TNA Knockout gone from company, PPV events in 2008 + Pacman/ESPN

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Thursday, November 1, 2007 at 4:01 PM EST

Leticia Cline confirmed on her "MySpace" page recently that she is officially done with TNA Wrestling. Cline stated that TNA's Terry Taylor offered her a release and she took it, making her free of her deal as of November 25.

PWInsider is reporting that early plans within TNA have the company wanting to run two of the first three PPV events in 2008 outside of Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.

XtremeFalls43 sent this in: On ESPN's 1st and 10 they discussed whether or not the NFL should bring back Pacman Jones to football earlier then his full suspension since he's meeting with the NFL Commissioner tomorrow. While discussing it his wrestling stint came up and TNA probably wishes it didn't. Skip Bayless was adamant that his involvement in wrestling really hurt his chances of coming back early especially when one show went head to head with the NFL. Jermele Clark tried to defend his stint in wrestling by saying while it was stupid to get involved with it what do you want him to do for 4 months. Both agreed however that he should of never went into professional wrestling and numerous times discussed how his name has been out of the papers. So just like when the Pacman story broke their was no mention of TNA and they pointed out the lack of attention the stunt got after the first couple of shows.