ECW on Sci Fi Results - 8/1/06 - New York City, NY (Big Show/Batista)

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On Tuesday, August 1, 2006 at 11:09 PM EST

ECW on Sci Fi Results - 8/1/06
Live From: New York City, New York (Hammerstein Ballroom)
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
Report By: Adam Martin of

- The ECW open hits. We then go live to the Hammerstein Ballroom (which is sold out) in New York City, New York. The fans are chanting ECW loudly. Joey Styles & Tazz plug Big Show vs. Batista for the ECW World Title tonight and The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer vs. Test & Mike Knox which happens right now.

- Test & Mike Knox defeated The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer in an Extreme Rules Match. As the match started, the fans started a "YOU SUCK DI*K" chant and later a "FU*K'EM UP SANDMAN, FU*K'EM UP" chant. They turned the audio of the crowd down and bumped up the audio of Joey Styles and Tazz on the announcers mics. Lots of weapons were brought into the match including a board full of barbed wire. Dreamer was busted open after a cane shot from Test. Sandman caned Knox to the back and Dreamer grabbed Kelly and spanked her over his knee in the ring. Paul Heyman then came out with his security guards, held out his arms like a messiah as the fans chanted "YOU SOLD OUT" and then ordered the guards to launch Dreamer into the barbed wire board in the corner. The finish saw Test then come in, throw Dreamer into the board one more time and then hit his spinning neckbreaker to get the pinfall. Very good start to the show, but they might have a hard time following that up.


- Backstage, Paul Heyman is shown with his security guards. Heyman walks by some of the ECW roster and they all turn their back to him. Francine is back there and finally gets some TV time. Sabu then walks up to Heyman. Heyman says he knows, same thing he wanted last week. Sabu says he wants the Big Show. Heyman says he appreciates everything he did for ECW, but Big Show is champion now and that is a long term investment. He said everyone needs to support Big Show. Heyman says he respects Sabu and that he has always put his body on the line as evident by the scars on his body. He then respectfully declines Sabu's offer and asks him to leave the building or he will be escorted out. Sabu gets in Heyman's face to end the segment.

- We then go to Joey Styles and Tazz. Tazz says we will probably never see Big Show vs. Sabu in ECW. They plug Big Show vs. Batista for the ECW Title later tonight.

- Backstage, CM Punk says the wait is over and he has the opportunity of a life time. Tonight, he debuts in ECW. He ends it with, "My C...M...Punk." A graphic hits the screen saying Punk's debut is next.


- CM Punk defeated Justin Credible. The finish saw Punk hit Credible with a modified Rock Bottom into an elbow submission that saw Credible tap out. Punk got a huge reaction in front of the New York crowd. Lots of back and forth action between the two. Punk hit a few impressive spots with a springboard clothesline and a knee to the face/bulldog combo from the corner. After the match, Punk got down on one knee and seemed to soak it all in and smiled as the fans cheered.

- A promo highlighting Batista airs.

- Later Tonight: Big Show vs. Batista for the ECW Title.


- "The Reject" Shannon Moore is shown in what looks to be a subway train.

- The Brooklyn Brawler is in the ring when we come back live. Brawler said he is too extreme for Raw and Smackdown and that ECW is the perfect place for him. He said he will become ECW's World Champion. Tazz quickly disagrees on the mic. Kurt Angle then comes out, making his return to ECW and gets a huge pop.

- Kurt Angle defeated The Brooklyn Brawler. Before the match started, the fans chanted "WELCOME BACK" at Angle. The finish saw Angle headbutt Brawler, apply the Ankle Lock and Brawler tapped out quickly. After the match, Angle celebrated with the ECW fans and Tazz called Angle the most unstoppable man in ECW.

- A promo airs highlighting Big Show's dominance in ECW.

- Big Show defending the ECW Title against Batista is up next.


- We come back and see a dark room with candles as Ariel (The Tarot Card Reader) approaches. She says people like her had to be confined to the shadows for a long time, but not anymore. She talks about the debut of Kevin Thorn (aka Kevin Fertig/Mordecai) last week. Thorn appears and said the blood of ECW would be his.

- ECW Champion Big Show and Batista both came out. They are booing both men. A chant for RVD started up. A loud "YOU BOTH SUCK" chant started as the match began. The fans booed the match loudly as they went to the first commercial break.


- Batista defeated ECW Champion Big Show via DQ - Big Show retains the ECW Championship. As we came back live, the fans were still booing the match. A loud "CHANGE THE CHANNEL" chant started up. Very slow action between Big Show and Batista with lots of suplexes, bodyslams and right hands. The ECW fans continued to boo after Batista suplexed Big Show off the top rope. Batista kicked out of a chokeslam. Big Show tried to use the ECW Title, but Batista ducked and hit Big Show with a spinebuster. Big Show grabbed the ECW Title again and knocked out Batista. The ECW referee called for the bell since this match wasn't under Extreme Rules.

After the match, Sabu hit the ring and launched a steel chair at Big Show's face. Sabu hit a leg drop using the steel chair on Big Show. Sabu then grabbed the chair again and cracked it into the face of Big Show. Big Show fell off the ring apron and crashed through the table that was sitting at ringside. ECW goes off the air with Sabu posing at the ECW entrance area and we see a shot of Big Show still down near the ring after going through a table.