Irish Whip Wrestling announces talent-trading agreement - the full info

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Friday, September 29, 2006 at 2:07 PM EST

Devin Cutting sent this in: is extremely proud to announce a huge Talent-Trading Agreement with some of the top independent promotions in the world today.

IwW fans can expect to see more of the stars of Canada's Pure Wrestling Association (PWA), the USA's American Championship Wrestling Alliance (ACWA), England's Real Quality Wrestling (RQW) and Celtic Wrestling (C/W) of Wales.

"This is a huge development for both IwW fans and fans of these respectively growing promotions alike," said one IwW spokesperson. "IwW prides itself on exposing the best homegrown and international talent, and both will thrive as a result of this agreement. IwW stars will grow and improve with increased global experience, while IwW fans can see some of the top names from the independent scene that only Irish Whip Wrestling can bring you."

Already some of these developments have been seen in the respective promotions today. Here are some examples:

RQW: One of England's fastest-growing independent promotions has already seen 'The Heretic' Red Vinny star on their most recent major event, while fans of IwW Whiplash TV have grown accustomed to seeing such RQW stars as Bubblegum and JP Monroe.

Celtic Wrestling: IwW fans have been fortunate enough to see C/W Heavyweight Champion Caiman perform in an Irish Whip ring throughout the summer, while Celtic fans have been repaid by being exposed to the likes of Mad Man Manson, Bingo Ballance and Ballymun Bruiser over the past several months.

ACWA: Fans will recall that ACWA Heavyweight Champion CJ Summers recently completed a one-month tour of Ireland, competing in IwW Gym War 13 and the Into the West tour among other shows. Meanwhile Mad Man Manson and Pierre Marceau returned from a trip to the US to perform on several ACWA shows in August.

PWA: IwW newcomer LA Warren has made several appearances for PWA and Canada's elite will shortly be making their presence known to IwW fans over the coming months.

"These are just the beginning of the developments though," said the spokesperson. "The proceeding few months will really see a difference in IwW's shows and we are sure that the difference will be overwhelmingly positive. We believe that we have the best fans on the European, possibly the world scene, and like to repay them with the best talent in the world."

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