Funking Conservatory report from July 30, Stro & grand marshall, IWW

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Tuesday, August 1, 2006 at 3:42 PM EST

Dory Funk sent in the following report:

Funking Conservatory Press Release - "World Championship Belt Held Up"

In a Funking Conservatory World Championship Match in Ocala, Florida Sunday July 30th between the Champion, Johnny Magnum and Challenger Blain Rage, There was outside interference on behalf of Blain Rage by TNA's America's Most Wanted, Chris Harris and James Storm. Specifically, James Storm smashed a beer bottle over the head of Johnny Magnum. There is also evidence that this action could have been provoked by Johnny Magnum.

Johnny Magnum received a gash in his head that required ten stitches to close and he had cuts on his arm from the smashed beer bottle.

Chris Harris was also bleeding and it was un-clear if Harris was cut by broken glass in the ring or an attack by Johnny Magnum.

Because of the chaos that occurred in the World Championship match between Blain Rage and Johnny Magnum and to maintain the integrity of the Funking Conservatory World Championship a review committee of the Funking Conservatory has taken possession of the World Championship Belt.

A decision on the Funking Conservatory World Championship Belt will be made within the week.

To keep up with developments regarding the Funking Conservatory World Championship situation, check in on our website at

Results for the other two main events Sunday night - TNA's America's Most Wanted, James Storm and Chris Harris won over Dory Funk Jr. and Jon Davis when Harris and Storm ganged up on Funk with their finishing combination called The Death Sentence. (Death Sentence - (Bearhug hold (Storm) top rope legdrop (Harris) combination)

Russell Paul Williams wrestling in front of his family used a cradle to gain a "come from behind victory" over the 7' "Lord of Discipline."

Video will be posted at of the controversial Funking Conservatory World Championship Match as it becomes available.

For more information on TNA's upcoming pay per view, "Hard Justice, visit

The Stro of sent this in:

Former WCW star The Stro formerly Maestro will be the grand marshall for this year's Magnolia Firemen's Day Parade in Magnolia, North Carolina Saturday October 7, 2006. Start of the parade is 10 am est.

IWW sent in the following preview:

'International Intermingle'

Combined Community Centre,

Limited Website Ticket: 22 (Only 30 Available via the Website)

General Tickets: 10 @ The Door

Doors Open: 5.30pm
Bell-Time: 6.00pm
Sunday Aug 27th.

22 Limited Website Ticket Includes:
* Front Row Seat.
* Our Latest Programme Signed by all the International Talent.
* Polariod Picture with 'The Pukka One' Darren Burridge.

+++ These Tickets are not Available until Monday, July 31st. From the below contacts. +++

Phone: 087-2725106 or E-mail to reserve a 'Limited Website Ticket'.

'International Intermingle' Line-Up:
'The Stampede Kid' TJ Wilson (Stampede Wrestling - Canada)
'The Pukka One' Darren Burridge (1PW - England)
The Hornet (ROH, CMLL, Dragon Gate - Canada)
The UK Kid (VPW - England)
'Thee' Drew Galloway (IwW, All-Star Wrestling - Scotland)
'The Man Gravity Forgot' Pac (1PW - England)
Charlie Rage (NWE - England)
Stu Sanders (Dropkixx - Wales)
Domino (All-Star Wrestling - England)
'The French Paradox' Pierre Marceau (IwW - France)

Ireland's Own:
'SOS' Seamus O'Shaunessy
Vic Viper
'The Heretic' Red Vinny
Ballymun Bruiser
Mad Man Manson
Bam Katraz
Bingo Ballance

Please Note: Once the 30 Limited Website Tickets are Sold, there will be no more availalbe.

This will be a TV Taping for 'Whiplash TV' on The Wrestling Channel, Sky Digital - 427.