PWA on 11/2, Chaotic Wrestling TV, TWF, WWA and Ring of Honor DVD

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On Monday, October 8, 2007 at 3:26 PM EST

Devin Cutting sent this in:

The Pure Wrestling Association presents "Welcome Back" at the Bakers Street Bar in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada on Friday, November 2nd, 2007. The main event will be Steve Corino verses Ruffy Silverstein. Go to for info about the PWA!

Bradley Grover sent this in:

Chaotic Wrestling aired its third monthly show on 10/6/07(taped 9/7/07) on MyTV New England. The show comes to us from the Polish American Veterans Club in Lowell, MA. Bobby Cruise(who didn't announce the elapsed time of the matches) filled in as ring announcer as Rich Palladino had a prior commitment that night. Rich and RJ DeLuise taped their commentary in a recording studio. Mike Crockett and Matt bennett were the referees.

The show opens with highlights of Bryan Logan's heavyweight title win over Brian Milonas. Rich and RJ promote this month's 6-person tag main event.

Match 1-Dr. Reginald Heresy vs Maverick Wild(Referee:Matt Bennett)-Dr. Heresy tells us before the match that if Wild loses, Wild and Heresy will become a tag team. Heresy wins the match by sitting on Wild and holding the middle rope.

Chaotic Wrestling returns to the Lowell PAV on Friday October 19th at 8 PM with a main event pitting Alex arion and Max Bauer of "Big Business" against heavyweight champion Bryan Logan and New England champion "Straight Edge" Brian Fury. The next night, CW returns to the Veterans Memorial Hall in Derry, NH for the "Lethal Lottery"(CW's roster competes in tag matches with each team's members picked at random, followed by a battle royal with the tag match winners and Logan defending against the winner of the battle royal). Also in Derry, Arion gets another shot at Fury's title with some stipulations.

Promos air air from Johnny Fabulous(with Fred "Bonecrusher" Sampson" and "Big" Rick Fuller) and the duo of Logan and Fury.

We then see an ad for some CW DVD's, t-shirts and "Club Chaos". Go to for more info.

We then hear from Mat tLogan, Mike Nice, Cleon Gynetics and Omega Security about the "Lethal Lottery.

They repeat the Lowell/Derry ad.

Match 2-The Blowout Boys and Lexxus with Mike Nice vs Jason Blade, Kid Mikaze and Nikki Roxx(Referee:Mike Crockett)-The fans chanted "Yankees Suck!" and "Homs" at the blowout Boys during the match. At one point, Roxx slingshottde Danny E.'s face into Tommy T.'s crotch. and Blade even got a kiss in on Lexxus. Blowout Boys and Lexxus win with a double team powerbomb-type move on Blade by the Blowouts.

The CW product ad is repeated.

Rich interviews Handsome Johnny about the "Psycho's Rules" match airing Nov. 3 on MyTV New England. Rich gets so frustrated, he cuts a promo on Johnny and leaves the microphone with johnny to close the show.

TWF sent this in:

The Wrestling Federation returns to Phoenixville, PA at Top Gun Wrestling Academy, 373 Walnut Street on October 20th for "Beyond the Grave" with a 7:30 pm Bell Time. Tickets $10.00!

Announced so far:

Champion "Superstar" Rocky Styles vs. Big Lou

Also appearing: Rockin Rebel, Blahdeggo, Kid Kaos, Twisted Tate, Uptown Chris Brown, Frank the Tank, Killer Kramer and many more!

More matches to be announced!!

TICKET INFO: 610-933-8550

*card subject to change*

Do you have the desire to be a Professional Wrestler? BWO is proud to announce Top Gun Wrestling Academy, Inc. in Phoenixville, PA!

All Training is done by Professional Wrestling & Fitness Trainers. Our Trainers have wrestling experience in countries all over the world.

Come visit and check us out at 373 Walnut Street, Phoenixville, PA - just blocks from the Vale Rio Diner and Phoenixville Hospital. New Classes always opening!

We offer everything you need to become a Star in the Professional Wrestling World today and are just minutes from Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware.

Call today (610) 933-8550 or email for a tryout, hours, rates and information on our programs and unleash the Wrestler in YOU!!!!


WWA sent this in:

With less than a week away from WWA's Extreme Warfare, the following matches have been signed for next week:

Dameon Blood vs Mark Wilson in a Dog Collar match

The Damballah (c) vs Chad Thomas for the WWA Championship

Gloria Shockley vs Lilith Blood in a Back To The Kitchen match (no word on if it will be for the WWA Women's Championship)

Shawn Vexx and Marco Rivera vs Violent V and S.P.A.M. (c) for the WWA Tag Team Championships

A special 5 on 5 match

"T-Mo" Tony Morales vs "The New F'n Show" Jerry Lynn
If Jerry Lynn wins, Tony "Pops" Estep gets 50% ownership of WWA.
If Tony Morales wins, Pops must leave the WWA for good.

Keep tabs at and the WWA FanSpace for any updates.

Brett of sent this review in:

ROH: Race to the Top Night 1 (7/27/07) DVD Review
By Brett of

NOTE: Location for this event was changed at last minute due to the original building shutting down. The commentators said there was no air conditioning so it was very hot for the fans who were sweating and really hot for the wrestlers who had to wrestle. Who knows, maybe that took some good moves off some good matches.

--Kevin Steen W/ El Generico cut a promo--
Steen told us what he thought of the 'Race to the Top Tournament'. Nothing important.

:::BJ Whitmer vs. Pelle Primeau:::
Nothing good, a squash really. A few good slams with some power by Whitmer. Solid I guess. Whitmer was distracted by ROH security as he was doing a move at ringside, Rhitt Titus was his name. Maybe the start of some feud?
* 1/4

--Claudio Castagnoli promo--
Talks about how hes gonna win the tournament and how hes coming for Sweet & Sour Inc.

:::Davey Richards vs. Jigsaw:::
Richards looked good & cocky. This was a solid fast paced match. Felt kind of short though, but the reversals in this match along with the moves were creative. The finish was alright.
* 3/4

--Austin Aries w/ Eric Stevens w/ Matt Cross promo--
Aries talks about 'Balls' and how hes gonna get Roderick Strong tonight.

:::Claudio Castagnoli vs. Hallowicked:::
A lucha sort of match (like most of Claudio's matches as of late) with some good moves. The moves were creative and the whole match had almost nothing repetitive about it. The finish was kind of slow but alright. Solid.

:::Matt Sydal vs. Mike Quackenbush:::
Larry Sweenie cut a fast promo in the ring and then left with the rest of Sweet & Sour Inc. The match started of a bit slow but then picked up. Not as fast of a match as you would think but rather a match with a lot of submissions where some were creative looking. The finish was like other finishes of the night, kind of slow but still alright. Another solid match.

:::Erick Stevens vs. Chris Hero:::
Hero did a lot of show boating like normal most of the match but thats what makes Hero. Crowd was into this one, more than any match so far. The finish was pretty good and creative. This match was mostly power by Stevens and show boating from Hero with a good gimmick finish.
* 3/4

--Delirious promo--
Like usual I don't know what he was saying. I know he was talking about 'The Race to the Top' though, and El Generico and his "O'le".

:::Roderick Strong vs. Austin Aries vs. Gran Akuma vs. Jimmy Rave:::
Pretty good match. I really liked how they have this teasing storyline with Strong & Aries with Aries always going after Strong but Strong not wanting any of it. The match was solid and I enjoyed it. It kind of felt like this was rushed a little bit but it was still pretty good. Finish was good.

--Jack Evans interview with Becky Bayless--
Evans talked about being at the top and how Generation Next was on top for a while but after he went to Japan he wasn't so popular and at the top like the rest of Generation Next (which I agree is true).

:::Delirious vs. El Generico:::
I thought this match was going to be better, but none less it was still pretty solid. Some good moves were used and some good submissions were shown. Nothing special.
* 1/2

:::Brent Albright vs. Matt Cross:::
Matt Cross shown his speed and Albright showed his power. I did notice that Cross uses too many of his signature moves. He should start using them less or create some new move, he was still creative in this match though. Alright match.

:::Jack Evans vs. Kevin Steen:::
Solid match. Really nothing special, but a little better than Cross/Albright match because Evans used different moves and was more creative. Finish was alright, and the fans got into it.
** 1/4

:::Briscoe Brothers vs Bryan Danielson & Nigel McGuinness:::
This was the Match of the night, because it was very solid with some cool spots. It was also very hard hitting. The crowd was really into it chanting "This is awesome" and chanting for both teams. The only botched spot I saw was part of the finish were the Briscoes are back to back, and Dragon & Nigel are running from different parts of the ring to hit the Briscoes. Only 1 Briscoes ducted and the other stood there and got barly taped by Danielson and from there Danielson hit Nigel. It wasn't as bad as you think because the camera angle helped it out, but it was a bit disappointing. Still, the finish was creative and good. Good match.
*** 3/4

Overall: As you heard over and over in this review 'Creative', the whole night I saw some creative things and some not so creative things. Also, as noted before it was very hot in the building so you have to question the fact that maybe that took this show down a little bit taking energy out of the fans so they couldn't be as loud as they can and make the match better and maybe it took some energy out of the wrestlers. The whole night felt a little rushed and the DVD fell short 20 minutes of 3 Hours which ROH doesn't normally do, so maybe the heat did that as well making the wrestlers tired much faster.