Raw House Show Results - 12/27 - Rochester, NY ('Cena and Umaga')

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, December 28, 2006 at 6:44 AM EST

WWE Raw House Show Results - 12/27/06
Location: Rochester, New York

Mark Griffin, Jr. sent in the following report:

Cryme Tyme Defeat Worlds Greatest Tag Team

Vladimir Koslov defeats Val Venis - Shock Treatment as the finisher

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch defeat The Highlanders

Womens Title Match- Mickie James defeats Victoria

Intercontinental Title Ladder Match- Jeff Hardy defeats Carlito and Johnny Nitro- sweet ladder spots. Hardy was very over with the crowd


Maria comes out and does a kiss cam type thing and then Viscera comes out and tries to make out with her and Hacksaw Jim Duggan comes for the save and leads to match

Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeats Viscera

DX and Ric Flair defeat Rated RKO and Kenny Dykstra- DX very over also

WWE Title Match- John Cena defeats Umaga via DQ- Cena had loudest pop of the night

Overall a really good wrestling show. The place appeared to be sold out and the crowd was very into the matches the whole night, except they didn't know who Vladimir Koslov was. Great show for Rochester.

Dana N. also sent in this report:

I attended the RAW Brand house show in Rochester, NY tonight and I thought I'd send some detailed notes your way.

RAW Brand House Show in Rochester, NY December 27, 2006

- Charlie Haas + Shelton Benjamin vs. Cryme Tyme
the crowd was sort of dead at the beginning of this one. BUT it was because most of them were still getting merchandise and food, they let is in about 35 minutes before showtime for some reason. Charlie kept doing this odd dance, and everyone shouted "YOU'RE NOT BLACK!" and Shelton covered his ears. In the beginning it was really stop and go between the guys. Shelton was pretty over on JTG for the better part of the match until about the end when Shad tagged and got things going faster.
WINNER: Cryme Tyme

- The Highlanders vs. Cade + Murdoch
everyone was really into the Highlanders and very into booing Murdoch. in the beginning of the match, a fan in the front row shoved Murdoch while he was talking to Cade during the match and he became upset. He even hit the fan a few times, before having to be pulled back by Cade and a referee. Throughout the match sometimes he'd still try to come after the fan who shoved him. I believe he tried to have the fan ejected, but they didnt make him leave. Lots of back and forth action, lots of pops for Rory to get the win.
WINNER: The Highlanders

- Val Venis vs. Vladamir Kozlov
the crowd wasnt really into this one. Vladamir came out and spoke his usual gibberish and everyone was confused and bored of it. Val got a really nice pop when he came out. Vladimir really dominated, and pretty much squashed Val. and i think he tweaked his back a bit.
WINNER: Vladimir Kozlov

- Carlito vs. Nitro w/ Melina vs. Jeff Hardy © - Triple Threat Ladder Match for the IC Title
Nitro and Melina were booed pretty loudly, even her entrance wasnt well received. Carlito came out, and he was visibly upset about something. When he came out from the back, he looked confused as if something had happened. And then when he got to ringside, he was talking to a referee, and they seemed to be checking the ring for something. He got a nice pop though. Jeff came out and the crowd really got loose. Everyone was really into the match, more so Carlito and Jeff than Nitro or all three at the same time for that matter. He spent most of the time with Melina looking over him and talking to the crowd - riling them up and such. Jeff and Nitro were on two ladders going for the dangling title, and Jeff pushed Nitros ladder over and hung him up in a place that Melina certainly wasnt too happy about. Luckily she didnt screech as she normally does. Carlito did spit an apple on Nitro earlier on in the match causing him to fall off the ladder.
WINNER: Jeff Hardy

- Mickie James vs. Victoria for the Womens Title
Mickie got a really huge pop, and Victoria she did as well. Victoria dominated as and really showed some good manuevering in the ring. She went for a somersault off the top rope and that was when the vibe of the match changed. She managed to set Mickie up for the widows peak before Mickie slipped out and eventually got the pin.
WINNER: Mickie James

- Viscera vs. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
Maria did the kiss cam beforehand and Big Vis came out and interrupted her. He told her she looked hot and the he wanted her to dance with him. She did, and then he asked her to kiss him she didnt want to, so he started to close in on her, Hacksaw came out for the save. Lots of good action, Hacksaw actually moving the big guy around a bit. However, how he got the win was a bit odd. About two minutes into the match, Eugene came out and started running around like an airplace. This totally aggravated Viscera and thats how he got distracted enough for Hacksaw to get the win. After the match, Hacksaw was in fighting position, but Eugene just kept running around the ring before rolling out of the ring and to the back.
WINNER: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan


- DX + Ric Flair vs. Rated RKO and Kenny - NO DQ
Lots of heat for Rated RKO and Kenny. While DX and Flair got their usual huge pops. I swear when Flair came out, it was like watching some timeless because he spun around in this really sparkly looking robe he'd had and there were TONS of flashed going off, he was loving it. DX came out and the roof just came off the Arena. everyone was loud, i think it surprised them a little. Great action from both teams. Rated RKO and Kenny really had a hold on Flair - by doing a good job of keeping him away from HHH and HBK. Randy even got in a Figure Four Leg Lock. about three times HHH had to come enter ring without tagging to make the save. HBK didnt really participate in this match. He was there, in the beginning him and HHH were beating up Rated RKO and Kenny before the bell rung. But during the actual match, Flair was in the ring most of the time followed by HHH. Also Edge and Randy left the ring when Flair finally for the tag, leaving Kenny all alone with DX and Flair with a chair and sledgehammer. HBK did an AMAZING superkick on Kenny that laid him out flat. After the win, they celebrated for about 5 minutes with the fans. HHH went around the entire floor ringside and touched each fans hand. and banged the hockey protective glass near the wrestlers entrance to the arena to some fans who were still there when he threw Kenny up against in the beginning.
WINNERS: DX + Ric Flair

- John Cena vs. Umaga for the WWE Title
Umaga comes out and gets the most heat for the night. Estrada gets in the ring and grabs a mic. The crowd starts chanting for Cena to come out and Estrada gets irritated when the crowd finishes it off his promo for him. He tells them to shut up and The crowd gets hot for Cena again and his music hits and Cena gets the loudest pop of the night. at least a good minute or so of lots of cheering. The match is pretty back and forth, until about midway, when Umaga really dominates. Umaga countered a lot of Cena's moves. But that all changed when he attempted an off the top rope move. The crowd for behind Cena as he got in some hard chops and punches before finally getting Umaga into the STFU. Umaga, i think was close to tapping, but Estrada (who was pretty animated for the entire match - lots of interferance and jesting) got in the ring for the save. The match ends in DQ.
WINNER: John Cena

Biggest Pops: John Cena, DX, Jeff Hardy, Carlito, Mickie James and Cryme

Most Heat: Umaga, Rated RKO + Kenny, Nitro, Victoria, Haas + Benjamin


- After Umaga and Estrada left, John Cena stood in the middle of the ring, the lights came on and he began speaking. He thanked the crowd, then told them that tonight was very special to him. He then said it was special because it is that certain of year, and there are so many seats filled in the arena - so there must be tons of families in the house. He then went to say that his work schedule doesnt allow him to spend time with his family, which he really wish he could especially right now. But why this night was REALLY special to him was because his brother that he hadnt seen in a long time was in attendance. The spotlight showed on his brother as Cena pointed and smiled. Cena then thanked the crowd again, and said the police department had better get ready because tonight was going to get wild.

- The arena was almost sold out. The lower sections were completely filled, the upper sections had a lot of people in it and only a few empty seats.

- No Dan Rodimer like it was promoted, dont ask me why. I think they meant Kenny?

- No Torrie as billed either.

- Overall the show was really good, it started out kind of dry - but as i said i believe thats because we were let in late, and finished on a great personal note.