iMPACT! Results - 6/22/06 (Tag Team Titles and X Title all on the line..)

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On Friday, June 23, 2006 at 12:02 AM EST

Full TNA iMPACT! Results – 6/22/06
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
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-Highlights are shown from Slammiversary.

-The iMPACT! opening airs

-Jim Cornette is already in the ring as the opening pyro finishes. He talks about being here to straighten out the company, since the company has all the potential in the world but it needs "order, structure, discipline, and accountability." He says he's been holding closed door meetings all day long. He says Borash has been trying to get a little too much information out of him, and he says Borash is only on a "need to know" basis. He calls out LAX. He says he had an appointment with them today, but they didn't show up. He tells them to not miss another meeting or it will be the last one. He says next week he'll have "at least a half a dozen" announcements after the meetings he has been having. He says somebody will be fired next week. He says he came to do what is best for everyone. The fans chant "Fire Jarrett." Cornette has the NWA World Title. He holds it up and says Jeff Jarrett wants it more than a sick man wants pennicilin. He says some of the things that happened at Slammiversary make him sick and embarrassed to be associated with pro wrestling. He says Jeff Jarrett is NOT the NWA World Champion. He says there is no NWA World Champion right now. He says he will have a decision made by next week. He will announce who the champ is and he will make a major announcement about July's PPV, Victory Road. He now talks about Jarrett and knowing him for a long time and his family, since Jarrett was 14. Cornette talks about how Jarrett's grandma would be ashamed of him if she were alive. Cornette says he will tell Jarrett next week exactly what his future holds. Jarrett comes down the ramp. He and Cornette argue on the ramp. Jarrett screams that he wants his belt and tells Cornette not to bring his family into it. Cornette just tells him off and leaves.

NWA World Tag Title Match
AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels (C) vs. Diamonds in the Rough (Elix Skipper & David Young) w/ Simon Diamond

Styles and Daniels make their entrance and we go to commercial...


The Diamonds make their entrance and we are ready to go. Daniels and Young start off. Skipper attacks Daniels from behind right away before they lock up. Young gives Daniels a neckbreaker. Young gives him a right forearm and tags in Skipper. He comes in and nails Daniels off the top. Skipper with a loud kick to the back. Skipper crotches Daniels on the middle of the ropes. He then walks the top rope, but Daniels pushes him off. Young is tagged in. Daniels with a jawbreaker and he tags in Styles. He cleans house on both opponents. He sets up the Styles Clash on Young, but Young hits him from behind. Styles whips Skipper into Daniels and he gives him a hip toss. Styles and Daniels give Skipper a double team move. They take him out with a double clothesline/trip. Styles with an enziguiri on Skipper. Daniels goes for the Angel's Wings, but Simon Diamond breaks it up. Jaime Dauncey, the unknown woman from Slammiversary, comes out and takes out Simon Diamond. Daniels slams Young. Daniels then nails his Best Moonsault Ever, and Styles hits a frog splash right after. Styles makes the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels

-Gail Kim runs out and attacks the unknown woman. They fight, but she is too big for Gail. AMW eventually comes out and pulls Gail Kim from the ring before anything major happens.

-Jeremy Borash is backstage outside of Cornette's office. Sabin, Lethal and Eric Young are shown waiting in line for their meetings. Young hears Borash says "fate" and then gets paranoid he is going to get fired. Jeff Jarrett comes into the scene and pushes his way to the front of the line. He says he has his belt and he's going in to get it. Borash asks him if he has an appointment, but Jarrett says he doesn't need one to see Cornette.


-Borash is still backstage. Jay Lethal asks Eric Young about being so paranoid. Chris Sabin jokes he needs to get back on medication. Young asks Jarrett if he's getting fired when he comes out of the room. Jarrett says he could care less whether or not Eric has a job. Jarrett is mad because Cornette told him he has to wait 7 days to find out about his title.

Monty Brown vs. Chasyn Rance
Brown starts out just nailing him with forearm shots and some boots in the corner. Slick Johnson's ref apparel resembles a soccer player. Brown executes a fallaway slam. Brown nails the Pounce and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Monty Brown

-Konnan gets on the mic after the match. He invites Brown to come join LAX at their protest position. He calls Brown a superstar, and tries to tell him that TNA has held him down. He says he's only had one oppurtunity to get the title, and he tells him that's by design. He tells Brown that minorities are held down in TNA. Brown looks around thinking about it, but then he says he's going solo. Ron Killings comes out after Konnan says Brown will learn just like Killings did. Killings asks if someone called his name. He says somebody must want to know whats up. Konnan says he is family. Konnan talks about their past together. Konnan says there is nobody in the company that he has more love for. Konnan tries to tell him that he's been held back and TNA has made him nothing. Killings says he is something to the fans. Konnan says he's his brother and says the company doesn't look at talent, they look at race. Konnan invites him to join LAX. Killings hugs Konnan, but then LAX attacks him. Konnan gets some shots in on him. They toss him back over the rail.

-Borash is backstage still outside Cornette's office. He says Lethal and Sabin are inside. Eric Young asks how they got in front of him? He says they always save the worst news for last. He's still paranoid. Young says his life is on the line and Borash is his last ally. Borash tells him to tell the public about how he feels and get them behind him. Sabin and Lethal come out. Sabin says they aren't at liberty to discuss what they were told, but Sabin says Nash is going to love it. Lethal says next week is going to be great. Young tells Borash to not tell anyone about their "secret plan."


-Borash is still outside the office. Christian Cage walks up. Christian talks about the controversy around the title. He says the right thing to do is to put the title back around the waist of the true champion. Christian says that would be him.

-Team 3D and the James Gang are backstage with a crowd of wrestlers around them as well as Slick Johnson. The James Gang wants to finish things right now. Slick Johnson says there are no rules, so "let's get it on." BG James then proceeds to tell a "Yo Mama" joke. Brother Ray then gets in a "Yo Mama" joke. BG tells another. Brother Ray tells another. Ray says then that it's time to talk about BG's daddy. Ray tells a "your daddy is so old" joke, or at least tries to. He can't think of anything and says, "Screw it." He says BG's daddy is an Armstrong, and he says that whole family is a bunch of losers. They start brawling. They brawl up the tunnel out into the impact zone. BG whips Ray into the post. Kip throws Devon into the rail. BG throws some chairs into the ring. He gives Devon some chair shots. He then throws a chair at Ray and Kip slams a chair into it, nailing him in the face. The James Gang gives them some crotch chops. Brother Run runs out and nails a 3D drop. He cleans house on both members of the James Gang. Ray gets on the mic. He challenges the James Gang to get a partner for a match with all 3 members of Team 3D at Victory Road.

-Borash is backstage still by the office. He says Christian is inside. Christian walks out. Christian is mad that Cornette wants him to wait 7 days to find out the fate of the world title. Sting walks into the picture. Christian says he doesn't know how this thing is going to work out with Cornette. Sting says he has something he wants to say to Cornette. Christian asks him what he's going to say? Sting says Christian will be the first to find out.


-A TNA Knockouts video airs. It shows highlights of the filming for their DVD which will be released later in the year.

X Title Match
Samoa Joe (C) vs. Senshi vs. Sonjay Dutt

Senshi takes out Dutt with a kick and goes after Joe. Joe takes out Senshi as he goes to the outside. Joe throws Dutt over the top on to Senshi on the outside. Eric Young runs through the crowd with a "Don't Fire Eric Young" sign and a bandana over his mouth. Joe looks at him a little shocked, then goes to the outside. Joe throws Dutt into the rail and throws Senshi into the apron. Joe with right hands on Dutt. Dutt gets seated in a chair by the rail. Joe runs in with a boot to the face. He goes after Senshi and throws him into the apron again. He gives Senshi a loud chop. Joe charges at Senshi, but Senshi drops him with a clothesline. He tosses Joe into the ring. Senshi with kicks to Joe. Joe blocks a kick and comes back with some open hand chops.


Senshi is still working over Joe with kicks. He goes for a cover and gets a 2 count. Senshi puts on a reverse facelock. Joe slips out and kicks him. Senshi comes off the ropes with a double dropkick to the lower body. Joe ducks and avoids a kick, but Senshi then kicks him from another angle. Dutt comes off the top with a cross body on to Senshi for a 2 count. Dutt with a drop toe hold and a back splash on to Senshi. Dutt with some kicks and punches to Joe. He runs off the ropes, but Joe catches him in mid ring and drops him. Senshi with some kicks to Joe, but Joe gives him an atomic drop, kick, and back splash. Dutt with a huracanrana from the top rope to a Joe in the ring. Joe puts a choke on Sonjay on the apron, with Joe on the outside. Senshi comes in with a dropkick sending Joe to the floor outside. Dutt with an elevated reverse DDT in the ring. Steiner comes out and nails a chair shot to the head of Joe. Joe lays motionless on the outside with Steiner standing over him. Senshi with a kick. Senshi comes off the top with his double foot stomp on Dutt. He makes the cover and gets the pin.

Winner and NEW X Champion: Senshi

-Senshi celebrates with the title belt. Steiner stands over Steiner with the chair in hand still. Joe eventually regains his senses after Steiner has left. He throws the chair into the ringpost in disgust.

-Borash questions Sting as he comes out of Cornette's office. Sting says the meeting went perfect. He says Cornette will work out fine, and he says he got everything he wanted.

-The weekly, show closing "Adrenaline Rush" video airs.

Closing Thoughts: This was a very average show up until the main event. The main event by itself took it from a thumbs in the middle show to a thumbs up show. Even so, I thought the main event was hurt a bit by having a commercial in the middle of what was already a pretty short match anyways.

The segments with Borash outside of Cornette's office were a good idea, but I thought they went a little overboard on it and they got kind of redundant. Eric Young was hilarious, though. When he went running through the crowd during the main event with the sign, I couldn't stop laughing.

The opening match with Daniels and Styles vs. The Diamonds in the Rough was pretty good, although it was very short. I would have rather seen some of the Borash pieces cut so that this match could have been given more time. For example, instead of showing Christian entering the office in one segment and leaving during another, they could have cut it down to one segment and opened up some more time for other things (the opening match). Granted that is probably only a minute or so, but this added in with cutting down some of the other "Outside Cornette's Office" segments as well could have given the opening match a couple more minutes at least.