Update on Shelly Martinez/TNA, report from Austin, TX show + PPV note

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Monday, January 14, 2008 at 4:05 PM EST

According to a report by PWInsider, former WWE/ECW star Shelly "Ariel" Martinez will be going by the name Salinas in TNA Wrestling. Martinez debuted for the company officially at the Final Resolution PPV two weeks ago.

Tyrone sent this report in from the TNA event in Austin, TX:

I am been a reader of your website for about two years. So I just wanted to report last Thursday's TNA house show in Austin, Texas. First you definitely can tell that TNA is nowhere on a budget of WWE. The ring was small and look funny being a six sided ring. The audio was crappy which I told Jeremy Borash after the show who is mad cool.

Now the show was very good and all the wrestlers interacted with the crowd. Eric Young definitely got the crowd involved along with Earl Hebner. Awesome Kong wasn't that big as I thought she would be and Ms. Jackie is short. It's funny because with Awesome Kong after her match she walks back toward the curtains and she's doing her Kong walk and I yell to her "Go head big girl!" So she puts her elbow out for me to touch. So later that night I see her in the back so I'm like what's up and she tells me "I saw you."

Anyways Earl Hebner I gave him "You screwed Bret chants." He tells me he was going screw me, we locked eyes a few times just smiling and making gestures like I'm going punch him. After the match he comes down and gives me a hug, not no motherly hug but a its all good type of hug. We talked after the show as well, but I will say this Earl did seem distance or maybe he was just really relaxed, I am not sure or maybe he was tired.

So after the show, I got to speak with Hernandez who is just freaking huge and I got to ask him how old he was. He told me he was thirty-four, I always curious. During the intermission break Samoa Joe came out to sign autographs and so I bought the 8x10 picture for him to sign and told him that I had him as a friend on MySpace so he signs My Good Buddy. Oh yeah the WWE Sign Guy was there whom was very polite. Lance Hoyt interacted with everybody and I told him he was really tall and he said something sarcastic and everybody started laughing. Also Christian Cage is so cool he comes out and dude is not that tall, well I am not short either, but anyways he is so cool. He took the time to sign autographs and take pictures. You could tell he wanted to leave but he stuck around. Now Jay Lethal was cool, I bought his shirt and after the show I told him hey I bought your shirt, so he was let me sign it, but the shirt wasn't a shirt you can really sign because its a black shirt. So he was like I can't sign this lets take a picture you have a camera and I'm like no, so he walks off but I'm like hey you can sign my ticket which he does. Oh yeah Hernandez is really nice, he carries a sharpie with him which surprised me. Booker T was a class act he kept a smile on his the whole time and you can tell he loves this business and the fans as well. That guy that stole the X-Division was a butt hole, Canadians! And lastly Ms. Jackie, I got to yell to her "Hey when you came out I couldn't even see you" and she responded with a smile "I know I'm short, huh?"

So this experience was cool and I enjoyed TNA for picking Austin, Texas!

The following was issued on TNAwrestling.com:


Due to technical difficulties, Cable Systems supported by Shaw Pay-Per-View & Shaw Video On Demand were unable to air Final Resolution on January 6th. Replays of the event are now scheduled as follows:

Jan 21, 2008 at 18:30 (ET)
Jan 25, 2008 at 18:30 (ET)
Jan 31, 2008 at 04:30 (ET)

If you ordered Final Resolution via Shaw and were unable to view it due to technical difficulties, please contact your local Shaw PPV provider for details on how to receive the replay.

Cable systems affected include :

Access Communications
Sky Cable
Westman Communications
Coast/Delta Cable