Delayed Indy Notes (1): JCW, DWF 7/28, FPWA 7/21 and Canada news

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On Wednesday, June 27, 2007 at 7:01 PM EST

Note: With so much news going on regarding the Benoit family tragedy in the last two days, we haven't had time to post all of the independent wrestling news and results normally sent to us. So, today we are catching up. Thanks to everyone who continues to send us indy news items every day.

Nate Stein sent this in:

Juggalo Championship Wrestling FREE Slam TV

Check out "Westside Wars", a special edition of Slam TV from Juggalo Championship Wrestling, airing this week on

This JCW FREE-PER-VIEW features:
* Grudge Match: JCW champ Corporal Robinson vs. "Holy" Trent Acid
* 2 Tuff Tony vs. Kamala
* Pogo the Clown vs. Zack Gowen
* Nosawa & Human Tornado vs. Mad Man Pondo & Necro Butcher
* Plus interviews, promos, & commentary by 3D & Gweedo.

Stay close with all the action on Slam TV with new episodes every Sunday morning @ midnight (EST) on

JCW will be live at The Gathering, August 9-12 at Cave-In-Rock, IL.

Stay in the know with, featuring:
* "The Main Event" w/ Corporal Robinson & 2 Tuff Tony
* "The Witching Hours" w/ Violent J
* "Old School Vinyl Collection" w/ Shaggy 2 Dope
...and much more.

Tellin D. Truth sent this in:

DWF "Rise of the Phoenix" 7-28-07 In Belmawr, NJ

Devastation Wrestling Federation
In association with Over the Top Promotions
Proudly Presents
Rise of the Phoenix
Saturday July 28th
At Sports Central
300 Benigno Blvd.
Bellmawr, NJ 08031

Already Signed:

DWF Heavyweight Title Match
"Latin Attraction" Angel Gonzalez will take on "the Sultan of Bling" Sheik Shiel Ali and one wrestler yet to be determined in a Triangle Match

*The champion must be starting to feel the pressure of holding the most important title in the DWF.. He has noticed that a lot of people he thought were his friends have recently been making inquiries to the DWF officials about receiving title shots at the champ.. Sensing that he can't trust many people he has surrounded him self with only his closest allies.. There has also been a noticeable increase of aggression for the young champion.. Has he let paranoia set in or is this nasty attitude adjustment just a direct result of his natural instincts for survival and to remain champion.. Either way this has made Angel even harder to knock off the top of the DWF mountain.. To make sure the fans of the DWF and other wrestling fans who will be coming to see the DWF for the first time at Sports Central in Belmawr, NJ have a title match worthy of this new building the DWF Board of Directors and GM Atticus Rheighns signed the "Latin Attraction" to defend his coveted DWF Championship in a Triangle Match against his bitter enemy Sheik Shiel Ali and one other top flight wrestlers yet to be determined.. No Mater who the BOD and GM pick, I know Angel will be up for the Challenge..

If that was not enough, One more HUGE match has been signed for our debut in Belmawr, NJ. If you remember at the last show there was an 8 person DWF Cruiserweight Championship match that blew the roof off of the Powerhouse Gym.. That match, widely considered the best match ever in the DWF, has been talked about ever since that event.. Always looking to give the fans the very best action possible the DWF has signed a brand new match for the Cruiserweight Title.. The match is know as Cruiserweight Countdown.. We take six of the hottest cruiserweights in the DWF, 2 start of one on one in the ring, after 60 seconds a new cruiserweight comes in, then 60 seconds later another Cruiserweight comes in until all six are in.. Once all 6 are in the original two stay inside the ring ate the other four take a corner.. The match then becomes a elimination match where any wrestler can tag any one.. It continues until one wrestler remains and that wrestler will be the Cruiserweight Champion.. Here are five of the six wrestlers signed for the match

Jacky w/ Roxie Cotton - DWF Cruiserweight Champion
Crazii Shea - Former DWF Champion
The Arrogant One (A-1)
Johnny Fearless
Chris Envy
And One Mystery Wrestler
Who will this mystery wrestler be? Is it former #1 contender Crazed, How about Chris Whylde who was part of that infamous eight way, The mysterious Saw the Universe, Maybe problem Child since he signed for this show, Maybe even woman superstar Roxie Cotton ( who also was involved in that historic 8 way ).. I have no clue who it will be but no mater who it is I can guarantee that this match will be as good, or even better as that 8 way just a few short months ago and worth the price of admission alone

Also Signed so far for this show:
DWF Jersey State Champion Vinny the Fixxer
"The Beast" Glen Osborne
Bobby Piper
The Downward Spiral- Twiggy Ramirez & Problem Child
Danny "The Puerto Rican Bad Boy" Pagan
"The Lone Wolf" Evan Myers
Erik Cooper
Steve the Teacher
Bazooka Joe
Brian Harley
Frankie Frizzo
DWF General Manager Atticus Rheighns
Shannon Hunter
Referee Spanky 1 2 3
Doc Diamond
And Many More

Tickets will be front row $12 in advance ($15 at the door)
General Admission will be $10 in Advance ($12 at the door and GA Tickets will be first come first serve) Ticket ordering information will be announced next week..

For More information check us out at the following locations:

Message Forum:

Also Check out Sports Central at

Stay Tuned for updates on this amazing show!!!

Shannon Rose sent this in:

FPWA Wrestling & Presents…
July 21st, 2007 - 8pm
Pinellas Park Boys & Girls Club
7790 61st street N Pinellas Park, Fl
For more info: 727-368-6137

Triple Threat Match for the FPWA Heavyweight Title
Mr. Marcus © w\ Bumpy vs. Dagon Briggs vs. Eddie Taurus

FPWA Tag Team Titles Match
The Psychedelics © vs. Nooie Lee & Legion ‘Freakin’ Cage

Tag Team Gauntlet to name the Number One Contenders to the Tag Team Titles
Punk And Disorderly run the gauntlet to try to once again become the number one contenders!

Also featuring… Dany Only, Lou Cypher, ‘Superhero’ Mark Zout, ‘The Fire Breathing monster’ Torcher, plus so much more!

Steven Ashe sent in the following notes:

Featuring Abdullah the Butcher!

FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2007
Royal Canadian Legion Hall

Tickets: ON SALE NOW!
$20: VIP Seating (early entry w/meet & greet)
$13: General Admission
$15: At the Door

For the GCW National Championship
Havoc vs. Jake O'Reilly

More information coming soon!

471 Simcoe St. South
Oshawa, Ontario


Elgin injured in Napanee

June 23rd in Napanee, Ontario

Michael Elgin suffered a severe Knee and Leg injury during his ladder match with Derek Wylde. (No jokes please.)
He was rushed to the hospital, where we are awaiting reports of how serious the damage may be.

It appears that Michael may be out of the ring for a while.
All of us associated with GCW send our best wishes to Michael, and hope that the injury is not as damaging at it looks, and we also hope that he has a speedy recovery.


PWA Extreme results from June 23, 2007 in ?, ON
PWA Extreme: Riverboat Riot
Riverboat Jamboree Festival
Lions Park (outdoors)
Attendance: A steady 200
Referees: Alan Joe, Bakais
Ring Announcers: Hatguy, Joe Hallem

1) Buck 10 def. Juan Ortiz

2) Jeff Black def. Easy E

3) Lak Sadartha def. Ethan Page

4) Elian Habanero won a Fatal 4-Way with Sean Ball, Dan Paysan & Rip Impact when he pinned Ball.

5) Le Tigre (Josh Alexander & Rees Runnels) retained the PWA Tag Titles over Mike Rollins & Scotty O'Shea.

6) Hailey Rogers def. Saphire

7) Warhed became the first ever PWA Extreme World Heavyweight Champion by winning a 4-Way Extreme Match with Cade Von Dutch, PD Skillz & Jeff Black when he pinned Von Dutch after a DVD onto a barbed-wire chair.

11:40 pm CWE results for June 23, 2007 in Norwood, ON
1) Cody "the carny" Deaner vs Jake O'Reilly

---> Jake O'Reilly won

2) GT Dynamite vs Amazing Darkstone

---> GT Dynamite won

** There was an interview of Ruffy Silverstein by Gentleman Geoff. Ruffy badmouthed the audience and was not a happy camper.

3) Southside Stranglers vs Wild Stallions

---> No Contest after Ruffy Silverstein came out and attacked a Wild Stallion -- then Reggie Marley came out to help out the Wild Stallions

4) Masked Hideous Blob vs Eddie Osbourne

---> Masked Hideous Blob won

5) Reggie Marley vs Ruffy Silverstein - for vacant CWE title

---> Reggie Marley won

Friday, June 22nd, 2007
11:59 pm UWA Hardcore results from June 22, 2007 in Mississauga, ON
UWA Hardcore
St John's Hall
Attendance: 250

1) Tyson Dux d. Brian Lee
2) Flatliners d. North Star Express
3) Dan Paysan d. Josh Abercrombie
4) Alex Shelley d. Akira Raijin
5) Derek Wylde d. Jennifer Blake in a Street Fight
6) Tyler Black d. Arik Cannon
7) Josh Prohibition d. Sonjay Dutt to retain the Canadian title
8) Up In Smoke d. Ring Crew Express to win the tag titles
9) Lionel Knight d. Osiris in a Death Match (Osiris' retirement match)

11:50 pm Stranglehold results for June 22, 2007 in Hamilton, ON
Oakwood Place, Hamilton
Attendance: 35
Ring Announcer: the wizard of id
Referees: Turnip, Andrew Mollon & P. Wee

Show started late.
No sound system except a hastily scooped karioke machine and the venues CD player.

1) GT Dynamite (George Terzis) def. Omega Aaron Draven

2) Caddilac Jones (Mosey Kamau) def. Darth Cutthroatus w/ the Apprentice

3) Sam Hane def. the Apprentice in a Thumbtack Match
(Brutalized the Apprentice is more like it.)

4) JD Santos def. Andrew & Bruno Davis in a Handicap Match
JD said his partner, Marco Malaquies, vanished under suspicious circumstances on the way to the show He blamed the Davis Brothers and said he'd fight them himself.

5) Zack Gowan def. JC Owens

6) The Murder Junkies (Bloody Bill Skullion & Ian Decay) def. Viking & Juggulator in a Barbed-Wire Ropes Match.

*Viking received a severe cut to the hand and retreated to the dressing room. Juggulator was unable to withstand the Murder Junkies attack on his own and succumbed to Skullion's Flaming Punch. After the match, Skullion & Decay roughed up ref Mollon and beat up the wizard of id


LLW Presents "Revelations "
June 21st 2007
LLW Arena 95 Hempsted Drive Unit 13 in Hamilton

Shawn Morgan def Logan Savage

Ditz n Glitz (Cherry Bomb and Krystal Banks) & Saphire def Mercy, Kaitlin Diemond & Jody D'Milo

Warhed def Dan Magnum to become #1 Contender for Steel City Title in a FANS BRING WEAPONS MATCH

Josh Taylor become the first LLW Light Heavyweight Champion by winning the Royal Rumble.

Ash def Hayden Avery a submission Match

Reggie Marley def Phil Latio in a best 2 of 3 falls match (winning first 2 falls) and becoming the New LLW Steel City Champion. Jake O'Riley interfered in the second fall, knocking out Phil and costing him the match.

Miss Danyah def Jennifer Blake After the match Jamie D Challenged Danyah to a match

Brute Issei and Akira Raijin def Michael Elgin and Derek Wylde as well as The Flatliners in a 3 way tag team match...from Bell to Bell this match was fantastic

Andrew Davis Def Jake O'Riley when after the Ref was knocked out, Dave Linton made his first appearance back since Steel City Slaughter and "aided" Davis to get the win.

Ruffy Silverstein def Cody Deaner and Eddie Osbourne in a 3 way dance. Ruffy made Osbourne tap and Deaner swore he would get Ruffy

Thanks to all for the support from all those who attended. Also thanks to CHCH for their live coverage last night. To the Hamilton Spectator for their efforts. To Jason Farr and the rest of the 820 CHAM team and to Ken Smith GM of Tim Horton's for his time, efforts and generous donation.

July 28th will make the 1 year Anniversary of LLW so stay tuned.

Until Next Time,

LLW Promoter


GCW Beyond The Limit: July 13

It was announced that at the next GCW show on July 13 there will be a special special guest in the house


Also on the card will be the Stars of GCW
Will Jake O'Reilly cash in on his newly won number contenders shot at Havok come out and find out!

Tickets go on sale Monday at

19 Simcoe Street, N.
Oshawa, Ontario

As always the show will be held at
471 Simcoe St. South
Oshawa, Ontario


UWA Hardcore
Mississauga, Ontario
June 22

'Textbook' Tyson Dux d. Brian Lee Via Brainbuster - Hate be honest, but Brain Lee looked real bad in this match, he botched a lot of moves and almost broke his neck...Dux really did a good job in this match and I thought Carried it for the most part.

Flatliners d. North Star Express Via doomsday DDT

Dan Paysan d. Josh Abercrombie Via Whop Drop

Alex Shelley d. Akira Raijin (another great match, Akira is great, match kinda got ruined with Shelley hating but still great)

Derek Wylde d. Jennifer Blake via Burning hammer. Pretty cool match had a pretty cool table spot. Wylde was attacked early by the flatliners and was piledriven onto the stage, causing him to bleed a lot.


Tyler Black d. Arik Cannon via that mod Brainbuster pin (Very Good match)

UWA Canadian Title
Josh Prohibition d. Sonjay Dutt via Drunken Driver 98. Jpro was helped by Lionel Knight and the injured Bishop

UWA Tag Titles
Up In Smoke d. Ring Crew Express -

Texas Deathmatch - Osiris; last UWA Match
Lionel Knight d. Osiris via DVD off a Ladder through a sheet of glass stacked on a table with chairs. Pretty good deathmatch, glass with tacks glued to them were used, tacks, & barbed wire were used.


Great Canadian Wrestling presented "RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE 2007" at the Great Candian Legion Hall in Oshawa, Ontario June 22

In the opening match, the team of Doomsday, Steve Brown and Timothy Dalton defeated Le Tigre, Jay Fenix and Prodigy.

Logan Savage defeated Warhead, who was making his GCW debut.

In a number one contender's match Ash and Otis Idol defeated Mike Stevens and Kris Chambers.

Ash's manager, Corey Mason was the referee for this match.

Jake O'Reilly was at ringside during this contest and formed an alliance with Otis Idol, proclaiming themselves Ontario's Top Talent. O'Reilly got on the mic and called out an irate "Unreal" Michael Elgin, who charged the ring and began a locker-room clearing brawl with O'Reilly. This would lead into the main event later in the evening.....

Cody 45 pinned Hayden The Destroyer Avery in an open challenge, to become the NEW GCW Ontario Independent Champion, after interference from Cody Deaner. Hayden and Deaner also brawled to the backstage area.

W.I.L.D.(Wrestling Independent Ladies Division) Champion Cherry Bomb (also GCW V.P.) defeated Southside Stranglerette by disqualification, when the Southside Stranglers interfered, which led to..

In a six-person tag team match, The Southside Stranglers and Southside Stranglerette defeated Cherry Bomb, El Sombra and Angel DeGuerra.

As per stipulations in the contest, Southside Stranglerette became the new W.I.L.D. Champion and Southside Strangler #1 became the new GCW Vice President!! Strangler # 1 had Stranglerette unmask and it turned out to be Miss Dayhan.

Koko B. Ware pinned Cody Deaner, after the match Deaner attacked Koko until Hayden the Destroyer made the save.

After the match, Koko and Hayden danced with the fans in the ring.

In the main event for a GCW Canadian National Championship Match against Havok on July 13th, "Fighting Irish" Jake O'Reilly, accompanied by his corner man Otis Idol, defeated "Unreal" Michael Elgin by submission.

Post-match, Elgin offered to shake O'Reilly's hand out of respect, O'Reilly then walked away, and Elgin promised revenge in August!