Pro Wrestling Unplugged this Saturday, JCW tour information, and MPW

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On Thursday, February 15, 2007 at 5:32 PM EST

Pro Wrestling Unplugged sent this in:

PWU/JCW Vampiro Arena Debut This Saturday; New Concept DVD; Updated Lineup

Pro Wrestling Unplugged’s action packed return to the New Alhambra Arena, 7 Ritner Street in Philadelphia, PA this Saturday, February 17 at 3 pm just got bigger, with the addition of Wrestling Society X Heavyweight champion VAMPIRO.

The MTV sensation WRESTLING SOCIETY X makes their impact at PWU with the New Alhambra Arena debut of VAMPIRO, the current WSX Heavyweight champion and former Juggalo Championsh!t Wrestling Heavyweight and WCW Tag champion. VAMPIRO will be challenged by fellow WSX superstar, the man who made his PWU debut last month, LUKE HAWX.

Wrestling fans can also take a sneak peek at what takes place “in the back" while preparing a wrestling event with an upcoming DVD release being filmed this weekend that will focus on PWU Owner TOD GORDON and all the stars on Pro Wrestling Unplugged’s roster for Saturday’s “Raven’s Revenge?" event.

Order your tickets now online at this link. Last month, front row tickets were sold out before we opened the Arena doors. Make sure to get your chance to see the action up close.

* PWU World Heavyweight champion DEVON MOORE defends his title against “The Undisputed King of Hardcore" IAN ROTTEN in a HARDCORE MATCH.

* The PWU Hardcore Title will be defended in a Last Man Standing match between PWU Hardcore & JCW Heavyweight champion CORPORAL ROBINSON w/ SHAGGY 2 DOPE and RAVEN.

* WSX Heavyweight champion VAMPIRO is challenged by LUKE HAWX.

* In a four-way to determine the Number One contender to the PWU World Heavyweight Title you will see MARK BRISCOE vs. JAY BRISCOE vs. JOEL MAXIMO vs. JOSE MAXIMO.

* To find the Number One contenders to the PWU Tag Titles, THE BACKSEAT BOYZ (Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere) face ALL MONEY IS LEGAL (K-Murda & K-Pusha).

* HOMICIDE returns to take on 2 TUFF TONY w/ VIOLENT J in his corner.


And don’t forget the brand new edition of PWU's Power Surge TV now available for FREE download at This brand new music video features The Insane Clown Posse, Raven, and all the stars of PWU and JCW.

Experience the New Edge online at and find updated event and ticket information, exclusive news and PWU merchandise at the ProShop.

JCW sent this in:


Of interest to Music, Sports, and Entertainment Editors.

Psychopathic Records and the Insane Clown Posse are proud to announce a Juggalo Championshit Wrestling national tour of 22 cities. The organization that brought you the outrageous DVDs, JCW Volumes 1-3, are set once again to shock and surprise the wrestling industry. It’s been years since any wrestling company, untouched by the hand of Vince McMahon, has toured coast-to-coast. JCW stands to do it a second time. This tour, however, turns the volume way up with worldwide superstars on the bill. Booked by the William Morris Agency, the Tempest Release Party tour also features 3 live bands and a live DJ. The entire event will be hosted by ICP—The Insane Clown Posse!

The wrestlers confirmed for ALL dates on the JCW tour are: JCW World Champion, Corporal Robinson; WSX World Champion, Vampiro; Mad Man Pondo, Zach Gowen, 2 Tuff Tony, Nosowa, Leather Face, Jason Vor Heeves, Necro Butcher, Trent Acid and Tracy Smothers.

Also CONFIRMED to appear on the tour from the 13th through the 15th, his first time back in America in 6 years… The Great Muta!

Every night of the tour will be filmed, as part of an ongoing, 22 episode, brand new internet show entitled SLAM TV, with every episode emanating from a new city and venue. They will be posted weekly on, starting in March and for the next 5 months following. Each episode will be part of an ongoing, epic storyline, and will feature 2 full-length matches, on top of vignettes, interviews, and highlights.

SLAM TV’s story and angles will all finally come to a head in Michigan, at this year’s 4 day Gathering of the Juggalos festival in July ‘07. JCW at the Gathering will feature 2 days of live action on Thursday and Friday afternoon, then on Saturday night at Midnight, JCW will host its biggest wrestling show ever, entitled Bloodymania!

Feb 25-Cincinnati, OH-Bogart’s

Feb 26-Cleveland, OH-Agora

Feb 27- Grand Rapids, MI-Intersection

Feb 28-Minneapolis,

MN-First Ave.

Mar 1- Kansas City, MO- Beaumont

Mar 2-Denver, CO-Fillmore

Mar 3- Salt Lake City, UT-Salt Air

Mar 4- Reno, NV-New Oasis

Mar 5- Las Vegas, NV- Fort Cheyenne

Mar 6- Long Beach, CA-Vault

Mar 7-Tempe, AZ-Marquee

Mar 9- Oklahoma City, OK-Diamond

Mar 10- St. Louis, MO-Pops

Mar 11-Columbus, OH-Newport

Mar 13-Norfolk, VA-Norva

Mar 14- Philadelphia, PA-Electric Factory

Mar 15-Baltimore, MD-Ram’s Head Live

Mar 16- Allentown, PA-Crocodile

Mar 17-Wocester, MA-Palladium

Mar 19- Pittsburgh, PA-Mr. Smalls

Mar 20- Detroit, MI- St. Andrews

MPW sent this in:

Mad-Pro Wrestling presented "Never Again" on Sun. Feb. 11th in Chillicothe, Ohio at Cardo's Restaurant

The Show started off with the Director of Operations Josh Hayes announcing that a number of tonight’s competitors were un-able to make the show, including Dean Visk...once hearing this Matt Stryker & Neveah made their way to the ring thinking they were getting a "night off"; however Hayes informed Stryker that he would put his MPW Championship on the line tonight, then out of no where BJ Whitmer snuck into the ring from the out in the crowd and proceeded to get the better of Stryker, almost even locking in his patient finisher the "Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex" until Stryker was able to elbow his way out of the move.

Sami Callihan vs. Flash Fury
Sami seemed to dominate Flash Fury in the beginning, using his size advantage in his favor, that was until Flash's quickness caught up with Sami and Flash starting laying into Callihan. In the end Sami's cheating ways were just too much for Flash, and Sami was able to get the victory by rolling Flash up and grabbing a handful of tights.

Lou Roberts vs. Cody Hawk
This was a classic "Rookie vs. Veteran" match as it seemed if though Cody Hawk had a counter for each of Lou Roberts' moves. In the end Hawk was just too much for the rookie to handle as Hawk hit the "muscle buster" which allowed Hawk to get the pin fall victory.

*MX Title*
Carlton Kaz vs. Ryan Midnight vs. Chance Prophet(c)
This match was back and forth the entire time. No man could seem to get the advantage or the better of one of their opponents before the third participant would interject themselves in the action. In the end as Chance Prophet was locking in a sit-down submission, Ryan Midnight snuck up behind Prophet & rolled him up for the 3 count; thereby becoming the new MX Champion

The Princes of Portugual (JD Santo's & Vance Desmond) vs. T.J. Dalton & Lennox Lightfoot (formally known as Al B. Damm)
Both of these teams were new to MPW, and both tried to make a lasting impression. In the end T.J. Dalton & Lennox Lightfoot were just the better team on this night; as they were able to get the pin fall victory.

After the match T.J. Dalton announced that himself & Lennox Lightfoot would be entering the April 7th Tag Team Tournament to become the first ever MPW Tag Team Champions, even if they have to go threw the Briscoe this point "Gimme Back My Bullets", also recognized as The Briscoe Brothers theme song started to play...however instead of The Briscoe Brothers, Ed Crowza walked out and announced that he is the reason The Briscoe’s are coming to MPW, as they are his hired guns to destroy the entire MPW Tag Team division.

*MPW Heavyweight Championship*
BJ Whitmer vs. Matt Stryker w/ Neveah
BJ Whitmer had Matt Stryker scouted like there was no tomorrow, as no matter what Stryker threw at him, Whitmer was able to either counter it, or overcome it. Neveah even interjected herself in the match at one point to help Stryker escape from Whitmer’s "Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex"....however Whitmer was quick to snatch Neveah and plant her with a kiss...this allowed Stryker to hit the "Stryker Driver", but that still wasn't enough to keep Whitmer down! Before Matt Stryker knew what had happened BJ Whitmer was able to get up and hit the "Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex" and get the 1-2-3 to become the NEW MPW Heavyweight Champion!!!

*Tables, Ladders, & Chairs - Special Guest Ref. Ed Crowza*
the Mavericks vs. Irish Airborne
There are no words that could describe this match. These two teams have had an on-going feud for the past 9 months, and tonight it finally came to an end. Both teams used chairs, ladders, and many tables to their advantage, Ed Crowza might as well of been a 3rd opponent against Jake & Dave Crist, as he refused to make a regular count, and would make fast counts for the Mavericks. However even with Ed Crowza on their side, Irish Airborne was just too much for the Mavericks to handle. In the end both Dave & Jake(separately) had to "Double Stomp" Aaron Williams threw a table, then after Crowza counted 2, and was about to stop Jake Crist jumped on Crowza's hand to make it hit the mat for the 3 count. After the match Crowza tried reversing the end of the match saying that "since Irish Airborne put their hands on the ref, they were they by disqualified!", however the Director of Operations Josh Hayes then quickly showed to to reverse that saying that "Crowza's hand hit the mat 3 times, therefore STILL you're winners, The Irish Airborne".


MPW returns to Chillicothe, OH on Sat. April 7th when we present our Tag Team Tournament to crown the first ever MPW Tag Team Champions.
-This will be a 1 Night, 4 Team, Round Robin tournament based on points...depending on what the outcome of the finish is, teams will receive points (20 points for a Pin fall, 15 points for a Count out, 10 points for a DQ, 5 points for a Draw, & 0 points for a loss)...which ever team has the most points at the end of the night will become the first ever MPW Tag Team Champions!
- Teams in the tournament are: Briscoe Brothers, Soul Shooters, The Freakshow, & T.J. Dalton/Lennox Lightfoot
- Also signed to appear are, MPW Heavyweight Champion BJ Whitmer, MX Champion Ryan Midnight, Matt Stryker, Chad Collyer, and many more tba!