Tammy Lynn-Sytch Interview: Talks about her career, Michaels, & more

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Friday, April 20, 2007 at 4:14 AM EST

In Your Head sent in the following recap:


This past week on In Your Head Radio with Jack, Oneinchbiceps and Barbie Richards, the guest was the Original Diva in Wrestling, Ms. Tammy Lynn-Sytch aka Sunny. Sunny was here to talk about her late Chris Candido, Vince McMahon, HBK Shawn Michaels, the Diva Search, women's wrestling, and steroids in wrestling. She was on the show also to advertise her show on April 28th I Carteret, NJ entitled Legends of Wrestling IV, for more information please visit www.3countpromotions.com. Be sure to listen to this phenomenal interview located at www.inyourheadonline.com. In Your Head can be heard every Wednesday at 8:00 PM EST and be sure to also check out past interviews in the archive section and sign up in the IYH message board were you can post questions to future guests.

The show starts off with Jack and Sunny plugging the Legends of Wrestling IV in Carteret, NJ and more information is located at www.3countpromotions.com.

The show gets a surprise, when IYH takes a call from Missy Hyatt. Sunny instantly knew who it was, and both Sunny and Missy talked about school and how each other is doing. It turns out that Sunny has 4.0 and is studying in Medical Technology. This was a pretty cool surprise moment for IYH and worth checking out.

Jack takes a call from Jason who asks what it was like working in Smokey Mountain Wrestling? Sunny said it was awesome and that she had no intentions of getting into the wrestling business and was only there for Chris (Candido) and that she was studying Pre-Med in Tennessee. Jim Cornette asked her to work for 6 months and get a few bucks and she ended up doing phenomenal and staying in Smokey Mountain with her husband. She also said she missed Smokey Mountain a lot and thought it was great.

Jack asks if a place like Smokey Mountain Wrestling prepares you more for the WWF/E instead of a place like Ohio Valley Wrestling? Sunny said that Smokey Mountain was completely different from WWF, but at least in OVW the WWE prepares the talent for what it will be like in the WWE.

Caller Jason asks if she ever goes back to WWE, what would she teach some of the newer, lesser skilled Divas? Sunny said that that’s a hard question and that there are to many women on WWE currently, she says at least when she was in WWE it was special because there were only 2 or 3 women on the show, but now there is a women involved in almost every match and segment. Sunny compared the situation with the Divas currently to Sable, she said that she was great at standing still and if she did anything wrestling related she was terrible. Sunny also said that if WWE ever brings her in to teach the “Divas" she would give 100% and try her best.

Jack takes a call from Chris who asks about when she was managing the Body Donnas in WWF and why their tag team title win was never shown from Wrestlemania XII? Sunny said at that point in time WWF didn’t care about the tag team division at all and didn’t care about the tag team titles. Sunny said that she was kept managing tag teams because she was the only thing that made the tag team division important and kept people interested.

Jack asks what women wrestlers did she watch to learn from? She said that when she was younger she like Miss Elizabeth, but she couldn’t learn much about the wrestling business from her because she wasn’t a wrestler. Sunny went on to say that most of her teachers where men, Jim Cornette, Kevin Sullivan and her late husband Chris taught her everything about the wrestling business.

Incher asks a question from Xtremefalls in the message board, “What where the locker rooms like in WWF/E, WCW and ECW like?" Sunny said ECW was like a family, WWF was filled with Kliqs and in WCW nobody liked each other and it was a pretty miserable place to be.

Jack asks about her infamous shoot interview and the mentioning of Shawn Michaels, Jack asks if she has had any contact with Shawn lately? Sunny said she hasn’t talked to Shawn and years and she doesn’t have anything bad to say about him and she was very happy when they were together.

Incher asks what her opinion is on the Diva Search? Sunny says that she doesn’t like it at all and that its not very fair to the women who train there hearts out to be pro wrestlers, but if that’s how WWE wants to market their women, so be it.

Jack asks if someone who watches wrestling their entire life and has a passion for it has a better chance at being a success then someone with a certain look and is in it for the money? Sunny said she use to think that, but over the years she has seen tons of people give their blood, sweat and tears for the business and have no chance at becoming successful. She brings up Brock Lesnar and how he came into WWE, took their money and then just threw it in the trash. She said that its mostly luck, but if you have the right look at the right time with the right genetic “help" you could be successful.

Jack asks about the Wellness Policy in WWE and if it has a place in wrestling? Sunny said that steroids should have a place in wrestling because nobody wants to see regular looking people in tights, the wrestlers are suppose to look like superheroes but she said that she doesn’t condone people smoking crystal-meth or doing any kind of drugs while on the road. Barbie Richards then says “Stay off the crystal meth, get on the ‘roids."

A caller asks about her relationship with TNA after Chris died and the financial problems that occurred. Sunny said that she has a bad relationship with them because TNA refused to pay for the expenses of Chris’s surgery and funeral and TNA also refused to give her Chris’ last paycheck to pay for any of the expenses as well. She also said she had a bad falling out with Chris’ family and was shocked that they attended a TNA show after Chris’ death. She ended it by saying its all in the past and she doesn’t worry about it any more.

Jack asks about her opinions on the internet? She says its good for getting up to date info when you miss a show or to get info on a local Indy show, but if you go on the internet for news, she says its 99% BS.

Incher asks what it was like working with the Road Warriors? She said it was awesome and she still talks to Joe (Animal) now and that she misses Hawk.

Jack asks if we will ever see Sunny in WWE again? She said that you never know and that she has been talking to Howard Finkel and that she is in almost the same shape she was in, in her first run with WWE.

Jack asks if she had any good rib stories? She brings up a story where Mr. Fuji ribbed her into braiding Yokozuna’s hair, later to find out that Yoko never ever washes his hair and her hands stunk for a week.

After Sunny gets a call from her boyfriend the show comes to an end and that’s concluded the Tammy Lynn-Sytch interview on IYH.

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