UCW moves venue, Showcase on 5/3, WWA on 5/16, indy ladies - more

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, April 22, 2008 at 2:15 PM EST

Mike Clarke sent this in:

**Due to selling an amount of tix very close to capacity of our previous venue UCW has moved to a bigger venue** So on Sat. April 26th UCW (Urban Championship Wrestling) Presents: "Urban Warfare" at the American Jai-Alai Arena 1935 N.E. 150TH ST. North Miami Florida (786)389-2313 w/ 5pm bell-time. Get your Tix at the Arena Box Office or our brand new website http://www.ucwrestling.tv **AdvanceTix: Adult $10 Child $6 ** Day of Show Tix: Adult $15 Child $10.

Urban Championship Wrestling is an international broadcast TV,Mobile,Broadband & DVD driven company showcasing the best talent from around the world. With a roster stretching from not only coast to coast, but also the U.K., Japan, Canada & Mexico. But we are always looking for additional, new,undiscovered talent so if you are interested in working for UCW please contact us at ucwtalent@gmail.com You must include a current headshot or 8x10 photo and your website/myspace link and any video links we could check out to be considered.

UCW bookers have been busy putting together what should be one of the most entertaining card's of the year from top to bottom, and truly giving the fans what they want...high flying...death defying......fast paced.... adrenaline based action with the most three dimensional characters in wrestling today!!!

**Breaking news**
It has been revealed that Kings (UCW/CEO) confidant who has also been appointed the general manager position of UCW is in fact the living legend himself "The Franchise" Shane Douglas. Shane will be on hand this sat at "Urban Warfare" to not only over see the operations, but to make sure that everything goes according to his & Kings plans...as we all know Shane is no stranger to controversy, and will be keeping an eye out for any shenanigans that might arise, and will be prepared to deal with it all accordingly.

*NEW* match just signed for UCW's "Urban Warfare" Sat. April 26TH:

UCW has a few innovative divisions/titles in store for the fans, one being the "2.0 division". This division will not only showcase the most high flying & risk taking athletes from all over the world but will have a U.S. & U.K. title. They will both be defended in the U.S. as well as abroad and will also be "fan interactive" on a voting system via www.ucwrestling.tv leading up to the actual "title bouts".

The first round of the contendership matches for the U.S. 2.0 title will be a 4way elimination match at "Urban Warfare" Consisting of Virgil Flynn out of San Fransico,Shawn prime out of Miami,Steve Pain out of Mexico & a HUGE surprise competitor hailing from ????.

Matches already signed for UCW's "Urban Warfare" Sat. April 26TH:

--- A.M.I.L. vs. Dade County Collision ----
--- Pablo Marquez vs. Scorpio Sky ---
--- Shark Boy vs. Bobby Sanford ---
---Jezebel vs. Tiffany Natasia Tuff (T.N.T.) ---
--- Elix Skipper vs. "Sweet" Johnny Velvet ---
--- Angel vs Kahagas ---
--- Cash Money Bro's vs Dynamic Duo ---
--- Reiken vs JT Flash ---

***Also appearing April 26th at UCW's Urban Warfare: Goldylocks,Kimberly,Max Stardom,Logan Fernandez,Militia,Da Joka,,Johnny Vandal,The Drifter...and more....plus some HUGE surprises!!!!*****

*** Check out www.ucwrestling.tv for all other LIVE event updates and important information regarding UCW. Any press related inquiries' please contact us at ucwpress@gmail.com Stay tuned for more matches/info to be released later this week leading up to UCW's "Urban Warfare" this Sat April 26th (Bell time is 5pm sharp) at the American Jai-Alai Arena 1935 N.E. 150TH ST. North Miami Florida(786)389-2313..."Be there, and be a part of history!" ***

Showcase Pro Wrestling sent this in:

Ireland Mortgage and Gotalifeprotectit.com
Showcase Returns to Newbury,MA on Saturday Night May 3rd.
3 Morgan Ave
Newbury, MA
Bell Time: 7:07
“"Narcissistic" Nicholas Night will defend his title if successful in Mattapoisett on April 25th.

Tag Team Challenge Match

Tom “Sledge”Lindell, and Brain Milonas vs Max Bauer and Rick Fuller –“Maximum Effect”

DC Hannon will be making if Showcase debut against “Heart Attack” Tommy Mack

Also Showcasing “Hawaiian Warrior” Makua, “ Mr. Nice” Mike Nice, and Apocalypse

“Open Gauntlet Match”, All wrestlers from all organizations are welcome to enter. The winner will receive a Showcase Pro Wrestling Title match in Newbury when SPW returns to Newbury this summer.

(All Age Show)
All tickets $12 available at the door or all FYE Locations
Limited business sponsorships are available for these events, e-mail promoter@showcaseprowrestling.com


Upcoming Events:
April 25th - Knights of Columbus, Mattapoisett, MA Time: 7:47
May 3rd - Fire Fighter Memorial Hall, Newbury, MA Bell Time: 7:07
June 6th - Mansfield Sportsplex, Mansfield, MA Bell Time: 7:47
June, 21st - ADC Performance Center @ Mill Street Brews Bell Time: 7:07

Showcase Pro Wrestling, LLC is not affiliated with any other wrestling promotion or companies. We reserve the right to refuse any patrons. Talent and card are subject to change.

If you want to learn and train to become a pro wrestling,$750 investment plus $40 per month.

Price for trained wrestler $8 per visits session $30 per monthly unlimited and privately rent out center for the night $59.

Hours Monday through Thursday 6:29 - 9:59 – except when rented out privately.

E-mail promoter@showcaseprowrestling.com

Devin Cutting sent these notes in:

Sabu, Spike Dudley, Aaron "Idol" Stevens and "Dangerous" Danny Davis will be appearing at the World Wrestling Alliance events on May 16th, 2008 in Framingham, Massachusetts and May 17th, 2008 in Rockland, Massachusetts. Go to http://www.wwaentertainment.net for info about the WWA and http://www.prowrestlingevents.tk for info about upcoming shows.


Scotty 2 Hotty will be appearing at the Eastern Pro Wrestling events on May 16th, 2008 in Swansea, Massachusetts and May 17th, 2008 in Danielson, Connecticut. Go to http://www.epwwrestling.com for info about EPW and http://www.prowrestlingevents.tk for info about upcoming shows.

William Hatfield sent this in:

This week is Independent Women Week on William Hatfield's The Wrestling Hotseat, we sit down and chat with three of the up and coming females of professional wrestling. We get to speak to someone who gained international fame on the season finale of The Springer Hustle, another who is making her name by being a true female wrestler, and another aspiring diva, all three with connections to the true legends of professional wrestling. Visit http://www.myvirtualbc.com to listen to all three!

First up is one of the true beauties of professional wrestling, in a short time she has already made a name for herself at any cost and is quickly becoming one of the most sought after managers on the independent scene. Whether in the world of pro wrestling or reality television, this beautiful female manager/wrestler is changing the way ladies of the ring are perceived one show at a time! Of course I'm talking about the gorgeous and talented Diabla.

Topics Discussed Include

Getting started in wrestling

Renegade Pro Wrestling and her love of the promotion and all the good they do for their community

Being caught in the middle of the feud between Tojo Yamamoto Jr. & The Latino Thug Jose Guerrero

Her relationship with Tojo Yamamoto Jr. and how real was the confrontation on the Jerry Springer "Spring Hustle" Show on VH1

Her Favorite moment so far in wrestling

Looking up to the Fabulous Moolah as the standard bearer for women's professional wrestling

Being a female in wrestling and having to get tough

Why fans should check out the indies more often because of the variety of performers and the passion of the athletes

Meeting Mae Young & Hector Guerrero and the positive effect those meetings had on her

Taking chair shots and getting caught with barb wire

Her connection with her fans and what they mean to her

Upcoming Events for the different companies Diabla works in, including two women's championship matches!

What the future holds for Diabla

Diabla also has a very popular Myspace page complete with upcoming events and contact information!

Please visit http://www.myspace.com/deedavis42003

And also visit the http://www.Myspace.com/devilsanddiamonds the Online home for Renegade Pro Wrestling

Direct Download Link: click here


Our next guest shows that Age is truly only a number. One cannot determine the heart and fighting spirit of someone based solely upon their years, our guest tonight is someone who truly embodies that principle. She defines herself as old school, and when looks at her training, we can easily see why. She has quickly become one of the best female wrestlers in the country, I'm talking about the talented, Jelena. In this great interview with a truly professional, intelligent, and beautiful up and coming female wrestler, you will learn why Jelena is quickly becoming one of the most sought after female wrestlers on the independent circuit today!

Topics Discussed Include

The difference between a female professional wrestler and a diva

Being a protege of the legendary Dory Funk, Jr.

What old school means to her

At 17 years old, being one of the youngest champions in all of wrestling

Being a country music fan and her first concert

Deciding to become a wrestler at a very early age

The SSCW Women's Championship and how winning the title felt

Her stiffest competition in Florida

Her wrestling idols, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hitman Hart, & Chyna

How she is currently developing her own version of the Sharpshooter

The support of her family and how they're her biggest fans

Her fans and what they mean to her

Respect and trusting those in the ring

What she likes most about being a wrestler

Her goals of one day being in WWE or TNA

Jelena has two fantastic myspace pages for fans to view her schedule and also learn more about her, and those are http://www.Myspace.com/RingPrincessShannon and http://www.myspace.com/jelena_online

Direct Download Link: click here


She is one of the most absolutely beautiful women in professional wrestling, between her snake like charm, serpentine demeanor and all around sex appeal, Ms. Vyper has literally taken the wrestling world by storm. In this great interview with a beautiful up and coming new superstar in the world of professional wrestling, we learn firsthand about her start in wrestling basically as it is happening. This is definitely an interview you will want to save to your hard drive, so you can say "I remember when" after Vyper makes it to the top!

Topics Discussed Include

Her great fashion sense and where she draws her inspiration from

The music that gets her ready to rock and a great answer

How she got involved in wrestling the role her grandfather played

How she was given the name Vyper

Training under the guidance of Superfly Jimmy Snuka

The importance of the fans

Being beautiful and strong in wrestling

Her pro wrestling idols growing up

The WWE Superstar she hopes to one day manage

Whether beauty is helpful or harmful in wrestling

Coastal Championship Wrestling in Florida

Staying in shape with such a busy schedule

The creation of her great merchandise (available at http://www.myspace.com/vyper and http://www.vyperonline.com )

Her upcoming debut match as a wrestler

What Vyper hopes to accomplish in the business, her thoughts on WWE, TNA, and so much more!

Vyper has a very popular Myspace page complete with a wish list and contact information!

Please visit http://www.myspace.com/vyper

And you should also visit her fantastic brand new website http://www.vyperonline.com

Steven Ashe sent this in:

CWR Back in Business

April 13
Toronto, Ontario
Center of Gravity
Attendance: Aprox 100
Ring Announcer: Gentleman Geoff
Referees: Sean Cassidy, Jon Turnip, Jimmi Hellbent
Results credit: http://www.owie.ca

Unfortunately CWR Woman’s Champion Sara Del Rey, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli could not make the event due to vehicle problems approximately 25 Miles from the US/Canadian Border. All three wish they could have made it, but have said that they will be back to perform infront of the great CWR fans very soon.

1) Sebastian Suave w/ Jessy Jones def Jimmy Stone

2) Battle Royal - Winner Gets a Shot at Don Paysan's Junior Heavyweight Title in Main Event:
Winner: "Canadian Crazyhorse" Michael Elgin
Other participants: "Superstar" Shayne Hawke, Scotty O'Shea, Sebastian Suave (w/ Jessy Jones), Joey Valentyne, RJ City, Alex York, Tiger Star, Ethan Page, Mike Alias, Bat Martinez, Corey Mason & Kid Rock

3) The Flatliners (Asylum & Matt Burns) vs The Wild Stallions (RJ City & Joey Valentyne) ended in a no contest

4) Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match For Women's World Title:
LuFisto def Danyah and Cherry Bomb

5) Four Way Scramble:
The Gym Rats (Alex York & Scotty O'Shea) def Ethan Page & "Superstar" Shayne Hawke, Assault & Battery (Mike Alias & Bat Martinez) and Corey Mason & Kid Rock

6) Eddie Osbourne w/ Jessy Jones def Tiger Star with a Fujiwara Armbar submission

7) CWR Junior Heavyweight Championship:
"Canadian Crazyhorse" Michael Elgin def Don Paysan to win the title!