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On Friday, March 30, 2007 at 4:03 PM EST

AWA/World Star Wrestling sent this in:

AWA/World Star Wrestling announces the Grand Opening of the Official AWA/World Star Wrestling Arena in Durham CT!

Beginning in May, the Official AWA representative of Connecticut, World Star Wrestling, will begin to run monthly shows in the new AWA/WSW Arena, which is connected to the AWA/WSW Backbreakers Professional Wrestling Training Center and Gym. This Official expansion will now offer fans in Connecticut a place to see regular running, Top Quality and Family oriented Professional Wrestling at an affordable price without having to drive far!

Located in Durham CT, only minutes off of I-91 & I-691 and just outside of Hartford and New Haven, fans will have the opportunity to see AWA World Wide Superstars, the Legends of the AWA and some of the up and coming talent of the AWA, WSW and Independent scene today. Representing over 30 years of the American Wrestling Association tradition combined with over 14 years of the World Star Wrestling Federation tradition, the AWA/WSW Arena will be THE place to be, taking Professional Wrestling to the next level!

In addition, those wishing to become a Professional Wrestler will now not only have the opportunity to follow their dream at the AWA/WSW Back Breakers Professional Wrestling Training Center and Gym, but will now have a home to regularly perfect their craft in front of a live audience at the AWA/WSW Arena!

Stay tuned to WWW.WORLDSTARWRESTLINGFEDERATION.COM for more upcoming information!

Peter Staniforth sent this in:

As we draw even nearer to Power Trip Wrestling's latest show, "Superstitious", on Friday April 13th 2007, here's the latest news coming out of the PTW office.


Last week, it was said that PTW Owner Peter Staniforth had a surprise for the show, and it's now been confirmed - it is the birth of the PTW Hardcore title. Peter was quoted as saying "Luton is a rather controversial town, so what better for a first championship in Power Trip Wrestling than the PTW Hardcore belt? It guarantees wild action, and excitement for the fans - so it's perfect".


The main event has now been fully announced for "Superstitious", and it will be for the new PTW Hardcore title - an inaugural champion will be crowned on April 13th! This 'Fatal Four Way' match, will see the hometown boy - Luton's own Leon X, Special Agent, Jim Brooks, and Lionheart collide; where anything is legal and pretty much anything goes! Originally scheduled for this match, was the winner of the 20 Man Rumble in March at PTW 'Defiance' - Humongous - but he suffered an injury at that show, and has been replaced in the match by Lionheart. This match is sure to be hard hitting, controversial, and loud - which are all words that define Power Trip Wrestling itself. You cant afford to miss this one!


After his client at PTW "Defiance", Keith Myatt, failed in his bid to win the TBW Heavyweight Title; "100 %' Dan Edge has chosen a new wrestler to manage - a man as loud and controversial as he is - Rich N' Famous. These two are set to shout, raise hell, and won't give a damn what anyone else think. Does this give the edge to Rich N' Famous in his upcoming battle with 'The Angel Of The North' Kyle Kraze, at "Superstitious"? You'd have to say the odds just stacked in his favour....


For the vacant and new PTW Hardcore Title - Fatal Four Way Rules - Leon X VS Special Agent VS Jim Brooks VS Lionheart.

TBW Heavyweight Champion Shabazz VS Lucian.

Rich N' Famous w/ "100 %" Dan Edge VS Kyle Kraze.

EAW Heavyweight Champion Nero VS Dragon.


You can order/reserve tickets for PTW "Superstitious" right now by calling 01205 871560!


The official DVD from PTW "Defiance" will be available to buy at our next show, priced £8; so make sure you come out and buy a copy before they sell out! And PTW "Superstitious" will be taped for DVD release also!


There are two videos now on such websites as YouTube,, and; to promote Power Trip Wrestling's next show "Superstitious" - the YouTube links are this link and this link - please feel free to give us your feedback. Other PTW video's can be found on these websites, also.


PTW present "Superstitious"; on Friday April 13th 2007. Here's the details so far, with much more to be announced as the show gets closer!

When :
Friday 13th April 2007.

Where :
Luton Rugby Football Club,
Newlands Road,
LU1 4BQ.

Time :
Doors open 7pm, start 7.30pm.

Tickets :
Adults £8, Children/OAP's/Students £5, Family of four £20.


The Official Power Trip Wrestling Website is here - so visit us at and save it in your 'favourites' list! Please feel free to email with your thoughts and feedback on the website, we welcome all comments.


PTW are on My Space, so whilst it isn't run by PTW itself, please visit the officially approved My Space page for Power Trip Wrestling; at and check us out!

Jason Mitchell sent this in:

EWA: Elite Wrestling Action "RECKON THIS" Results - 03/24/07

Attendance: 220

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

Murphy's Inn
Cornwall, Ontario Canada

Bell Time: 7:00PM

Officials: Senior Offical Deptuk, Justin The Ref & Rob the Ref

EWA Management kick off the show, CEO Rye Patrick and Commissioner Alex Kade
Grey made their way to ringside and proclaimed that both the EWA World Title
and EWA Maximum Action title would be on the line tonight.

Cornwall's Hardcore Hero Sakrilige - sporting a drink in hand; shocked the
hometown crowd with an unannounced appearance and welcomed everyone to the
rebirth of the EWA. CEO Rye Patrick and Commissioner Alex Kade Grey quickly
intervened; informing him that due to his rock-n-roll lifestyle and
un-professionalism, not to mention the no-show for the television taping of
Breaking Point; he was officially suspended indefinitely on the active EWA

To the crowds surprising displeasure; a shocked Sakrilige turned to his
hometown crowd for support and pleaded a case that the Cornwall EWA fans
wanted to see the Sak Daddy in action tonight. With small deliberation, Rye
Patrick and Alex Kade Grey informed the now suspended Sakrilige that if he
wanted to plead a case and deliver his 2 Cents, he would be granted a chance
tonight during the intermission and challenged him to keep fans in the

Sak was shown backstage and the show kicked off.

Dave Titan vs. Hellraizor Myzery vs. Soulrage vs. Damien "The Pittbull"

Soulrage won the first of two EWA 4-Way Gladiator Scrambles for the #1
Contender spot in the EWA World Championship Main Event Soulrage pinned
Damien "The Pitbull" Vachon at 13:21 while Dave Titan and Myzery battled on
the outside. Damian "The Pittbull" Vachon exclaimed that the battle wasn't
over between he and the astoundingly focused Soulrage.

"The Future" Max Alexander vs. J. Rennalls

Max Alexander pinned J. Rennalls at 9:37 after hitting the Maximum Driver.
Max Alexander wins the first Maximum Action semi-final. Great energy match
that saw extremely innovative moves, although at the hands of defeat - J.
Rennalls made a strong EWA debut.

Pierre "The Beast" Vachon vs. "White lion" Jim Tanner vs. Prof. Adib Mansour
vs. Hellraizor Payne

Pierre "The Beast" Vachon won the second EWA 4-Way Gladiator Scramble for
the #2 Contender spot in the EWA World Championship Main Event. Pierre "The
Beast" Vachon pinned "White Lion" Jim Tanner at 14:11, using his 385 pound
frame to rampage his opponents after being slammed by Prof. Adib Mansour.

"Showtime" Shawn MacMillan vs. Chaz Lovely

"Showtime" Shawn MacMillan pinned Chaz Lovely at 8:57 after Max Alexander's
run-in backfired and immediately setup Shawn MacMillan's Maximum Action
semi-final victory.

Hosted by Cornwall's Hardcore Hero Sakrilige

Sakrilige managed to keep every fan glued to their seats during the entire
intermission, keeping the crowd entertained with shoots on EWA Management.
Sakrilige managed to drive the entire EWA audience to a frenzy with
"Un-Suspend Sak" rants that forced Rye Patrick and Alex Kade Grey from the
back to ringside. Sakrilige demanded a spot in tonights Main Event and had
the crowd believing it was a possibility, Sakrilige single handedly drove
the fans against EWA Management to the point Commissioner Alex Kade Grey
told the fans he was going to give them what they want - Sakrilige in the
Main Event - Rye Patrick gave the signal and Commissioner Grey announced
that Sakrilige was indeed going to be in tonights Main Event; in tonights
Main Event as the Special Guest Referee Sakrilige almost passed out in
shock; crowd went crazy over Management decision; psychologically
eliminating Sakrilige's only chance to once again compete in the ring...

"The Future" Max Alexander vs. "Showtime" Shawn MacMillan

Max Alexander pinned "Showtime" Shawn MacMillan at 12:17after a hard fought
highly innovative battle to become the new EWA Maximum Action Champion.
Fast paced match with a breathtaking finisher by "The Future" Max Alexander.

Mutiny & "Big Ticket" Reggie Marley vs. Sweet Cherry & Matt Grey

"Big Ticket" Reggie Marley slid in for the pin on Matt Grey at 12:08 after
Mutiny hit Matt Grey
with a Double Knee Back Breaker. The first ever EWA Intergender Match was a
crowd favorite, strong performances and in-ring action by all four

Aftershock - Damian & Drake Styles vs. The Twin Terrors - Koko & Razz
Mansour acc/Prof. Adib Mansour

Damian Styles proclaimed he was here to get retribution on the Mansour
family for the brutal attack they laid on his brother and Tag-Team partner
Drake Styles upon his arrival to Cornwall. Damian demanded answers about
his brothers disappearance and challenged them to a handicap match - this
slobber-knocking affair got out-of-hand and resulted in a Double-DQ.

Soulrage vs. Pierre "The Beast" Vachon w/ Special Guest Referee Sakrilige

Soulrage pinned Pierre "The Beast" Vachon in winning fashion at 16:41 to
become the new EWA World Champion. Special Guest Referee Sakrilige made his
way to the ring and declared he was going to call the match fairly and down
the middle - Soulrage whom has had a long storied past with his former
Tag-Team Evylicious partner now turned nemesis, knew he had quite the
mountain to climb if he was to have any chance at winning the Gold tonight.

The match started off with stiff slobber-knockers thrown by both parties,
Soulrage managed to hold his ground early on but seemed to wear out quickly
by the brutal beating he was receiving by the sadistic Pierre "The Beast"
Vachon. Soulrage slowly regained energy; rushed out by the crowd - battled
back to the point that it seemed there was hope. Soulrage pinned the Beast
and a leery Sakrilige would not make the count past two - Soulrage
immediately knew he was in for a long one as Sakrilige proclaimed he was not
going to make it easy for him tonight.

Pierre "The Beast" Vachon re-stood his ground and continued his assault on
Soulrage, the second Soulrage turned his back; Sakrilige smoked him with a
keyboard which instantly dropped him to his knees and permanently tattooed
his back with the alphabet. After Soulrage regained his footing, he
delivered an inverted face buster to Sakrilige and cleared the Special Guest
Referee from the ring - instantly engaging a full-out attack on Pierre "The
Beast" Vachon.

Without a Referee on hand, Damian "The Pittbull" Vachon ran down to ringside
and engaged in the fight with his brother against Soulrage. Surprisingly
Soulrage got the upper hand quickly, downed Pierre "The Beast" Vachon and
threw his brother Damien out of the ring.

Just when the smoke seemed clear and Soulrage was ready for the pin, The
Hellraizors came to ringside and initiated another brutal attack on Soulrage
- with Dave Titan this time around coming to ringside to the aid of Soulrage
and severely destroying Hellraizor Payne & Myzery with a Kendo Stick.
Soulrage picked himself up aswell as the Kendo Stick - cracked Pierre "The
Beast" Vachon in the face with the Kendo three times - finally dropping the
monster for the last time; setting up a top rope splash by Soulrage that
resulted in the 1-2-3.

Ladies and Gentlemen - We have a new EWA World Champion!!!

End of Show