Ring of Honor Results: 3/14 - Dover, NJ ("The Wrestler" filming - more)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Saturday, March 15, 2008 at 1:54 PM EST

Report courtesy of PWBTS.com and ROHwrestling.com:


Ernie Osris defeated Alex Sugarfoot Payne in a Top Of The Class Trophy Match.

Main Show:

Show started 20 minutes late or so.

Opener saw Roderick Strong defeat Pelle Primeau in a great match. Roderick brutalized Pelle with chops and busted open his chin. The finish saw Roderick win with his new submission with what was being described as a reverse texas cloverleaf kind of move. Tough to explain. Crowd is hot and was being described as a better crowd than Edison.

Next up they did some filming for The Wrestler. Crowd was really into it. Mickey Rourke did some highflying stuff.

Next match is the 4-corner survival with Nigel, Erick Stevens, Claudio Castagnoli and BJ Whitmer. Claudio defeats Nigel with a Ricola Bomb. Match was said to be very good.Nigel was jawing with the crowd the whole match.

Some more filming of The Wrestler took place.

Delirious vs. Necrobutcher is up now. Delirious beats Necro when Lacey tries to give a chair to Necro but the Haze comes out and distracts Lacey which distracts Necro. A small child comes down the ramp and tries to jump Lacey which Lacey almost hits the kid. Delirious makes kissy-face facials towards The Haze behind her back.

Vulture Squad vs. Aries and Danielson is up now. Eddie Kingston is in the crowd and has bought a ticket and is harassing the ROH students.Teamwork defeats Vulture Squad when Kingston is distracting J-Train and Ruckus which allows Aries to put the Horns Of Aries on Jigsaw for the win. After the match Danielson cuts a promo saying when I do something you cheer, when Aries does something you cheer,when Ruckus does something you cheer but when Jigsaw does something all you people do is tell him to put his mask back on.

More of The Wrestler taping.

Brent Albright vs. Go Shiozaki is up now. Shiozaki defeats Albright with a moonsault. After the match Sweeney comes out with Bobby Dempsey. Sweeney is out with a white suit on. He offers Albright a spot in Sweet and Sour Inc. Albright responds says he doesn't associate himself with dirtbags. Then Sara Del Rey says she wants out of SNS Inc. because of what happened in NYC with Sweeney and Allison Danger. Del Rey says:Don't call me I'll call you.

To what I've got the taping of The Wrestler has been very draining to the crowd and if this show was not used as a movie taping, this show [would have] been very good.

Kevin Steen vs. Davey Richards is up now. Steen gets on the mic and says NRC stands for No Real Charisma. Steen wins with a package piledriver.

More filming for The Wrestler.

Briscoes vs. Tyler Black and Joey Matthews is up now. Match is turned into a 'ol School Southern Style Tag Match. Black and Matthews defeat The Briscoes when The Briscoes go for the Springboard Doomsday Device and Lacey slides in a steel chair and Joey Matthews hits the double-arm DDT on Mark for the win.

After the match Necrobutcher comes out to join The Age Of The Fall to beat down The Briscoes then The Haze comes out and Necro grabs The Haze which brings out Delirious who clears house. Briscoes get on the mic and hype up their No Rules Tag Match against the AOTF for the PPV in Philly.