Plans to involve 'Jackass' at SummerSlam on August 26 now off - more

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Tuesday, July 24, 2007 at 2:31 PM EST

PWInsider is now confirming that all previous plans to have the Jackass crew involved at this year's SummerSlam PPV on August 26 is now off. The original plan was to have the entire crew take on Umaga in a match, with storylines being scheduled to start up as of this past Sunday's Great American Bash PPV.

According to reports, many members of the Jackass crew (including Johnny Knoxville) began to distance themselves from WWE after the Chris Benoit tragedy took place and got tons of media attention. We are aware of one report stating that once Knoxville completely pulled out of the project, the WWE made the decision to scrap all plans.

The company had been promoting a "Jackass" involvement for SummerSlam for quite some time and had already released a poster for the event featuring Umaga and the entire crew:

Jerry Weiswasser sent us word that Comcast is currently running advertisements promoting Jackass and SummerSlam as of right now.