First round of drug testing held in Orlando, Global Impact, + Creed debut

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Friday, January 25, 2008 at 5:16 PM EST

PWInsider is reporting that TNA held their first round of drug tests at the TV taping on Tuesday in Orlando, FL. As noted earlier, these were baseline tests similar to what WWE did upon instituting their Wellness Policy in February of 2006. It should be noted that in addition to all wrestlers on the roster taking the tests, all staff - including TNA President Dixie Carter - also took tests as well as it was a company-wide thing and not just limited to in-ring talent.

It is also being reported by PWInsider that TNA production staff member Kevin Sullivan (not the wrestler) was the one behind the editing of the one-hour "Global Impact" special that got rave reviews by many in the wrestling media across the board. The company is in the final stages of finishing the DVD version of the program and are looking for either a release in March or April.

TNA's website is reporting that Consequences Creed will be wrestling in a dark match at the company's Against All Odds PPV on February 10 in Greenville, SC. Creed, who made his TNA debut at the Bound For Glory PPV last year, was signed to a deal with the company shortly afterwards and is expected to debut on Impact in the weeks after Against All Odds.