Indy reports on PowerZone Wrestling, SAW on April 23, and RWE notes

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Saturday, April 28, 2007 at 4:48 PM EST

Steven Ashe sent in the following reports:

PowerZone Wrestling ran a show April 25th at the LCC D.A. Electric Barn in Lethbridge, Alberta. Here are the results: Zero b. Obie; Mattias Wild b. Rage O' Riley; Superfly Dan & Brady Roberts b. Adrian Walls & Sky Ace by count out; Lee Montana b. Chase Patrick; Bobby Fletcher b. Randy Myers; Benjamin English b.The Canadian Dream; Cowboy Bryn Watts b. Dilauna by count out; TBone b. Stormbringer; Deryck Crosse b. Kyle Sebastian.

SAW Point to Prove Results
Sault Ste Marie,ON
Elks Lodge, 216 Bay St
Attendence: 140-150

Opening: Lime N Aid Stand
Host Brad Hexum introduced Big Daddy T as the newest and Biggest SAW Roster signing yet

Match 1: Best 2/3 Series for the SAW Adrenaline Title
Brad Hexum w/Josh Bennett defeated Vinny Davinci to take a 1-0 lead.

Match 2: Rumble Qualifying Match
Big Daddy T defeated Danny Magnum

Match 3: Sugar Twins (Atticus,White) defeated Prime Time Players (Shawn Atkins,Johnny Valentino)

Match 4: Hardcore Match
DC Wylde defeated Josh Bennett after a sick table bump.

Match 5: Zack Gowan w/Fozzy McQueen defeated Jeff Brooks w/Mr.Business After the match Mr.Business struck Fozzy with a chain and busted him open.

Match 6: Rumble Ruckas for the SAW Championship
Danny Magnum won a 20 Man Royal Rumble to win the title last eliminating Big Daddy T and Precise Paul Wright. ** Fozzy McQueen came out and reversed the decision saying that the final fall had to be won via Pinfall as stating in the stipulations, he then made a 3-way Dance to decide the championship.

Match 7: SAW Championship
Precise Paul Wright defeated Danny Magnum and Big Daddy T to win the title. Finish had the Sugar Twins distract Big Daddy on the outside while Paul lowblowed and Big Booted Magnum for the win. Big Daddy didnt see the deception and shook Wrights hand after the match asking for his rematch at the next show. Paul backstabbed Big Daddy and lowblowed him and the Sugar Twins went to work on the Big Man. Paul then annoucned his new faction is called the Dynasty and they would be soon ruling the SAW.

Match 8: #1 Contenders Match
Rip Impact defeated Truth Martini in a great contest.

Show closes with next show being announced for June 16th featuring Chris Hero

Rage Wrestling Entertainment continues to thrill fans in Eastern Ontario...

April 7th:
RWE Uprising, Ottawa
- Stuptified defeated "The Freak" Zack Manson
- Frank "The Beast" Bradley defeated "The Prophet" Jeremy Barnoff
- "Prince of Persia" Rahim Ali defeated Tyler Logan and Jay Rennalls in a 3 way dance - Cobra Kai defeated MVP Michael Von Payton
- RWE Championship - Quinson Valentino defeated Dave Titan
- Player Uno defeated Ryan Rush
- The Blackouts defeated Aftershock
- Aftershock and MVP defeated Quinson Valentino and The Blackouts

April 13th:
RWE Raising The Stakes, Rockland,
- MVP Michael Von Payton beat Pierre Khoury by pin fall
- "Prince of Persia" Rahim Ali beat "Mr. 300" Peter McPerfect by submission - Ryan Rush beat Zack Storm by pin fall
- The Freak Zaak Manson lost to Frank The Beast Bradley by pin fall - Dave Titan beat Jay Rennalls by pin fall
- Damian Styles beat Thunder
- Mr. Know It All & Rahim Ali lost to Misty Haven & MVP Michael Von Payton in an impromptu tag match - Drake Styles beat Quinson Valentino in a non-title match, earning himself a title shot at RWE's May 19th event.