ECW One Night Stand PPV Results 6/11/06 New York City, New York

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Sunday, June 11, 2006 at 11:00 PM EST

ECW One Night Stand PPV Results - 6/11/06
Location: New York City, NY (Hammerstein Ballroom)
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
Report By: Adam Martin of

- We are shown a live shot of the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. All of the fans in attendance are chanting "ECW" loudly. It is a packed house as the ECW theme music hits. Paul Heyman appears and the crowd goes nuts. Heyman hits the ring and circles around it as the fans continue to cheer loudly. Heyman bows to the fans thanking them as a loud "ECW" chant starts up. The fans then start a "Paul E" chant. Heyman gets on the mic and says on behalf of every wrestler that wanted to be hardcore more than they wanted to be a superstar, on behalf of everyone who lived the dream, fought the fight and never gave up, it has now risen again. Another "ECW" chant. Heyman says this time, we are going to pour our kool-aid down the throats of a new global audience that is going to learn that it all started here tonight. A "Thank You Paul E" chant starts up. Heyman says do you realize what is happening. They are on PPV tonight. They are back on national TV, a lot better deal then they use to have, on Sci Fi this Tuesday night. Heyman says guys, this didn't happen because of Paul Heyman, this didn't happen because of Vince McMahon (boo's), this happened because of you. He says my god if ever the phrase by popular demand rang true, he says thank you to all of the ECW fans and everyone that made tonight and the future possible. A "If Cena Wins We Riot" sign is shown. He promises to be the messiah and the swinging schlong of the extreme and of ECW. Heyman says this is better than Monday Night RAW, Friday Night SmackDown, welcome to the re-birth of E-C-W.

- The classic Extreme Championship Wrestling opening runs. Another ECW graphic hits the screen with a Paul Heyman voiceover welcoming us to ECW One Night Stand.

- We go back live to the Hammerstein Ballroom. We then hear the voice of Joey Styles and he welcomes us to the show. The classic ECW music of Tazz plays as he makes his way to the ring to kick off the first match of the night.

Tazz vs. Jerry Lawler
Tazz (they are still spelling it with the extra z folks) backs up in the corner with his arms crossed awaiting Jerry Lawler. Lawler's music hits and the fans boo. Styles says Lawler is looking pudgy and says a king always eats well. Lawler points over to Styles, puts down his crown in front of him and then slaps Styles across the face. Styles' glasses go flying as Lawler smiles and makes his way back down the ramp towards the ring as Tazz looks on. The bell rings and Styles jumps in getting on the back of Lawler. Lawler throws Styles down, attempts a piledriver, but Tazz comes from behind and locks on the Tazzmission. The referee raises Lawler's arm once, twice and a third time. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Tazz

After the match, Tazz celebrates with the fans in attendance. We then go back to Joey Styles at the announce table and he intros a video package from the "WWE vs. ECW Head to Head" special this past Wednesday night. The package features Big Show revealing his alliance with ECW and eliminating Randy Orton to give Team ECW the win. We also see highlights of John Cena vs. Sabu. This ended with a brawl between WWE and ECW.

- We are at the announce area and Joey Styles is with Tazz. Styles congratulates Tazz on his victory over Jerry Lawler.

- The music of Randy Orton hits as the fans boo.

Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton
During Randy Orton's entrance, he had his usual pyro fall behind him as he posted on the top turnbuckle. Styles added, "fireworks in ECW?" Tazz added that Orton is a "superstar." Angle got a big pop from the crowd in New York City. A loud "F*CK'EM UP ANGLE, F*CK'EM UP" chant started up as Orton got back into the ring. Angle went after Orton right away and Orton bailed. The crowd chanted "P*SSY" at Orton. Orton comes back in and Angle attempts an ankle lock. Orton crawls to the ropes, gets under and bails out again to break the hold. A loud "ANGLE's GONNA KILL YOU" chant starts up as Orton gets back in, locks up with Angle and Angle quickly takes down Orton in a side headlock. Orton gets back to his feet, sends Angle into the ropes, but Angle comes back with a charge. Angle quickly covers Orton, but only gets a two count. Angle applies another headlock, but Orton breaks it and bails under the ropes to the outside yet again. Another "P*SSY" chant starts up and Orton cusses out the crowd that WWE bleeps out. Orton gets back in, Angle grabs him, lifts him up, slams him to the mat and slaps him over the head. Angle wraps his legs around Orton and Angle drives his forearms into the back of his head. Angle takes down Orton yet again with another headlock.

Angle backs off Orton and tells Orton he will give him a shot at him. Orton locks on a headlock and Angle breaks it quickly. Angle tells Orton to try another one. Orton applies it again and again Angle breaks it. Orton does it a third time and Angle hits a big back suplex. When Orton stands up in the corner, Angle charges, but Orton moves and Angle hits the corner with force. Orton grabs Angle, hits a forearm to the back and another forearm to the head that takes Angle down. Orton kicks Angle a few times, picks him up and hits a big uppercut. Orton adds in a few right hands and another uppercut. The fans boo at Orton. Angle then explodes and takes down Orton with force. Orton comes back with a big back elbow and takes Angle down. Orton hooks Angle's leg, but only gets a one count. Orton then drives Angle with force into the corner. Angle bounces off and hits the mat quickly. Orton drops a knee over Angle's neck two times, covers, but only gets a two count. Orton goes for a headlock, but Angle counters and gets Orton on his shoulders. Orton kicks out after two. Angle gets another pinfall on Orton and Orton again kicks out. Orton then starts biting Angle. Orton catches Angle with an elbow to the face. Orton then applies a headlock as the fans chant "ORTON SWALLOWS." Joey Styles says they won't repeat all chants tonight.

Orton keeps the headlock applied as the fans chant "BORING" loudly. The referee checks Angle once, but Angle powers up to his feet. Angle attempts a belly-to-belly, but Orton counters. Angle attempts another and Orton hits an elbow. Angle finally gets a german suplex on Orton. Angle and Orton exchange uppercuts. Angle then takes out Orton with a forearm to the back of the head followed by a clothesline. Angle grabs Orton, hits one german suplex, a second and third with a release. Angle gets pumped up as the fans cheer loudly. Angle stalks Orton as he stands up. Angle attempts an Angle Slam, but Orton counters and hits a quick arm drag. Orton then takes out Angle with a huge dropkick, hooks the leg, but Angle kicks out after two. Angle then takes out Orton with a quick back suplex and then drops the straps. Angle grabs Orton, hits an Angle Slam, covers...1...2...Orton kicks out. Angle then applies the ankle lock on Orton as the fans chant "BREAK HIS ANKLE." Orton rolls through the ankle lock and then hits the neckwrench on Angle. Orton covers Angle, but Angle kicks out after a close two count. Orton stalks Angle as he stands up. Orton misses the RKO and gets sent into the corner. When Angle jumps at him, Orton catches him with an elbow and Angle flys back. Orton goes up to the top rope, but Angle jumps up with. Orton hits an elbow and Angle falls down. Orton jumps and hits a big cross-body, Angle counters that into a pinfall that results in another close two count.

Orton then takes out Angle with a huge clothesline. Angle stands up, Orton goes for the RKO, but Angle counters into an ankle lock. Orton gets a close pinfall on Angle, but he kicks out. Angle then drops down and applies the ankle lock on Orton. Orton tries reaching out, but he can't get the ropes and Orton taps out.

Winner: Kurt Angle

The fans cheer loudly as Angle celebrates on all corners of the ring. Angle continues to get a big reaction from the ECW crowd. As Angle leaves the ring, he looks down and sees Orton grabbing his ankle in pain. Before Angle leaves, he gives one last pose to the crowd and says E-C-W. We see a shot of Orton trying to recover as the fans chant "YOU TAPPED OUT." Orton calls for another referee to help him out. The fans chant "P*SSY" as Orton is helped up. Orton waves and smiles at the ECW crowd.

- A promo runs hyping upcoming ECW events.

- We see a live shot outside of the Hammerstein Ballroom. The music of The FBI hits to kick off the next match.

The FBI (Little Guido, Tony Mamaluke) w/ Big Guido vs. Super Crazy & Tajiri
The ECW fans start a loud "WELCOME BACK" chant. The bell rings and here we go. We start with Super Crazy and Tony Mamaluke. Crazy and Mamaluke lock up, break and circle around the ring. Mamaluke goes behind Crazy and then works on his left arm. Crazy comes back with a snapmare into a headlock. Mamaluke then applies a keylock with a bridge. Tazz jokes that Styles knows the move and his other play by play guy didn't. Tajiri comes in to break up the submission. Crazy trips up Mamaluke, but Mamaluke comes back with a headlock. Crazy counters into a head scissors. Crazy takes down Mamaluke with a firemans carry, covers, but Mamaluke kicks out after two. Crazy takes down Mamaluke with a hip toss as the fans chant "NACHO LIBRE." Mamaluke takes down Crazy with a hip toss of his own and applies a short arm scissors. Crazy rolls out and gets Mamaluke on his shoulders. Crazy drops Mamaluke on his back. Crazy then drives Mamaluke face first into the mat when Mamaluke came off the ropes. Crazy follows that up with a moonsault, hooks the leg, but Mamaluke kicks out after two.

Little Guido and Tajiri then get the tags. Both hit the ring and the crowd chants "ECW" loudly. Guido and Tajiri go back and forth with counters. Tajiri gets in a few kicks, attempts a tilt-a-whirl, but Guido counters into an armbar. Tajiri gets the bottom rope as Guido gets in more right hands. Guido goes back to work on the left arm. Tajiri counters and applies a single leg boston crab as he taunts at Mamaluke in the corner. Tajiri sends Guido into the corner and then puts him in the tree of woe. Crazy superkicks Mamaluke when he tries to interfere. Crazy puts Mamaluke in the tree of woe in the opposite corner. Crazy and Tajiri stand back-to-back and both dropkick Mamaluke and Guido in the face in each corner. Tajiri does a cocky cover on Guido, but Guido kicks out. Crazy gets the tag and he misses a moonsault on Guido. Crazy attempts another, but Mamaluke pulls Guido out. Crazy kicks both Mamaluke and Guido on the outside. Crazy then springboards off the ropes and hits a big moonsault on both Mamaluke and Guido. Big Guido gets involved and he pulls Crazy out of the ring.

Big Guido takes out Crazy with a big elbow after Guido sent Crazy into the guard railing. Big Guido throws Crazy back in, Guido covers, but Crazy kicks out. Mamaluke gets the tag and he works on Crazy. Crazy takes out Mamaluke with a flapjack. Mamaluke then throws Crazy down and applies a cradle submission. Mamaluke then applies a camel clutch and Guido takes out Crazy with a big kick to the face. Tajiri comes in and takes out Mamaluke and Guido with some stiff kicks of his own! Guido drags Crazy out to the middle of the ring and drops an elbow. Crazy fights back with a flapjack on Guido. Tajiri gets the tag and he kicks Guido with some stiff kicks. Tajiri counters a back suplex landing on his feet and follows that up with a heel kick on Guido. Tajiri gets a two count on Guido. Mamaluke comes in and Tajiri applies a full body submission. Guido breaks it up. Tajiri takes out Guido and Mamaluke with a handspring elbow. Tajiri catches Guido with a huge sidkick, covers, but Mamaluke breaks it up. Tajiri and Crazy both apply tarantulas on Guido and Mamaluke. Big Guido comes in and Tajiri and Crazy chop him with kicks. They hit a double dropkick and Big Guido goes down and out. Guido and Mamaluke hit a double clothesline on Crazy and Tajiri. Guido as Crazy upside down on the ring apron and dropkicks him off into the crowd. Tajiri kicks both Guido and Mamaluke. Mamaluke comes back with a big uppercut. Both Mamaluke and Guido hit a double fisherman's buster on Tajiri. Guido covers and gets the pinfall.

Winners: The FBI

After the match, the new music of the Big Show hits. Big Show gets into the ring and gets in the face of Big Guido. Big Show low blows him with a big boot. Crazy misses a cross-body on Big Show. Big Show grabs Tajiri and hits a big knee lift. Big Show grabs Tony Mamaluke and hits a big backbreaker. Big Show throws Mamaluke into the ropes and kicks Big Guido out of the ring. Big Show's music hits and he leaves the ring heading to the back.

- A promo for ECW on Sci Fi is shown. The show debuts this Tuesday night at 10pm ET/9pm CT.

- We go back to Joey Styles and Tazz. Tazz is taking his tape off his wrists. Styles talks about the World Title matches tonight. We then hear the voice of JBL over the mic. JBL compares ECW to backyard wrestling. The fans chant "YOU SUCK D*CK" at JBL. JBL says he sees no women out here and that the fans are talking about a male organ. He says he remembers that ring from last year and how he beat up a big blue piece of crap. JBL talks about how everyone went on the internet and called JBL a bad guy. He said nothing happened to him when he knocked Blue Meanie out. A loud "SHUT THE F*CK UP" chant starts. JBL calls himself the King of Hardcore. He says Kurt Angle, Big Show and Rob Van Dam made their names in WWE, not ECW. JBL says RVD is a star because of Vince McMahon. He calls out Tazz, saying he is leaving network television to go to Tuesday nights on the Sci Fi Channel. JBL says Tazz is a household name because of WWE. He calls ECW fans Star Trek geeks and now they get ECW on the Sci Fi Channel. A loud "ASSSHOLE" chant starts up. JBL says they paid to see him, he didn't pay to see them. He says WWE would have fired Tazz anyways and that he is now the voice of SmackDown. JBL calls ECW the minor leagues and that Tazz can keep his phone book with him because he can see over the desk. He calls himself a wrestling god, tells the fans to kiss his ass and that ECW sucks. Tazz asks why he even came then.

- A promo for the new ECW book is shown.

- Sabu's music hits and he is out next.

World Heavyweight Championship Match - Extreme Rules
Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Sabu

Sabu got a big pop from the crowd. Rey Mysterio, complete with pyro, has the "ECW" letters on the back of his mask. Looks like they are hoping for a warm welcome despite a few boo's from the ECW crowd. There was ring introductions for both. The fans booed Mysterio. Both Mysterio and Sabu have steel chairs in hand. Referee Nick Patrick has both drop the chairs as the bell rings. Sabu takes down Mysterio quickly and Mysterio takes down Sabu as well. They grab the chairs, hit them together twice and then throw them at each other. Sabu sets up a chair near Mysterio in the corner and Sabu takes him out with a big leg splash. Sabu goes for a moonsault, but Mysterio takes out Sabu. Mysterio takes out Sabu with a huricanranna. Mysterio misses the 619 and Sabu takes out Mysterio at the knees. Sabu grabs a steel chair and throws it at the face of Mysterio. Sabu pulls a table out from under the ring and puts it over the ring apron and guard railing. Sabu puts Mysterio on the table, Sabu jumps up on the top rope, Mysterio jumps off and Sabu hits the guard railing. Mysterio bounces the head of Sabu off the steel steps. Mysterio throws Sabu back in the ring, hits a moonsault off the top rope, covers and Sabu kicks out after two. Mysterio catches Sabu with another dropkick. Sabu then gets Mysterio over the second rope, goes up to the top rope, leaps and hits a huge leg drop. Sabu covers Mysterio and Mysterio kicks out after two.

Sabu leaves the ring and gets another table. Sabu gets back in, grabs a steel chair and drops his body over Mysterio with the chair. Sabu covers and Mysterio kicks out again after two. Sabu leaves the ring, sets up the table in the entrance area, gets on top, Mysterio catches Sabu with a dropkick, Sabu falls on the table, Mysterio springboards off the top rope and splashes on Sabu smashing the table in half. A loud "HOLY S*IT" chant starts up. Back in the ring, Mysterio covers Sabu and Sabu kicks out after two. Mysterio then drops a leg over the back of Sabu's neck, covers again and Sabu kicks out after two. Sabu is favoring his left arm. Mysterio charges at him in the corner. Sabu moves, springboards off the ropes and hits a big leg lariat taking out Mysterio. Sabu sets up the steel chair, jumps off, springboards off the ropes and hits the moonsault. Sabu lands his knee right on the face of Mysterio! Sabu covers and Mysterio kicks out again. Mysterio sets up the chair, kicks Sabu, Sabu sits on the chair, Mysterio leaps off the top rope, Sabu moves and Mysterio low blows himself right on the chair. Sabu grabs the chair and Sabu throws it, cracking over the head of Mysterio with a loud thud that echoes in the Hammerstein Ballroom. Sabu puts Mysterio on the table that was over the ring apron and guard railing. Sabu jumps off the top rope, grabs Mysterio and gives him a huge DDT through it! The table smashes in half.

Both men are down. WWE officials come down and check on Mysterio and Sabu. After they are checked on, a WWE medical person determines that they are both hurt and that the match can't continue. The bell rings and we are done.

Winner: No Contest
Still World Heavyweight Champion: Rey Mysterio

After the bell is called, Rey Mysterio is carried out. ECW referees try to help Sabu out, but he refuses help and tries to crawl out as he heads to the back.

- A video package rolls highlighting the Hardcore Match that took place at WrestleMania 22 between Edge and Mick Foley. We then see Foley and Edge forming an alliance on RAW and naming themselves co-holders of the WWE Hardcore Title. This goes into Paul Heyman talking about Foley selling out to WWE and Foley saying he did what he had to do. This goes into Heyman announcing a tag team match for ECW One Night Stand between Mick Foley & Edge against Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer. We then see highlights from the "WWE vs. ECW" special when Edge defeated Tommy Dreamer.

- Out next is Mick Foley to start the next match. Foley gets into the ring and gets a mixed reaction from the ECW crowd. Foley gets on a mic and says alright, I did sell out. He said he sold out Madison Square Garden and smiles. Foley said he knows he said a lot of bad things about ECW and apologizes. He said there was a time when he loved ECW and respected ECW. Foley said he enjoyed it back when it was run and owned by a true creative genious. He said, lets hear it, for Stephanie McMahon. The fans boo. Foley says long live the Alliance! He says enough about him. Foley says he knows who they paid to see, the co-holder of the WWE Hardcore Title, escored by Lita, Edge. Edge gets on the mic and says listen, you don't want to mess with these idiots, because this is their night. He says this is like their Christmas, only their Santa is fat, bald, jewish and gives out a large supply of bullsh*t. Edge says he can expect these fans to text their fake girlfriends about how good the show was tonight and pleasure themselves on the internet to pictures of Lita. He calls the ECW fans pathetic. Lita gets on the mic and says speaking of pathetic, lets talk Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer, the innovator of silence. She says they have no chance and that when she sat on Tommy's face, that was more action than everyone ECW fan gets in one year. Lita also calls out Tommy's "skank" as well. Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer and Beulah McGuillicuty come out. Beulah makes a whore joke at Lita. She says we all know how much she likes threesomes, so why not make tonight 3 on 3. Beulah tells Lita to either put up or shut up, bitch. Beulah goes after Lita and they hold them back.

Mick Foley, Edge & Lita vs. Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer & Beulah McGuillicuty
The match starts with Tommy Dreamer and Edge. Dreamer and Edge exchange a few takedowns and Edge quickly tags in Mick Foley. Foley tells Dreamer that he wants Terry Funk. Funk gets the tag and he gets in some rights on Foley. Foley backs away and he tells Edge this wasn't a good idea and that he didn't want to be here. Funk goes after Foley right away and they brawl to the outside. Dreamer takes out Edge on the outside as well, spitting water in his face. We see a shot of Funk laying in some lefts and rights on Foley. Dreamer cracks a street sign over the back of Edge and throws more weapons inside. Funk throws Foley back in. Dreamer hits Foley with a sign and Funk hits Edge with a trash can. Funk puts a trash can over the head of Foley and Dreamer hits a baseball slide into the face of Foley. Edge fights back taking out Dreamer with a shot to the face with a cookie sheet. Foley starts hammering away and Funk's face with rights. We see a shot of Edge grabbing a ladder as Foley throws Funk over the guard railing into the crowd. In the ring, Edge takes out Dreamer with a shot to the face with the ladder. Edge sets up a ladder in the corner. Dreamer stands up, Edge charges, but Dreamer hits a hip toss throwing Edge back first on the ladder! On the outside, Funk and Foley are still brawling. Funk sends Foley face first into the steel steps.

Funk then gets the ladder, puts his head through it and Funk takes out Foley and Edge with it. Funk chokes Foley with the ladder in the corner and sets it up in the corner with Dreamer. Funk climbs up the ladder. Styles points out that Funk is 61 years old. Funk gets to the top and Edge pushes the ladder over. Funk hits the mat with force under the ladder. Edge grabs the ladder, Dreamer gets Edge on his shoulders and Lita comes in low blowing Dreamer. Foley kicks Funk out of the ring. Edge and Foley go under the ring and grab plywood covered in barbed wire. Styles says you don't pick up something like that at the Home Depot. Edge and Foley take the barbed wire covered board and slam it over the body of Dreamer. Dreamer shakes in pain. Edge and Foley pull it off the body of Dreamer and it sticks to Dreamer. They lift it up again and Funk trips up Foley. The board falls over the head of Foley and partly on Edge. Funk hits the ring and goes after Foley. Dreamer grabs the barbed wire board and sets it up in the corner. Funk and Dreamer send Foley into it and he stops himself, but still sticks partly. Funk and Dreamer punch Foley a few times and then throw him back first into the board! Foley screams out in pain. On the outside, we see Edge low blow Dreamer over the guard railing. In the ring, Foley takes the board and throws it on Funk when he went after Edge.

Lita then hands Foley more barbed wire. Foley wraps it around his forearm. Edge pulls the barbed wire board off Funk. Funk is bleeding everywhere. Foley drops his forearm over the head of Funk. Edge gives Dreamer a baseball slide when he tries to get in. Foley drives the barbed wire into the face of Funk. Funk screams out in pain about his eye. Foley starts choking out Funk with his boot and Funk continues to scream out about his eye. WWE medical officials come out and take Funk to the back. In the ring, Foley grabs a barbed wire bat as the fans call for The Sandman. Foley takes the baseball bat and slams it over Dreamer. Lita comes in, Foley puts the barbed wire bat over the groin of Dreamer and Lita kicks it into Dreamer. Beulah is forced to look on from the corner. The fans start another "WE WANT SANDMAN" chant. Foley pulls out Mr. Socko as the fans boo. Foley puts the mandible claw on Beulah. Dreamer runs up and takes out Foley. Edge interferes and holds Dreamer back. Foley puts on the mandible claw on Dreamer and Edge hits Dreamer with a Spear. Foley tells Edge to cover Dreamer. Edge says no and goes over to Beulah. Edge takes Beulah, bends her over, hooks her arm back and then we see a bandaged up Funk making his way through the crowd with a barbed wire 2x4. Dreamer low blows Edge. A bloody Funk comes in and hits Foley in the gut with the barbed wire 2x4 and alos on the back.

Funk hits Edge with the barbed wire 2x4 as well. Funk then sets the barbed wire 2x4 on fire. Funk hits Foley a few times. Foley retreates to the ring apron. Funk hits Foley again, Foley falls and breaks the barbed wire board with force cracking it in half. Edge then throws Funk through the ropes and he lands on Foley. Dreamer hits Edge with a big DDT and then wraps barbed wire around his neck and head pulling back. Lita interferes on Dreamer. Beulah comes in and tackles Lita. Lita and Beulah go at it. Styles yells out CATFIGHT! Dreamer grabs Lita, puts her on his shoulders and connects with a Dreamer Driver. Dreamer and Beulah both do the arm taunt to the ECW crowd. Edge grabs barbed wire and hooks it around the neck and eyes of Dreamer. Edge pulls Dreamer down into a reverse neckbreaker with the barbed wire. Beulah checks on Dreamer. Edge then hits Beulah with a Spear. Edge covers Beulah, with her legs up in the air and Edge "pumps" for each pinfall as it gets to three.

Winners: Mick Foley, Edge & Lita

After the match, both Mick Foley and Terry Funk are still bloody laying on the barbed wire board. Edge pulls Foley off the barbed wire board. Foley, Edge and Lita all celebrate at the top of the entrance area. We see a shot of a bloody Terry Funk still laying in the barbed wire. In the ring, Tommy Dreamer picks up Beulah as the fans chant ECW. Funk calls to be cut out of the barbed wire. WWE and ECW staff cut Foley out and lift him up.

- Another promo for ECW on Sci Fi airs.

- Backstage, we see a shot of WWE Champion John Cena. He looks at his title and leaves. We also see a shot of Rob Van Dam warming up backstage as well.

- Coming out next is Balls Mahoney for the next match.

Balls Mahoney vs. Masato Tanaka
The bell rings and here we go. Tanaka is much slimmer than last year. Mahoney takes out Tanaka with a hip toss. Tanaka comes back with a takedown of his own. Tanaka hits a high cross-body on Mahoney that results in a two count. Tanaka takes out Mahoney with a very stiff elbow in the corner. Mahoney responds with a quick powerslam on Tanaka. Mahoney hits his right hands and the fans chant "BALLS" on each punch followed by the big wind-up punch. Tanaka takes out Mahoney and sends him through the ropes. Tanaka leaps over the top rope, jumps on Mahoney and Mahoney tackles him hitting a few right hands. Mahoney hits Tanaka with an uppercut, calls for a beer from the crowd, gets one, drinks and slams it in the face of Tanaka. Mahoney grabs another beer and does this again. Tanaka gets a beer of his own and slams it in Mahoney's face. Tanaka grabs a steel chair, tries to hit Mahoney with it, but Mahoney side steps that and Tanaka hits the railing with force. Mahoney throws Tanaka back inside the ring. Tanaka gets up on the top with Mahoney and hits a big superplex. Tanaka hooks the leg and Mahoney kicks out after two. Tanaka goes up to the top himself and Mahoney cuts him off.

Mahoney grabs Tanaka and hits a big superplex off the top of his own. Mahoney grabs a steel chair and Tanaka has one of his own. They hit chairs a few times. Mahoney dodges a shot from Tanaka and cracks the chair over the head of Tanaka with a loud THUD. Wow, those are amazing shots. Mahoney holds up the steel chair and reveals a huge dent in the steel chair. Mahoney drops, hooks the leg of Tanaka and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Balls Mahoney

After the match, Balls Mahoney holds up the steel chair high as his music hits. The fans chant "BALLS, BALLS, BALLS" at him. Mahoney goes up to the entrance area and gives one last salute to the crowd before leaving.

- A video package runs highlighting Rob Van Dam's win at WrestleMania 22 granting him a "Money in the Bank" clause. We then see RVD issuing a challenge to John Cena for the WWE Championship at ECW One Night Stand tonight.

- After the video package, the bell rings and we are about to start the WWE Championship Match when Eugene's music hits. Eugene comes out, gets on the mic and says he loves ECW. The fans boo. Eugene says his Uncle Eric Bischoff told him he was always as smart as an ECW fan. He says he loves ECW because he is hardcore. Eugene asks if the crowd is saying "boo" or "U" for Eugeneeee. He says he has a poem and asks if the crowd wants to hear it. They say no. Eugene says, "OK!" Eugene says his poem that rhymes with ECW stars. The fans start a "SHUT THE F*CK UP" chant at Eugene. He tells the fans he wants to hug them all. We hear the new music of The Sandman hit. Sandman makes his way into the crowd with a cigarette in his mouth. Sandman drinks a few beers and smashes them on his head. He continues through the crowd and drinks more beer. Sandman finally gets into the ring as the fans cheer loudly. He gets in the ring and Eugene is smiling. Eugene puts down the mic and waves at Sandman. When Eugene walks towards Sandman, Sandman cracks his singapore cane over his head. Eugene leaves the ring and Sandman continues to hit him with the singapore cane. Eugene gets down on his knees and begs not to be hit. Sandman cracks him over the head with the singapore cane some more and chases him to the back. Sandman comes back out and cracks open another beer for the fans in attendance.

- Another promo for ECW on Sci Fi this Tuesday night (10pm ET/9pm CT) airs.

- Rob Van Dam's music hits and here we go for the WWE Championship Match.

WWE Championship Match - Extreme Rules
John Cena (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

As expected, Rob Van Dam is insanely over with the crowd tonight. And also as expected, John Cena is the most hated man at this show tonight. Cena held his WWE Title high as he walked down the entrance area with his head down. They did ring introductions for both RVD and Cena. I'm sure you can guess the reactions for each. When Cena threw his hat and shirt to the audience, the ECW crowd threw it right back. The ECW crowd kept throwing the shirt back into the ring when Cena would throw it out. This was very entertaining. There was also toilet paper thrown at Cena. A loud "F*CK YOU CENA" chant started up. RVD and Cena lock up. They do a power strength until Cena pushes RVD into the corner. Cena gets in a few right hands on RVD. The fans start a loud "YOU CAN'T WRESTLE" chant at RVD. Cena smiles at the chant and hits RVD with a quick suplex, covers RVD and only gets a two count. Cena takes out RVD with a big shoulder block. RVD comes back with a big kick to Cena's face. Cena gets in the face of RVD. Both exchange right hands. They kept doing this back and forth and each time Cena hit RVD, they would boo loudly and would cheer loudly for RVD offense. Cena takes out RVD with a powerslam, covers, but only gets a two count. Cena clotheslines RVD over the top rope and the fans start a "SAME OLD SH*T" chant. Cena goes up to the top rope, jumps and drops the hammer over the back of RVD.

Cena continues to take it to RVD on the outside. Cena throws the face of RVD off the table with force. Cena grabs his WWE Championship and raises it high to the boo's of the ECW fans. The fans start an overrated chant at Cena when RVD takes out Cena with a big moonsault. RVD grabs a steel chair, but Cena fights back with some rights. Cena sends RVD into the camera man. RVD tries to jump up on the guard railing, but Cena pushes RVD right into the crowd. Cena follows RVD into the crowd. You can see a big "F*CK YOU CENA" sign. Cena grabs the sign, puts it on the face of RVD and hits a big right hand. RVD fights back on Cena as he is hanging over the guard railing. RVD hits his corkscrew leg drop over the head of Cena and Cena falls forward. RVD takes out Cena with a baseball slide. With Cena still peeking out under the bottom rope, RVD springboards over the top rope and takes out Cena with a huge leg drop. Cena is laying in the corner. RVD gets a steel chair, comes in the ring and drives it right into the face of Cena. RVD hooks the leg of Cena, but Cena kicks out after two. RVD hits another leg drop on Cena, puts the steel chair on the chest of Cena, goes off the ropes and hits the Rolling Thunder on the steel chair! The fans chant "RVD" loudly as RVD crawls over, covers Cena, but only gets a two count. RVD picks up Cena, plants him near the corner, grabs the steel chair and puts it on Cena.

RVD hits the split-legged moonsault on Cena, but Cena gets the steel chair up when RVD comes down. Cena fights back kicking RVD in the gut and hitting a big DDT on RVD right on top of the steel chair. Cena hooks the leg of RVD, but RVD kicks out after two. Another "YOU CAN'T WRESTLE" chant from the ECW crowd at Cena. Cena gets the steel chair, positions it between the top and middle rope, grabs RVD and catapults him into the steel chair. RVD cracks his head right into the steel chair with force. Cena covers RVD and again RVD kicks out after two. RVD gets back to his feet. Cena hits a twirling back suplex on RVD. Cena raises his arm up, the crowd chants "SAME OLD SH*T", Cena does the you can't see me taunt and hits the five knuckle shuffle. Cena raises his arms up, salutes RVD and gets ready. RVD gets to his feet, Cena grabs him, puts him on his shoulders, RVD fights off and kicks Cena right in the face taking him down. Cena approaches RVD in the corner with a few rights. Cena irish whips RVD, charges, but RVD gets a boot up. When RVD goes up to the top to take out Cena again, Cena grabs RVD and drives him down hard into the mat. Cena hooks the leg of RVD, but RVD kicks out after two. RVD positions Cena on the top rope and Cena falls off. Cena gets back up on the ring apron and RVD catches him with a dropkick. Cena falls off and hits the guard railing with force. We then see RVD pulling out a table from under the ring.

RVD takes the table and sets it up in the corner of the ring. Cena grabs RVD, trips him up and locks on the STFU out of no where! RVD reaches out for the bottom rope. RVD inches closer to the rope with Cena on his back locking in the STFU. RVD reaches and finally gets the bottom rope. The referee makes the count at Cena to break the hold and Cena doesn't. The referee pulls Cena off and gets in his face. Cena pushes the referee and the referee pushes Cena back. Cena then levels the referee. RVD is up on the top and Cena cuts him off crotching him. Cena grabs RVD, hooks his arm and hits a big superplex. Cena leaves the ring and throws part of the steel steps into the ring. Cena picks up the steel steps, RVD stands up, Cena charges and nails RVD in the face with the steps. RVD is down. SmackDown referee Nick Patrick hits the ring, Cena covers...1...2...RVD gets a shoulder up. Cena grabs RVD, puts him on his shoulders, RVD holds the top rope and Cena gives RVD the FU over the top rope to the outside! A man dressed in black with a black helmet appears in the ring. The man gives Cena a Spear into the corner smashing through the table! The man takes off the helmet and reveals himself to be Edge! Edge asks Cena if he could see that. The ECW crowd thanks Edge. RVD comes in and hits the Five Star Frog Splash on Cena. SmackDown referee Nick Patrick is still out. RVD tries to wake him up. Paul Heyman comes running down the entrance area and hits the ring. Heyman yells at RVD to cover Cena. RVD hooks the leg, Heyman counts, 1...2...3!

Winner & NEW WWE/ECW Champion: Rob Van Dam

Paul Heyman grabs the WWE Championship and hands it to Rob Van Dam. RVD is announced as the new ECW Champion. RVD hugs Paul Heyman and then leaves the ring through the crowd up into the next level of the Hammerstein Ballroom. RVD hugs his wife up in the stands and continues to celebrate. In the ring, we see Paul Heyman, Bill Alfonso, Big Show and others celebrating. More ECW wrestlers hit the ring and they wait for RVD to come back to the ring. Rob Van Dam finally returns to the ring and gets lifted up by Big Show and Kurt Angle. Other ECW stars such as Justin Credible, Tommy Dreamer, Danny Doring, Balls Mahoney and more are also out celebrating. A graphic for the WWE Vengeance PPV on June 25 is shown and how a WWE Championship Match is set with Edge as the #1 contender. The PPV goes off the air with Joey Styles mentioning how history has been made tonight and Rob Van Dam celebrating with WWE/ECW Championship over his shoulder celebrating with the ECW fans...