Full Smackdown and ECW House Show Results: 9/30 in Hammond, IN

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Monday, October 1, 2007 at 3:43 PM EST

WWE Smackdown & ECW House Show Results - 9/30/07
Location: Hammond, Indiana

WrestleView.com was sent the following report:

Went to the show last night, quite a few people there. Here are the results:

Kane wins over Finley with the chokeslam. Afterwards Hornswoggle McMahon trys and fails to chokeslam Kane.

The Miz beats Balls Mahoney with a neckbreaker. Extreme Expose were ringside and Kelly Kelly tends to Balls after the match and gets pulled away by the other chicks.

Big Daddy V wins over Tommy Dreamer. Yep. Dreamer still the jobber.

Michelle McCoole over Krissy Vain Bad match, funny part is when McCool gets pissed at Vain for kicking out then covers again screaming STAY DOWN.

Matt Hardy and MVP over Deuce and Domino after the twist of fate. Stupid push up contest between MVP and Hardy before the match.

Jimmy Wang Yang over Kenny Dykstra. Victoria is with Kenny. Why? Poor girl can work and is stuck being a manager.

Chuck Palumbo over Chris Masters. Masters was HORRIBLE. Many many "Steriod" chants. I see both of these guys getting wished well in their future endeavors soon.

CM Punk over John Morrison after the GTS. Good match mostly by Morrison. Good to see him back. Punk way over but very sloppy in the ring. What else is new?

Undertaker and Rey Mysterio over Mark Henry and Great Kahali after Taker chokeslam on and Rey Mysterio frogsplash on Mark Henry.

Biggest Pop:
Undertaker without a doubt. Didn't expect to see him at a small house show. He looked really good and still has it. The place nearly blew in two with the pop he received.

Also Rey Mysetrio. Kids went nuts for him. And by the by, what the hell as Rey been eating? Dude, stay away from the frijoles!

CM Punk. Eh, Chicago marks.

Biggest Heat:

The Great Kahali: People just don't like him.

Finlay: He messed with the crowd REALLY well!

Morrison: Eh, people are jealous.

Maurice Andrews also sent this report in:

Most of the talent arrived very late for the show. MVP, Rey Mysterio, and Chuck Palumbo arrived at about 6:15 with show time being at 7.

Khali was the first to arrive but he left shortly. Afterwards he went to get chinese food from a local place.

All of the heels snubbed us for autographs and Domino spit our way when we asked him. Balls Mahoney and Tommy Dreamer came early and signed every autograph that they could.

Taker was there pretty early also and he an McCool rode in the same car. They both went inside together with McCool emerging to sign autographs.

Ricky the Dragon Steamboat signed a lot of autographs for us as did Kane.

Dykstra, Masters, Morrison and the Miz rode together and of course none of them signed autographs.

Funny note: Morrison came over like he was going to sign, grabbed the guys pen next to me and said...."Alright, since you guys are such big fans of mine..........you know I don't sign autographs for losers!!!" And he threw the guys pen back at him. FUNNY STUFF.

Henry didnt even look our way.

The mystery woman that attacked Torrie was there also. I got her autograph but I still don't know here name.


Kane beat Finlay.

Finlay did a great job at creating crowd heat. He picked lots of fights with fans before the bell rang.

Hornswoggle came in to help Finlay but Kane sat up and saw him. Kane then got on his knees to fight Hornswoggle and horns put his irish hat on Kane and tried to chokeslam him!!! The little guy could not lift Kane up though. Kane then kept the hat on and chokeslammed Finlay for the pin.
After the match Finlay kicked Horns in the head but a few minutes later Horns low blowed Finlay for a nice pop. Then on his way backstage Horns low blowed a security guard.

Balls beat the Miz with Kelly Kelly having sympathy for Balls.

Jimmy Wang Yang beat Dykstra with Victoria. After the match Victoria low blowed the same security guard that Horns low blowed.

McCool beat the mystery woman. She annonced herself before the match but I wasn't paying attention.

Big Daddy V squashed Dreamer.

MVP and Hardy beat Deuce and Domino.
MVP and Hardy had a push up contest before the match and MVP cheated to win.


Palumbo beat Masters.

CM Punk beat Morrison.
Huge pop for punk here in chicagoland.

Taker easily got the hugest pop of the night as him and Rey beat Khali and Henry.

Great show. Easily a sell out. Only a 4000 seat arena. I was VERY UPSET that Batista didn't show up.