Pro's from the Palace (#199) - Palace Report: Thoughts on Summerslam

Reported by Mike Siciliano of
On Monday, August 27, 2007 at 1:43 AM EST

I didn't watch Summerslam personally, but the response I have gotten has been extreme in one direction or another, so let me do some a Palace report with thoughts that I came out with from the PPV recaps I have read.

First, I'm stunned Cena won. Stunned. No, I'm not upset or disappointed by any stretch, but I'd be lying if I didn't think there was a title change on the horizon last night. With that being said, there's three things to potential think about with how WWE took this match.

1. WWE wanted to shut up the smart marks who all said Orton was winning the match.
2. WWE wanted to make sure that the fans knew that Triple H was not in control of the company.
3. WWE thinks Cena vs. Triple H has more monetary value than Orton vs. Triple H.

If I had to guess, with absolutely nothing to back it up, I would think there's a little bit of all those reasons in the decision to let Cena retain. While WWE may lose some viewership from the 'boredom' of having Cena as a champion for as long as he's been, they may gain a viewer or two for the desire of someone out there taking Cena and turning him in to black and white goo like the armbands he wears. Either which way you slice it, it was a no lose situation for WWE. Orton wins, the fans love it. Orton loses, the fans want blood. Either way, the fans are still, in pretty much the same numbers, going to tune in and find out what happens next.

What happens next, from where I sit, is pretty damn obvious. A rematch at Unforgiven, and probably a stipulation in there as well. Possibly Last Man Standing or a steel cage, something rough and significant to make sure that there is a conclusive winner and loser in the match. I highly doubt Cena vs. Orton is over. By any stretch of the imagination.

From the reports I read, and the emails I've received, the World Heavyweight title match was vomit style ugly. Every positive thing I said about the end result of the WWE title match can be reversed here. What I don't understand though, is this.

Khali is built up in to the match as this unstoppable giant with this new vise grip like hold that nobody can break. Batista fell twice, Kane fell, Flair fell, nobody's been able to even barely dent Khali in the weeks leading up to Summerslam. Last friday, Batista made a dent, by bloodying Khali (DON'T ASK ME HOW, because it didn't look like Batista used an object, it looked like he either got busted open bad, or bladed very poorly), and instead of Khali acting like the monster he's supposed to be, he cowards his way out by taking a chair from his cowardly translator, and cracking Batista with it. I'm no Batista fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I'd have to believe there was some legitimate frustration on his part when he beat Khali down with the chair, maybe because he didn't win the title again, but probably because he realized he'd be stuck in the ring for more times with this 7 foot 3 inch abhorrationn of a so called wrestler.

Before I move on, I'd like to pose something brought to my attention by an email from my new friend Ken. He asked why Kane hasn't been given another run with the title, and truthfully, I would agree. Kane's been main event or near main event for virtually his entire career, and at the biggest pay per view of the Summer, he gets Finlay in a match that was deemed to be comedic. I think there's something there that doesn't meet the eye. But think about this, ladies and gentlemen. If Batista did beat Khali and win the title last night, Kane vs. Batista for the belt. Definitely not a wrestling technician's dream, but a damn fight that I think I would enjoy watching. A hell of a lot more than anything involving the freak that's holding the belt now.

Let's move forward to the ECW title match.

I'm stumped.

I give kudos to John Morrison for being a serviceable champion. Hell, he's been and still is a good champion. But, I don't understand how this series of matches with CM Punk at PPVs have not resulted in a title change. WWE has to know CM Punk is by far and away the most popular wrestler in ECW. The only reason that I can think of that Punk is not wearing the gold tonight, is which heel is truly ready to step up to challenge for the championship. I know I missed one man from the title run column I wrote the other day, and I missed him because he's disappeared in to obscurity since the New Breed dissolved, and that's Elijah Burke. Burke got put over by Vince, then was put in control of a faction that nearly changed the landscape of ECW, and although Punk and Burke have fought over 5000 times already, it was entertaining to watch, and would've been a decent opening salvo if Punk had won the title. I'd like to say possibly Marcus Cor Von could've been involved, but he seems to be still dealing with family issues.

However all of this is moot, because Morrison retained. What happens here next is anyone's guess. Does Punk go one more round with the champ? Or does Morrison move on to the next challenge, and if so, who? I wish I knew. I thought I did, but you can tell how much sense I have with predicting this stuff.

Let's move on.

I take a brief moment to take a small bow and acknowledge that I was right on the money with Beth Phoenix being next in line for a shot at Candice. Candice, personally, is in trouble. Beth is ten times the wrestler Candice is, on par with Victoria, and although Candice did get the better of Victoria before going to Smackdown, I'm not sure she can do it twice. Can lightning strike again? Who knows.

I liked how they incorporated MVP and Matt Hardy in to a skit for Stone Cold to take out two birds with one stone, pun intended. A promo for the Condemned DVD, indirectly, and keeping the US title feud on the burner for the fans. I commend WWE immensely for not being careless with MVP's health, and look forward to the next contest between the two, but this beer drinking contest thing that I read about looks funny as hell, and I am anxious to see it.

I have always been a fan of Rey Mysterio's colorful in ring attire, but I thought the silver paint on his body may have been a bit much. I saw the pics of him on I guess he wanted to really stand out, and it appears he did, literally. I'll comment more on this when I get the DVD.

I saw the video of Chavo giving a post match interview on It appears this feud is not over by a long shot, and they're going to test the viability of Rey's knee. It should be interesting to see how they take it. I got an idea for this one. 30 minute Iron Man match.... let's see who scores the most falls. Tell me you wouldn't like to see that. I think I would.

Saw pics of Triple H. He looks good. Lean, and definitely mean. I really wonder how they're going to pull him back around to the character he really wants to be, and that's the top heel on Raw. I suspect a little squirming in the coming weeks from the Cerebral Assassin, as I don't think he's very comfortable playing a face, which he has to, based on the crowd reaction.

On the Intercontinental title match, I am really surprised Kennedy was beaten. Totally took my theories out from the preview column of Carlito being on the outs, and Umaga losing by one of the others pinning each other, leaving Umaga strong, and one, more than likely, Kennedy, with the title to build themselves up. Now, I have no idea who'd be next on the horizon for Umaga. The intercontinental title is in a bit of trouble, I believe, as there is no legitimate challenger on the Raw roster ready to go at Umaga at this time. If I'm wrong, tell me who, and more importantly, why.

Just a dumb question here, why does the World Tag Team champions have to be relegated to a dark match prior to Summerslam beginning? Makes zero sense to me on that one, ladies and gentlemen.

I think that's it. At least, that's all I can come up with from a guy who didn't see the show. However, there was a lot to think about and comment from Summerslam, so I thought this was pertinent. Let's hear your thoughts. Drop me a line by clicking here. If I get a lot of responses, who knows, 199 may be a fans only piece.

1 to go to 200. Ideas being accepted for #200. Right now, I am considering doing a personal library sized DVD review... telling you all what wrestling DVDs I have, and given a brief commentary on each. It's a big job, but someone's gotta do it. :)

Quickly, as I close, I hope Hulk Hogan's son Nick is doing OK. As a father of three boys, I can't imagine the anxiety he must be going through right now.

Good night all. Thanks for reading.