Scotty 2 Hotty coming to EPW & full report - Canadian Indy news/notes

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On Thursday, January 31, 2008 at 3:48 PM EST

Bradley Grover sent this in:

Scotty 2 Hotty will appear for EPW on the following dates:

2/29/08-American Legion Hall-36 South Main Street-White River Junction, VT-8PM belltime(Scotty will take part in the main event, the White River Rumble match)

3/1/08-EPW Double Impact-Town Hall-8 Community Avenue-Plainfield, CT-2 and 7 PM belltimes(Scotty challenges "Brutal" Bob Evans for the EPW Heavyweight title on the 2 PM show and faces NECW Triple Crown champion "Big" Rick Fuller, which might be a title match if Evans loses his title to Scotty, on the 7 PM show)

3/2/08-EPW Stoneham Star Wars-35 Central StreetTown Hall-Stoneham, MA-2 PM belltime(Scotty's opponent is unknown at this time)

Bradley Grover also sent this in:


Sellout crowd witnesses surprises galore in action-filled Ringside Rumble!

Jan. 25 - Plainfield, CT - An incredible event, one huge announcement, and several surprises made The Ringside Rumble one of EPW's great event. A sellout crowd of almost 300 people saw TNA Knockout Nikki "Roxxi Laveaux" Roxx overcome 29 other competitors to win The Ringside Rumble and an EPW Title shot vs. "Brutal" Bob Evans on March 1st at EPW's Double Impact 7pm event. This was after EPW Vice President Ricky Vazquez announced that Evans would be facing WWE Raw & Smackdown Star Scotty 2 Hotty at the 2pm event on March 1st.


The event kicked off with excitement as "Straight Edge" Brian Fury, Nick Westgate, and Shaya Shabo defeated "Nightmare" Nick Steel, Execution Skull Krusher, and Anthony Pacitto in a six-man elimination tag team match.

After Shabo & Westgate were eliminated. Fury pinned Skull Krusher. Then Nick Steel was disqualified for manhandling the referee. After the improved Pacitto took it to Fury and tested him for a while, Fury managed to win with his skyhigh powerbomb. Could this mean Fury has decided to establish himself as a player in EPW? With great success in other organizations, Fury would definitely contend for any title he so chooses.

In the Chokeslam Through a Table Match, "Trouble Walkin" Thom Kane defeated "Egomaniac" Jonny Idol.

After tremendous back and forth action, Idol set the table up, and put Kane on it, intending to splash him thru the table, Kane got up, and Chokeslammed Idol through the table to win the matchup.

Winter Hill Gang wrestled to a no contest with Ray Diamond & P.C. Cruz (subbing for Rocco Abruzzi)

As Abruzzi and Diamond approached the ring, Rocco was attacked by WHG as they went after his already injured ankle. After several minutes of 2-on-1 action on Diamond, P.C. Cruz (Ray's former partner) was sitting in the crowd and had had enough. He jumped up to the apron and got the tag from Diamond. After cleaning house, Cruz challenge Winter Hill Gang to a match on March 1 at Double Impact, thus reuniting Diamond & Cruz as Afterburn.

"Brutal" Bob Evans defeated "Golden Greek" Alex Arion to retain the EPW Heavyweight Title

After a tremendous bout that saw Arion battle back after a slow start and actually appear to win the title after a flying bodypress off the top rope, Evans rebounded and won with a flying leg cutter for the win.

After the match, Evans demanded Ricky Vazquez come out and make his "major announcement" that Vazquez had promised the fans all month. Vazquez asked Bob if he remembered a little teenage kid named Scott Garland that he used to abuse at wrestling practice 15 years ago. Bob said he couldn't place the man but said he probably was washed up and working at a gas station now. Vazquez commented that Mr. Garland was indeed still in the sport and actually has done quite well for himself. The VP then announced that on March 1st at 2pm, Evans would put the title up against...
Scotty 2 Hotty. The crowd and Evans' reactions were memorable.

Josh Roode won his Plainfield Debut match in a solid back and forth battle over Owen Graichen (w Marshall McNeil).

McNeil tried hitting Grafton's own Roode with the croquet mallett, but hit his own man, which lead to a bridge pin by Roode. Post match, Owen said he had enough of MM and decked him. He then raised Roode's hand in victory and congratulations. Looks like Owen will go his own way and will definitely have the crowd behind him in Westerly on February 9. Roode suffered some sort of a leg injury which wasn't lost on a particular wrestling veteran, as you'll see later on.

Nikki Roxx won the Ringside Rumble to face "Brutal" Bob Evans for the EPW Title on March 1 at 7:00 pm.

What a tremendous match! Roxx won she pulled down the rope and Sid Reeves went flying over the top. The Winter Hill Gang had eliminated Nick Westgate, who had lasted almost the entire match as he had come in at number one. Westgate then came in and gave WHG a double dropkick, knocking Clip O'Reilly out of the ring. Reeves was then confused and thus easy fodder for Roxx who eliminated him quickly. Bob Evans, who had come out and promised title shots to both members of WHG if they eliminated everyone else, suffered his second shock of the day. Apparently, it will be Evans and Roxx on March 1st at 7pm.

Steven Ashe sent these notes in:


IWS Praise the Violence
The Medley, Montreal, Quebec
Attendance: 509
Results credit: IWS

1) Lufisto pinned Sexxxy Eddy at 10:47.

2) 2.0 (Jagged and Shane Matthews) Beat Twiggy and Vanessa Kraven at 9:02 double-pinning Vanessa Kraven.

3) Gauntlet Match
Rules were: 4 Wrestlers in the ring at once, new wrestler introduced every time an old one was eliminated.
#1 Fred la Merveille
#2 EXesS
#3 Kid Kamikaze
#4 Green Phantom

Kid Kamikaze tapped to EXesS at 6:05

#5 Santino Italiano (Joey Soprano's nephew)

Santino pinned by the Green Phantom at 10:53.

#6 Paranoid Jake Matthews

Paranoid Jake Matthews and the Green Phantom eliminated by double count-out after 14:37.

#7 Samson
#8 Jimmy K

Fred La Merveille pinned by Samson at 19:58.

#9 (and last) Superstar Shayne Hawke

Shayne Hawke pinned by Samson at 30:10.
Samson pinned by Jimmy K at 30:51.
EXesS pinned by Jimmy K at 32:58.
Jimmy K won the Gauntlet at 32:58 and earns an IWS Title Mtach in 2008.

4) The Super Smash Brothers retained their IWS Tag Team Title match at 15:19 after pinning Cloudy of Up in Smoke with a Spike Piledriver before his partner Cheech or the Untouchables (Jimmy Stone and Dan Paysan) could interfere.

5) Kenny the Bastard tapped to Beef Wellinton at 13:43.

6) Kevin Steen pinned Franky the Mobster at 10:49 in a Fatal Four-Way match also involving Sylvain Grenier.

7) Kevin Steen pinned Manny at 9:49 to become the new IWS Champion.



St Thomas
Coolz Warehouse
Attendance: 175
Ring Announcer: JC
Referees: AJ Parr, Big H
Special Guest Referee: Johnny Trackpants
Live Commentary: JC
Results credit:

~St Thomas Commissioner, Angela Davis welcomed fans & shilled the card's 3 title matches & former WWE star, Scotty 2 Hottie

1) Brodie Lee def PD Skills
Impressive PWX debut for Brodie.

2) Reck def Mike Stevens
Reck tried using a chain but Stevens caught him. When Stevens tried to use the chain the ref caught him. As Stevens & the official argued about the chain, Reck snuck in a punch to the balls and scored the pin.

3) Scotty 2 Hottie def Matt Burns
Very good match that spilled out into the crowd. Scotty pinned Burns after "the Worm." Scotty then brought a couple kids and an old cowboy into the ring to party.

4) PWX Bar Championship: (Special guest referee: Johnny Trackpants)
Michael Elgin def Tyson Dux to win the Bar Championship.
Ref Trackpants was very biased, making slow counts when Dux was covering Elgin. He also prevented Dux from using a chair when anything goes in the Bar Division. Dux attacked Elgin's broken hand throughout the match. The end came when he had Elgin down and was slapping Ref Trackpants around. Scotty 2 Hottie ran to the ring and super-kicked Dux. Elgin nailed Tyson with a diving lariat and scoring the win and the Bar title.

5) PWX Women's Championship
Hailey Rogers def Amy Victory with a fisherman's suplex and bridge to retain her title

6) PWX xtreme Championship (aka X Division Championship):
Freak Show def Cody Deaner to win the title
Awesome promo from Deaner before the match as he and his "BFF" Reck riled up fans. Deaner said he'd found his Chi to counter Freak's Martial Arts. Deaner told Reck he could return to the locker room. However, Reck returned to try and help Deaner as Freak wrestled the best match of his life against the defending champ. Reck and Deaner teamed up on Freak but he was able to nail them both with a double stunner off the ropes, Punch Deaner with Reck's chain and get the cover to become the new PWX Xtreme Champion.


Pure Wrestling Association and New School Wrestling present
Headlocks and Takedown Volume Two Issue One
February 2nd, 2008
Grand River Flea Market
@ The PW Academy
261 Hespeler Road
Cambridge, Ontario

Doors Open @ 7:30 PM Bell Rings @ 8:00 PM
Tickets are $10 ADv $15 Door
Resever by e-mail @

ROH World Champion Niguel McGuinness vs. "Dangerboy" Derek Wylde vs. "Motion Picture" Ethan Page vs. Winner of Battle Royal

"Big Ticket" Reggie Marley vs. "Wildthing" Juan Ortiz

Steve Brown vs. Logan Savage vs. Timothy Dalton

Gym Rats vs. Loose Change

Pure Wrestling Champion Eddie Osbourne vs. Xtremo

NSW Cruiserweight Championship
Joshua Alexander vs. Sebastion Sauve

"Girl Dynamite" Jennifer Blake will be in action!

Battle Royal Winner will be in the MAIN EVENT


PWA: Hangover Hype! february 1st

February 1st, 2008
90 King Street West
Kitchener, Ontario
Doors Open at 7:00PM

40 Man Royal Rumble

The Annual Over the Top Battle Royal will be the headliner of Holiday Hangover III. This match will allow any one to have the opportunity to win and get a shot at the biggest prize in the Pure Wrestling Association. That being a shot at the Pure Wrestling Championship.

Only a select few have been able to win the big prize Reggie Marley being the 1st and only 3 Time Champion. Shawn Spears who is currently an OVW Superstar awaiting a call up to TV, Steve Corino who is a former AWA/NWA/ECFW World Heavyweight Champion, Eddie Osbourne who is the current Champion and a man who will return at Holiday Hangover, last years runner up; Ruffy Silverstein.

Niguel McGuinness vs. Reggie Marley

When you think of ROH you have to look first at the World Champion. Who represents a promotion that some say host the best Pure Wrestlers in the World today. That man is British Grappler Niguel McGuinness.

The longest reigning ROH Pure Wrestling Champion in the companies history is known as a very hard hitter who is the master in the british techinal style. With matches in WWE, TNA and all over the Globe he is the real deal

The man he will battle? Former 3 Time Pure Wrestling Champion, one of the corner stones of the Pure Wrestling Association, Reggie Marley.

Marley is very under rated as far as technical wrestling, but he can go. Will Marley try to go hold for hold with Niguel or will he stick to his stengths which is brawling and smash mouth wrestling?

1/2 Tagteam Champion's "Wildthing" Juan Ortiz vs. "MVP" Michael Von Payton

This could be the showstealer. Two of the best wrestlers in Ontario, in Canada in North America will collide for the first time ever in one on one action!

MVP is making his return after a long hiatus. With his return you know that the ultimate goal in mind of Michael Von Payton will be to become the Pure Wrestling Champion. Defeating Juan Ortiz would be a great step in the direction to the top, however this will not be an easy task.

Juan Ortiz is one if not the most hated wrestlers in the World! The fans, the wrestlers, the midget who hides under the ring all hate this man, but that is just fuel for the fire of the very technically skilled and highflying "Wildthing."

Ice vs. Eddie Osbourne (c)

Ice is a native of Naniamo, BC. The 6' 200 pounder has beeing tearing up the Pacific North West over the last year, twice capturing the NWA Canadian Junoir Heayweight Championship! Known in Ontario for his Tagteam Championship reign with Vance Nevada is a highlight for sure in the annuals of Ice, however if he can hit his Cold Shoulder or Ice Pik finishers Ice could add Pure Wrestling Champion to his history book.

Across the ring from Ice will be another British Columbian named Eddie Osbourne. Osbourne will be looking to make and impact and more then likely the fujiwana armbar. Over the last several weeks Eddie has made Claudio Castanoli, Andrew Davis, Reggie Marley tap out to retain the Pure Wrestling Championship. Can Osbourne make Ice tap or will he freeze and be former Champion?

Internet Championship
Easy E vs. "Cuban Sensation" Elian Habanero (c) w/ Jessy Jones

Ever watched cool runnings? The boobsled movie? Well if you did you might remember Junior? He was the very shy, quite ever so kind and polite. But then he got PUNKED. When he was taken to the mirror though what did he see? He seen Pride, he seen power, He seen a bad ass mother who wouldnt take no crap from no one!

Now do you remember when Elian was first in the PWA? he was a good kid. Always smiling and just wanting to be with the fans. He was treated like crap by Jessy Jones and fought for his freedom.

And now he has become ruthless. Jessy Jones some say had him look into the mirror while he was in his ear and Elian has become a monster of hate and aggression! Elian has also been able to remain Internet Champion! Walking into Friday he will be a 503 day Champion!

Easy E is a yong upstart who busts his balls everytime he is in the ring and he will be in for the fight of his life. Easy must bring everything he has tot he table and throw it at Elian immiedately if he wants to becoem the new Internet Champion!

Pure Violence Championship
Rico Montana (c) vs. Super Kamikaze

Rico Montana is a man who will do whatever it takes to win. A man who refuses to speak English has been in a very heated fued with George Terzis, the man he defeated to win the Pure Violence Championship.

This will be the very 1st time that Rico will face a member roster who isnt George! This might be a disadvantage for the Mexican mauler! can he adjust to the debut of Super Kamikaze?

Super Kamikaze. Simply put crazy! His name alone insinuates a style of wrestling that looks to mesh very well with Pure Violence. Will he be able to debut and become Pure Violence Champion? Or will he feel the chokeslam of Rico Montana?

Technical Showdown
George Terzis vs. Ruffy Silverstein

George Terzis has been in some very hard hittign matches with his rival Mr. Montana as of recent. Dynamite must change gears however as he goes from the Mexican Mauler to the hart Dungeon Graduate.

Terzis wrestles well, but strikes even better. His feet are lethal and his speed is unprecident. This is a match that the former Pure Violence Champion needs to win to get himself out of his recent slump. But that will not be an easy task.

Ruffy Silverstein returns and as everyone knows when a wrestler returns he returns giving everything he has! Wanting to let everyone know he is back and means business. The question here is if Jessy Jones will be in Ruffy Silverstein's corner. Ruffy and Jones seem to have lost contact since Ruffy's injury months ago and could it be Ruffy no longer wants Jones' help? Has jones forgot about the crippled Ruffy and moved on to better things?

Pure Womens Action
Misty Haven vs. Cherry Bomb

Misty Haven is the toughest women wrestler know in the history of the Pure Wrestling Association. Even injured this lady is full tilt until failure. usually playng the quite content card Misty made a surprize turn to the darker side last time she was at Elements. Misty battled The reigning Elite Womens Champion the 21st century Fox, and began to cheat and jaw with the crowd that was shocked.

Regardless Misty Haven has set her sights to be Champion and Cherry Bomb is just in her way !

Cherry Bomb is returning from a very serious injury. Nervous will be the case, a little scared, but this spark plug has heart, has desire and has skills to overcome the past and hopefully break her Holiday Hangover curse. Cherry Bomb has never won at Holiday Hangover!

Step one will be to walk through the curtain when her music hits, step two will be to do what Cherry Bomb knows and that is wrestle. Step three will be to look at the crowd and realise why she is in the ring and step four will no doubt be getting her hand raised in the mind of Cherry!

Kendo Stick on A Pole
Notorious TID vs. Rees Rynold's handpicked Replacement

Notorious TID debut Nov 2nd in Cambridge and on that night he defeated Rees Rynolds via Dragon Sleeper. Since that night Rees has had revenge on his mind and officals where impressed by both men and tossed them both in the Lucky 7 for the Pure Wrestling Championship two weeks later.

Elements rolled around and Tid was a house of fire, however that all came to a hault as Rees got Tid eliminated by DQ by tossing him a Kendo stick and pretending to be hit by it!

This might have been a mistake as Tid snapped and next thing you know Rees was upside down and on his way to the pain known as Take it Home.

Tid requested a match one on one the following Elements and it was granted. Both men worked hard and Tid was once again in control at the end, however with the Ref knocked down Rees took advantage and cracked Tid over the head with his own Kendo Stick! The referee came to and counted Tid's shoulders to the mat as Rees Rynolds got a huge win.

The challenge was then made. Kendo Stick on a Pole. Tid said lets do it kid. One last time, I will show you no mercy. This Friday it was set, the rubber match Rees "The Prodigy" Rynolds vs. Notorious TID, but then Rynolds suffered a injury and will be out of action for atleast 6 months!

Rees however came ot the officals and said he has a replacement. he has someone to fill his shoes. and that the match must go on. With that being said we wait to see who will face the Notorious TID in a endo Stick on a pole match?