CHIKARA on November 18, JAPW on December 8, ACW and LWL report

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On Sunday, November 4, 2007 at 3:37 PM EST

CHIKARA sent this in:

CHIKARA: 2007 Season Finale in Philadelphia on Sunday, Nov. 18!

The 2007 CHIKARA season, our sixth and biggest by far, is coming to a close. So don't miss out on our huge 3-part season finale that kicks off in Reading, rolls through Hellertown and ends up in Philly! We're closing out the year with a stacked card filled with special guests, and capping it off with a triple main event! Six of the card's nine bouts are already announced:

~MASK vs. HAIR!~
Lince Dorado vs. Mitch Ryder

Hallowicked vs. Eddie Kingston

Larry Sweeney vs. Bryan Alvarez

Delirious & Cheech & Cloudy
MIYAWAKI & El Pantera & Passion Hasegawa

Robbie Ellis vs. Hydra

The Colony vs. Super Smash Bros. & Shayne Hawke

Advance tickets are already on sale (in our online store) and complete information is available at! And if you haven't seen our website lately, you haven't seen us at all! Check out our totally revamped homepage with tons of new photos, original artwork, info and hoo-ha! Join the rest of the CHIKARMY and come see us live; keep up to date with all things CHIKARA by subscribing to our free, weekly podcast !

Remember, the "Best of CHIKARA" commercial DVD hits retail outlets across North America on Tuesday, November 6th!

Select items will be on sale next week in our online store. Drop by and visit us between Monday and Friday to save some serious bucks on your favorite CHIKARA swag!

"Battle of Who Could Care Less"
Friday night, November 16th, 2007
Live @ The Riverside Beneficial Assoc.!
1742 Pear Street
in Reading, PA!
All seats just $15.00!
Doors open at 7:00 pm. Bell time is 7:30 pm.

"The Sordid Perils of Everyday Existence"
Saturday night, November 17th, 2007
Live @ The American Legion Hall!
935 Main Street
in Hellertown, PA!
All seats just $15.00!
Doors open at 6:30 pm. Bell time is 7:00 pm.

"Chapter 11"
Sunday afternoon, November 18th, 2007
Live @ The New Alhambra (ECW Arena)!
7 Ritner St. on the corner of Swanson
in South Philadelphia, PA!
All seats just $15.00!
Doors open at 3:30 pm. Bell time is 4:00 pm.

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Jersey All Pro Wrestling sent this in:

Jersey All Pro Wrestling proudly presents the very last live event of 2007 "Seasons Beatings" Saturday, December 8th, At the Rahway Recreation Center, 275 East Milton Ave, Rahway NJ. Bell time 7:30PM doors open at 7:00.

Tickets are on sale now at, and at the door on the night of the show.

1st Row Ringside- Sold Out 2nd Row Ringside-$20 3rd Row Ringside-$15 General Admission Bleacher Seating-$15

Appearing on the card that night:

"The New Age Punisher" B-Boy vs. JAPW NJ State Champion Archadia vs. "The Suicidal Demon" Azriael

JAPW Tag Team Champions: The LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) vs. BLKOut Members Eddie Kingston & Slyk Wagner Brown vs. Teddy Hart & JAPW Heavyweight Champion, "the World Warrior" Senshi (a.k.a. Low-Ki)

TNA Superstar Jay Lethal vs. The Human Tornado

TNA Superstar "The Future" Frankie Kazarian vs. "Dangerous" Devon Storm

TNA Superstar "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs. Chris Hero

Bandido, Jr. vs. the Grim Reefer

Monsta Mack & Havok vs. the Christopher Street Connection

Kenny Omega vs. Kevin Matthews

In his Final match in JAPW : "The New Age Punisher" B-Boy vs. JAPW NJ State Champion, Archadia vs. "The Suicidal Demon" Azriael.

Join us as we say goodbye to a wrestler that has just about done it all in JAPW, as B-Boy takes his final bow inside a JAPW ring. B-Boy's list of accomplishments in JAPW represents the elite status he holds here, Former Tag Team Champion, Former Light-Heavyweight Champion, and the honorary title of "King of the Ouch Files".

Last month at the JAPW 10th Anniversary show. B-Boy added another major milestone to his career in JAPW, by winning the annual Battle of The Light heavyweights, defeating 5 other wrestlers in the process, and earning an automatic shot at the NJ State Title.

But for his final match, B-Boy contacted JAPW management, and asked that in place of that automatic title shot, that he be given the unique opportunity to select his final opponents in a JAPW ring: a request that was granted.

B-Boy selected current JAPW NJ State Champion Archadia, and "The Suicidal Demon" Azriael to be those opponents.

"I don't care if Archadia puts the title on the line, or not…I'm picking him because he is one of the innovative guys on the JAPW roster, no matter how bad his attitude has become. And Azriael? There are very few people in JAPW that are as talented as he is in the ring and I want the fans in JAPW to see me for the last time in one of the greatest matches in my career."

"It's not about Titles, it's not about feuds, it's not about stables or any of that crap…Its about respect, its about being the best you can be, and I know that both of these guys will bring out the best in B-Boy".

In a 3 way match for the JAPW Tag Team Titles:

JAPW Tag Team Champions: The LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) vs. BLKOut Members, Eddie Kingston & Slyk Wagner Brown vs. Teddy Hart & JAPW Heavyweight Champion, "the World Warrior" Senshi (a.k.a. Low-Ki)

After winning the JAPW Title for the unprecedented 8th time at 10th Anniversary show, Homicide seemed on top of the world.

He held not only the Tag Team Titles with his partner in LAX, Hernandez, but he had just won a hard fought, respectful match against his greatest student, Senshi, Injuring Senshi's leg in the process and forcing him to submit for the first time in a JAPW ring.

But the celebration of his latest title reign would be short lived as renegade BLKOut stable attacked, causing JAPW management to make an impromptu match between everyone in the ring, with the stipulation that if anyone in that ring pinned Homicide, they would become the JAPW champion, if anyone in that ring pinned Hernandez, they would become the JAPW Tag Team Champions, and if anyone was to pin any member of BLKOut, they would be banned from JAPW forever.

The action in the ring was fast and furious, but Homicide seemingly had things under control after Hernandez took out most of BLKOut almost single handedly, and Homicide had delivered the "Gringo-Killa" to BLKOut Member Ruckus. The Referee counted 1…2….but 3 never came…as the lights went out, and when they came back on, in the ring was standing Homicide's greatest enemy, Teddy Hart!

Homicide tried to attack Hart, but the wear of fighting two grueling battles in such a short amount of time was too much for the newly crowned champion to endure and one "Hart Attack 2.0" later, Homicide was down on the mat. But instead of leaving Homicide laying, Teddy Hart did something that JAPW management still do not understand, He placed Senshi, who was still in the ring, but injured from his match, on top of the champion. Hart then disappeared into the crowd.

Since the stipulation was that "anyone in that ring" that pinned Homicide would become JAPW Champion, the referee had no choice to count to 3 and award Senshi the title. Senshi then limped off with the JAPW belt, and did not stop to explain his actions to his longtime stable mates Homicide, B-Boy & Hernandez who were left in the ring to wonder: "what happened"?

JAPW management has decided that while it was not in the spirit of the stipulation, Senshi's regaining of the JAPW will stand.

Homicide was livid, and demanded that he be given a match against Teddy Hart, but LAX have been ordered to defend the JAPW Tag team titles at Seasons Beatings, so a singles match is out of the question at this time. If Homicide wants to get his hands on Hart, it will have to be in a Tag Match, and because of his unorthodox "defeat" of Homicide, JAPW champion Senshi has been selected by JAPW management to be Teddy's partner.

No request to be teamed came from either Teddy Hart or Senshi, but since neither has explained exactly just what happened in the ring during the anniversary show, JAPW management decided to pair both of these controversial superstars to get to the bottom of this situation.

Adding another dimension to this match, BLKOut members Eddie Kingston and Slyk Wagner Brown petitioned the championship committee for shot at the JAPW Tag Team Titles, and were granted this match due to the confusion that reigned over what happened at the end of the Anniversary show.

Eddie Kingston had this to say about the subject: "JAPW owes BLKOut a shot, and while the rest of the team will be taking care of business elsewhere that night, me and SWB will step up. While Homicide is busy beating the snot out of Teddy Hart, we'll wait for our chance to pin one of the LAX and walk out the new champs."

JAPW Promoter Frank Iadevia said "Look, what happened at the anniversary surprised us as much as it surprised our fans, and since these guys seem to hate each other so much, the only way we seem to be able to get any of this stuff resolved is to get them all in a ring and let them kill each other. Senshi has alot of explaining to do, but if you know the man, he speaks with his actions not his words."

"Who ever is left alive enough to pin someone's shoulders to the mat will become the champs, but whatever happens before that, is up to those in the ring. I don't know the deal between Teddy and Senshi, they may be working together, or they may destroy each other….that's not my problem and if BLKOut wants in on this match, the more the merrier. I can only imagine what will happen when Homicide gets his hands on Teddy and feeds him to that big gorilla Hernandez, Teddy better pray that Senshi is truly on his side, because that's his only chance of getting out of this alive! And knowing what has happened between Teddy and Homicide in the past, JAPW fans shouldn't miss this for the world."

So will the questions be answered, or will only more questions be created? One thing is for certain; this match will be an all out war!

Jay Lethal vs. The Human Tornado

2 of the charismatic superstars in professional wrestling today face off in singles action, as the Human Tornado makes his return to JAPW against current TNA X Division Champion, and JAPW original, Jay Lethal. Will "Black Machismo" make an appearance? And even if he does, will it be enough to "stop the Pimpin'?"

"The Future" Frankie Kazarian vs. "Dangerous" Devon Storm

Ever since his return to a JAPW ring, Frankie Kazarian has been on quite a tear, defeating the likes of Chris Hero and AJ Styles. But now he faces the unpredictable "Dangerous" Devon Storm, who is fresh off a big win at the 10th Anniversary show, and Storm is looking to make a big impression on the JAPW Fans. Storm can mat wrestle, fly and take things hardcore if he has to. With his experience he gained during his time with Raven, Kazarian will get his hands dirty just as much as Storm is willing to.

"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs. Chris Hero

What more can be said about the wrestler known as "the Phenomenal 1"? AJ Styles has held every belt that TNA has at one point or another, and ranks as one of the greatest in the world today. He squares off against indy sensation Chris Hero. And while he has a great reputation elsewhere, Hero still has alot to prove in a JAPW ring, and a win over Styles will go a long way to cementing his status here.

Bandito, Jr. vs. the Grim Reefer

Get ready for highflying action, as Bandito Jr. takes on former NJ State Champion, The Grim Reefer. Reefer was cheated out of his championship last show, and a win here will put him right back in line for a rematch. If Bandito's impressive performance at the Battle of the Light Heavyweights is any indication of what he is truly capable, Reefer better prepare himself for a hard match.

Monsta Mack & Havok vs. the Christopher Street Connection

Last show, The Christopher Streets were blindsided by the deadly combination of Monsta Mack & Havok, and were given a beating that they won't soon forget. Now they go head to head on equal ground without any surprises, will that be enough for the "Pride of the East Village"? Or will they just meet defeat again by the D-Factor's latest killing machines?

Kenny Omega vs Kevin Matthews

Despite a loss to Danny Demanto, Canadian Standout, Kenny Omega wowed JAPW fans in his debut at Calm Before The Storm, and the fans promptly asked for his return. The Fans get their request as Omega faces off against Kevin Matthews. Both Matthews and Omega are former WWE development talents, and know each other well from their time spent in the trenches of the developmental system. The difference maker here may be Matthew's membership in the D-Factor and manager Jonny D's penchant for getting involved in his charges matches. Omega will have to have eyes in the back of his head in order to get thru this match in one piece.

More information about this show will be announced in the coming weeks, Stay tuned to for more JAPW news and information as it develops.

ACW sent this in:

ACW invades the Smokestown Fire Company (860 Smokestown Road, Denver, PA USA 17517 )Friday Night November 23rd ,
with a 7pm belltime and doors open at 630pm, tickets are $15.00

Main Event

ACW World Champion Kage Defends vs Former ECW STAR The Mad Man From The Badlands Glen Osburne,

ACW Welterweight Champion Trixter Defends Vs Former TNA ECW Star Juilo Dinero

BWO World Champion Rockin Rebel defneds Vs IB GREEN

Twisted Tate Vs Rebecca Payne in a Hardcore Match

New ACW Tag Champions Will be Crowned as Sick Rick Havoc and Shatter Take on Louis G Rich and Kitt

Massive Mike vs Alan Cross

Pretty Fly and Frank the Tank vs Mikey X and JKM

BOY BOY vs Joey Manson

also Even Leppy , The ECW Hat Guy, Din Mak, Dark Angel, Dan Marx's ,Sinner, Arkham, Dave Curly, and Bill Bain and Many More

Get you tickets at
The Park Place Diner (Rt 272 Reading Denver Pa.)
The Denver Supply (Main Street Denver Pa.)
Mohler Fitness (Rt 272 Reading rd Ephrata)

Oliver Newman sent this report in:

Legends Wrestling League…….That was TAG Wrestling! By Oliver Newman

Company: Legends Wrestling League
Date: Tuesday 30th October 2007
Time: 7:30pm
Attendance: 162
Price: Adults £5, £4 with LWL Flyer (Downloadable from Kids £3. £1 off if you wear Fancy dress to this show.
Location: Legends Members Club, Oxley Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV1 1QN.

The Ring Announcer welcomes the crowd to LWL’s 2nd Anniversary and comments on how there is only standing room inside the Legend’s Members Club this evening.

Platinum Paige vs. Kris Navarro

The contest starts with an arm-drag by Navarro, followed quickly by a couple of hip-tosses and an Enzuguri. The fans clap, Paige cuts Navarro off with a short elbow, and chokes him with his boot. Kicks to the back and chops to front and back follow as he starts to control the match, a snap suplex gets the first pinfall attempt of the night (for a two count). Paige knees Navarro in the back and applies a chin-lock “You’re not cheering for him now" the fans start clapping and slamming against the tables. Paige locks Navarro in a mid-ring sleeper hold, after Navarro’s hand drops twice he fights back. Ducking two clothesline attempts before hitting a flying head scissors and a wheelbarrow into an arm-drag. Following up with a Spear but that only manages a two count (as Paige gets his foot on the ropes). A second Spear misses and Paige quickly follows up with a German suplex for a close near fall, and a huge T-Bone suplex but that gets 2 also (so he berates the referee for the lack of 3 count). Paige sets up for his Impaler finisher but Navarro rolls him up for the 1, 2 and 3.

Match Time: 9 minutes
Winner: Kris Navarro

My Thoughts:
That was a good back and forth match to start LWL’s 2YA show! Navarro’s performance was good once again and Paige showed a good improvement over last month’s slightly shaky match. I was gutted about no Sykes vs. Navarro 2 after they put on a fantastic match last month, and to be honest I still am (hope to see that feud continued at some point down the line) but this was a good way to kick off the show.

‘Mr #1’ Jonny Costello vs. Sik Nik Dutt

Costello plays limbo with the microphone cable, the match starts with a clap-off which Dutt wins. Lock up Costello with power advantage pushes Dutt down, second time around Dutt reverses and shoulder-blocks and hip-tosses Costello down to the mat. Costello rolls out of the ring and rings the bell! Dutt follows with a dropkick through the ropes, Costello steals a fan’s water bottle and then pulls Dutt out. Costello hits Dutt with a throat chop and another before chopping the steel ring post! Dutt takes control slamming Costello’s hand on tables, etc. Costello kicks the rope as Dutt returns “I’m a Champion/You’re a Bell-End" shouting contest. Costello clotheslines Dutt right on the bridge of the nose, so Dutt in return drops him on his head with a Hurracanrana for a two count. Dutt follows up with a whip/bulldog and splash combination for another two count as Costello’s foot is on the ropes. Dutt attempts the tornado DDT but Costello reverses into a full nelson slam for the 1, 2 and 3. The fans clap for Dutt as he leaves.

Match Time: 12 minutes
Winner: ‘Mr #1’ Jonny Costello

My Thoughts:
Another enjoyable match, good back and forth contest between the two competitors. Mis-timed clothesline and hurrancanrana added a lot to intensity of the match and were real OUCH moments! Costello showed he can wrestle and brawl as well as he wrestles comedy matches. Dutt put forth another good performance and that made another good match for the LWL fans to enjoy.

Mad Dog Maxx w/ ‘Mr #1’ Jonny Costello vs. Tracy Smothers

Pre match:

Maxx endears himself to the crowd “Shut your stinking mouths up! I’ll kick your teeth down your throat" Smothers enters to a huge roar from the crowd, causing Maxx & Costello to roll out to the floor. Maxx is both cheered and booed as he takes the microphone “I’m a wrestler/you’re a fat t***" he shouts at a fan. “If he (Smothers) touches my s***, kill him" he tells Costello. “Shut your mouth and listen to me! You may have wrestled 3 bears but tonight you’re wrestling a Mad Dog. You’re a rebel, a cheat and scummy. But you’re a great wrestler and the king of the dance-off" Fans start a “Tracy Smothers, Tracy Smothers" chant, Tracy takes the mic “Are you all having a good time! Is it good to be alive and in Wolverhampton, Tonight!" The fans cheer loudly, “Was that the biggest piece of crap you have ever heard! You Costello are a transplant rebel and I’m going to put your head up you’re ass. By the time this match is done you’ll have a different respect for me and all these fans".


Fans chant “Tracy, Tracy" once more as Maxx rolls out. “Mad Dog sucks" chant starts up “Mad Dog doesn’t suck" he replies. “Old poodle" is shouted out by a fan! Smothers and Maxx lock up and after a clean break Maxx accuses Smothers of pulling his hair (which he hasn’t done). Waist-locks are traded with Smothers adding a snap-mere once again Maxx complains of hair pulling. The fans clap and after reversing an arm-lock Maxx pulls Smothers by the hair to the mat! “Cheat" chant starts up, Wrist-lock once more this time Smothers gets the advantage and pulls Maxx’s hair. Maxx shouts “Tracy’s been pulling my hair, tights, poking my eyes and punching my balls!" and then challenges him to a dance off. The first 2 vs. 1 dance-off I have seen, Maxx and Costello have some moves (but the fans still boo), Smothers is the king and wins yet another dance-off. Smothers misses a back elbow and gets caught by a vicious lariat by Maxx for a close near-fall. Smothers pokes Maxx in the eyes and hits a Flatliner for a two count. Maxx returns with a spine buster of his own “I swear to god it’s over!" but it isn’t. Costello tries to distract Smothers but gets forearmed for his troubles, he has distracted Smothers long enough for Maxx to hit a chain assisted lariat for the 1, 2 and 3. The fans boo loudly at Maxx & Costello and cheer loudly for Smothers with “Tracy, Tracy and Please don’t go" chants.

Match Time: 23 minutes
Winner: Mad Dog Maxx

My Thoughts:
Well that was just superb! Not the most complex match but it didn’t need to be. Smothers and Maxx showed just how to play with a crowd’s emotions to the best effect with the match produced. The best atmosphere I have experienced since I have covered LWL shows, Maxx and Smothers put on a good wrestling match, with great crowd interaction and a dance-off. That left a lot of fans very happy and the fans that had strangely never heard of Tracy Smothers before, now have a new hero! Great stuff all around.


Dan Ryder & Marcus Kool vs. Steve Valentino & ‘Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine

Valentino jaws with the crowd “Old woman bow down, before me", “Your both faggots" chant starts up directed at Devine & Valentino. “Emo" chant is directed at Valentino and a “Let’s go Ryder" chant also. Valentino kicks Ryder and Judo throws him to the canvas, “Valentino/He’s an emo" duelling chant. Valentino applies the arm-lock, Ryder skilfully turns it into a swinging arm-lock and reverses out! Ryder quickly follows up with a Japanese arm-drag and an arm-lock of his own before Valentino tags in Devine and Ryder tags in Kool. Kool hit’s the 6-1-9 on Devine or so he thought, Devine amazingly catches Kool and applies the Sharpshooter! It’s not locked in for long though, due to a Ryder Enzuguri, Valentino kicks Ryder’s injured leg and Devine locks in the Sharpshooter on Ryder. Kool connects with a Superkick on Devine knocking him into the ropes for a 6-1-9 which Kool hits this time, Ryder struggling through the pain climbs up to the top rope and connects with a picture perfect 450 splash for the 1, 2 and 3. Kool rolls Devine out of the ring and the fans clap Ryder & Kool.

Match Time: 19 minutes
Winner: Dan Ryder & Marcus Kool

My Thoughts:
Well that was an absolutely tremendous tag team match! From bell to bell it had everything a great tag match has, energy, isolation of one man (Ryder in this match), old school tag wrestling and a great finish (Devine’s reversal of 6-1-9 into a Sharpshooter was a personal highlight!). One of the best tag matches I have seen based on action and atmosphere and only second behind The Briscoe’s vs. Shingo & Doi (ROH in Liverpool in March ’07) as the best tag team match I’ve seen this year and a good contender for British Wrestling’s match of the year also. The best compliment I can give this match is it’s the kind of match that makes my efforts to publicise British Wrestling worth while!

Christian Lees:

The fans chant “Who and who are ya" as Lees makes his way to the ring. Lees asks “Are you enjoying the show?" The fans cheer in approval “I’m not" Lees replies causing the fans to boo loudly. “Get a haircut" chant starts up, Lees continues “The use of Tracy Smothers signifies to me this is a B-Show" The fans disagree with chants of “Shut the f*** up!" “I’m from the LWL academy like Kris Navarro (huge cheer) but I’m seen as second string!" Fans respond by chanting “What and Christian is a w*****". The fans boo as Lees leaves.

My Thoughts:
Well I went from wondering who Lees was to having a good understanding of him, so I say job done. It was difficult to hear what he was saying over crowd noise though, he made the fans take notice of who he is and what he is about, now I await to see him wrestle.

TGR w/The Boss vs. Chandler Scott Lee

TGR berates CSL “You like, all of this scum (points at fans) are nothing". Slaps are traded between the two, TGR hilariously shouts “That hurt!" punches and clotheslines by CSL follow as the fans chant “Only one Paul Bearer" at The Boss. CSL fains hitting TGR and instead connects with a dropkick, TGR chokes CSL in the ropes and The Boss chokes him further with his tie. A nonchalant cover by TGR isn’t enough to put CSL away though. CSL whips TGR into the corner and goes for the 10 punch but TGR reverses into a running power bomb but only manages to get a two count! So he berates the referee, CSL hits a bulldog on TGR and goes to attack The Boss (he ducks down) and connects with his organiser to CSL’s head and with a Flatliner this match is over, 1, 2 and 3 count follows. The fans boo TGR who spits water at a kid in the audience.

Match Time: 11 minutes
Winner: TGR

My Thoughts:
Not a bad match by any means. TGR and CSL put forth a solid wrestling performance, the fan interaction was there also but this was at the point where a normal LWL show would be coming to a close, so that took a little away from the match. Solid match though, so definitely not a downer on a great show thus far!

Darkstar vs. Donny The Bull

Darkstar spits in Bull’s face (not a smart idea!), Bull takes revenge by showing that Darkstar isn’t tall enough for a test of strength with him. Bull continues with chops causing Darkstar to hilariously scream “Ahhhhhhhh and oh my god" The fans clap as Bull slingshot senton’s over the top rope! A Bull-Hole Slam follows and finally a big splash for the 1, 2 and 3. Darkstar falls down between the ring and stage!

Match Time: 3 minutes
Winner: Donny The Bull

My Thoughts:
Well that was short, sweet and to the point! Darkstar’s hilarious shouting added a lot to this match, Bull has potential and is incredibly agile (slingshot senton) for a big man. So this match got across Bull as new monster of LWL (if that is the case), so from that perspective not a bad match to have just before the main event.

Hardcore Rules Wolverhampton Street Fight for LWL Championship
Sykes vs. Mat Mensa ©

Official ring introductions for both men, “Wearing a Mensa shirt eh Granddad" Says Sykes to a fan in the crowd. “Let’s go Mensa" chant starts up, “This isn’t a popularity contest" retorts Sykes who then wipes himself all over with towel and throws into Mensa’s face. A fan shouts obscenities at Sykes, so Sykes confronts him the fans show support for Sykes by shouting “T*** him". The fans rally back behind Mensa once more with “Let’s go Mensa"
chants, Sykes seamlessly turns a lock up into a headlock from the very start. Mensa reverses out into a wrist-lock of his own, Sykes trips Mensa and hits an STO before tying Mensa’s ankle up. Sykes climbs to the top rope and attempts a Senton but misses, Maxx appears and straight away attacks Mensa, Dutt comes out to even the odds. Maxx & Sykes hit a 3D on Dutt. Costello interjects making it 3 on 2 until Smothers enters! Smothers helps but is shortly afterwards low bridged out of the ring. Sykes dances like Smothers (taking his eye of Mensa) who locks in the Perfect-plex for the 1, 2 and 3. The fans cheer Mensa, Smothers and Dutt. Mensa invites Sykes back in but with the prospect of a 3 on 1 beat down Sykes thinks better of it. Fans cheer for Mensa once again as Smothers starts up an “LWL, LWL" chant to conclude the show.

Match Time: 16 minutes
Winner and STILL LWL Champion: Mat Mensa

My Thoughts:
That was a very good main event to end the show! Sykes and Mensa wrestled a good match and only used weapons infrequently during the match (including a KILLER Chair shot to Mensa by Sykes!!). Sykes took full advantage of the NO DQ rules by cheating right in front of the referee on numerous occasions. Mensa showed he has skills to be able to carry the LWL Title into the future. Good way to end a fantastic show!

Overall Thoughts:
Navarro vs. Paige was a good back and forth match to open the show, I still need to see Sykes vs. Navarro 2 though! Dutt vs. Costello was a good follow up match with two OUCH moments. Maxx vs. Smothers was basic but garnered the best crowd reaction I have heard in LWL thus far, tag match was one of the most intense, energetic and enthralling I have ever seen! Christian Lees Promo was ok I look forward to seeing him wrestle, TGR vs. CSL was a solid match in it’s own right. Donny The Bull looked impressive and Darkstar’s hilarious, Sykes and Mensa wrestled a very good main event with one KILLER chair shot and a crowd pleasing ending. The Ring Announcer did a great job, and I think just under 3 hours is a good time for a show. Congratulations to LWL on improving their attendance one again from 62 (last month) to a tremendous 162 (this month).

Match of the Night:
Dan Ryder & Marcus Kool vs. Steve Valentino & ‘Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine

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