we'll never see him in XCW again! XCW Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Jared Steele interrupted and was upset. Steele said he came here to defend his title and he came here for a steel cage match. Steele said tonight, someone is going to Feel the Steele, and Lance better hope it's not him. -

-XCW CEO, Nite, appeared on the tron and said that Lance Romance crossed the line by trying to cancel the main event and taking Jacob Ladder out. Nite said this isn't Lance Romance's Playas Ball anymore, this was XCW's Playas Ball! And he brought someone in on short notice and he would leave it to the fans to decide if he's worthy to be champion. It turned out to be..HOTSTUFF HERNANDEZ!

XCW Worlds Heavyweight Championship Match: Steel Cage Match: Jared Steele(c) (w/ Lance Romance & Nicole) -vs- Hotstuff Hernandez

This was a back and forth matchup, surprisingly neither man was busted open. Steele nailed a superplex from the top rope. Hotstuff got the advantage and climbed to the very top of the cage. Hernandez leaped off the top of the cage with a Superfly Splash onto Jared Steele!!! Hernandez made the cover for the 1-2- but Referee, Danny Franks stopped the count! Franks told Hernandez, "Screw you!" Hotstuff got up pissed and went after Franks. Hernandez cornered him and he started to say his arm went out. But Hernandez deliver a chop to the chest before Steele got back to his feet and attacked. Steele nailed the Steele Plate and barely covered him but Referee, Danny Franks jumped in with a very fast count.

Winner: AND STILL XCW Worlds Heavyweight Champion: Jared Steele

Steele celebrated and Danny Franks removed his referee shirt revealing a Tru Life Playas shirt! Lance Romance & Nicole entered the cage followed by C-Diddy, D-Money, & Gregory Symonds. They all attacked Hernandez and took him out of the ring. The Tru Life Playaz celebrated around the ring. Lance Romance & C-Diddy started to dance as did new member, Danny Franks. Axl Rotten walked out and entered the ring and joined the celebration! The Tru Life Playaz posed in the ring and exited to the backstage to close the show.